How To Export Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

Try chrome’s new feature of import/export password. If you want to have a list of passwords it will let you download all passwords via simple csv file. To use this chrome password import and export feature, it should be enabled in your chrome flag settings. Learn How To Export Saved Passwords In Google Chrome.


Export Saved Passwords In Google Chrome:


1.Paste this to your address bar chrome://flags/#password-import-export


google chrome password export and import

2.Now, scroll down and find Password import and export.


3.Now, from the drop-down choose enabled. Your password import and export feature of chrome is now enabled.
4.Now, go to chrome://settings/ will see your export and import buttons just below the list of saved passwords from the websites on which you have let chrome remember the passwords in the past.


password import and export option
5. Just click on export. The Operating system log in password will be required to authenticate export.


csv file of exported passwords from chrome
6. And the password will be exported in csv format. You can easily open and see the list of passwords and username of the respective URLs.

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