ExpressVPN Review- With Easy Setup Guide (2019)

ExpressVPN Review

An Overview of ExpressVPN

OVERALL RANK#1 out of 74 VPNs
USABILITYVery Easy, Supports All Devices
LOG FILESNo Logging Policy
LOCATIONS94 countries, 2000+ servers
SUPPORT24/7 Live Chat
ExpressVPN For NETFLIXUnblocks Netflix USA
ExpressVPN For ChinaAvailable
TORRENTINGP2P & Torrenting Allowed
COST$6.67/month (Rs 474.50/month)

ExpressVPN Review- Introduction

No ExpressVPN can start without acknowledging the fact that ExpressVPN app the Fastest VPN app and is rated 1st out of 74 VPNs.  However, what is incredible is ExpressVPN apk provides everything starting from excellent speed and performance without compromising the security or privacy of the users. Located in the safe tax-free haven of the British Virgin Islands ExpressVPN is steadfast in terms of security and full anonymity. Moreover, being the best VPN app ExpressVPN provides users opportunities for seamlessly streaming Netflix and for Torrenting. Also, it is mandatory to mention in short that besides ExpressVPN app using the AES-256 encryption and Open tunnel protocols for maximum security, it also allows works on multiple devices and has zero DNS leaks.

Having mentioned all these, let us dive deep into reviewing whether ExpressVPN app is worth your money.

ExpressVPN Review- Pros

“No Logging” Policy- Is ExpressVPN secure?

A big YES to this. ExpressVPN doesn’t let you doubt about its security.

ExpressVPN’s security protocols operate under a stringent “No Logging” policy.  This means, they do not track or store any of your personal data whenever you are using their services. From the second, you log onto your ExpressVPN server, your information is encrypted and hidden from hackers, government agencies, and yes, even ExpressVPN themselves do not have access over your personal data which is another most important factor that we need to address in this ExpressVPN Review.

However, ExpressVPN does collect some data as outlined in their privacy policy. According to the companies website, they do collect the Apps and app versions successfully activated, dates (not times) when connected to the VPN service, choice of VPN server location, total amount (in MB) of data transferred per day, and after reviewing dozens of other VPNs, I have found that this is just a standard practice and is actually necessary to ensure an optimal user experience.

ExpressVPN Speed Test: Is this really the Fastest VPN?

Probably the most important strength that ExpressVPN apk has is their fast upload and download speeds. Without VPN, we had the following results from Europe:

Network Speed without VPN in Europe was, with a 100 Mbps connection, we’re able to get a download speed of 83.15 Mbps which makes them one of the fastest VPNs we’ve reviewed to date. Of the 70+ of VPN providers that have been tested, only a few offer upload and download speeds comparable to ExpressVPN’s (such as PIA & Private Tunnel, but they lack in every other aspect). ExpressVPN speed test in EU Server (Amsterdam) is Ping: 40ms / Download: 83.15 Mbps / Upload: 51.81Mbps whereas in US Server (New York) it is:  Ping: 110ms / Download: 60.04 Mbps / Upload: 30.41 Mbps. In Asia Server (Hong Kong) speed is Ping: 292ms / Download: 30.26 Mbps / Upload: 12.46 Mbps.

So, it is advisable to always take a speed test with a grain of salt because it relies on too many variables, such as your physical location, your computer specs, your Internet connection etc. But since VPN is compared with the same method (same computer & Internet connection), it can truly say that ExpressVPN speed is the fastest.

Express VPN Servers and Security Features are:

Anonymous IP: Yes

Kill-Switch: Yes (Helpful to ExpressVPN for China)

ExpressVPN For Netflix/compatibility: Yes

P2P servers

3 simultaneous connections

2000+ servers

94 countries (last verified on 1st of January, 2019)

It needs mention in this ExpressVPN Review is where this system really shines is in their wide distribution of servers, so you can easily change or hide your IP address. With over 2,000 servers operating in 94 countries across 148 different cities, ExpressVPN could only be rivaled by NordVPN, PIA and TorGuard in terms of the sheer volume of servers they offer.

  • ExpressVPN locations- If there is a server you need, chances are, ExpressVPN has got it. You can also check their server locations in real time.
  • ExpressVPN Kill Switch- For anyone using location-specification, specific activities (like gambling), ExpressVPN app also offers a very handy Kill Switch that will automatically kill whatever software or websites you were using in the event that your network connection is lost. Meaning that even when you’ve lost your protection, you are still protected.  Kill Switch more effective in ExpressVPN for China to deter government spying.
  • ExpressVPN for Multiple Devices-This VPN offers their services to a vast plethora devices; thus we have ExpressVPN for Windows, Mac, Android,  Linux (best UI in the industry), iPhone and iPad (ios system), and even for different routers and different web browsers. ExpressVPN for Android and ExpressVPN for IOS truly comes handy. Also recommended ExpressVPN for Netflix and ExpressVPN for routers.

ExpressVPN Security: Strong Encryption

Writing about the security protocol is a must while doing any VPN review, in our case, ExpressVPN Review. This VPN provides (AES-256) + OpenVPN 256 AES bit encryption. In order to ensure that your data protection is at the highest levels, ExpressVPN for mobiles and computers uses a strong 256-bit AES encryption. Known as Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, the 256-bit cipher that ExpressVPN app utilizes all but eliminates the possibility of a brute force attack (and most other attacks for that matter). If you are curious as to what is the AES-56 encryption, let us just say that when the CIA or FBI decides that they want to protect the transmission of sensitive data, they use AES-256 encryption. If security is one of your primary concerns,  you can rest soundly knowing that ExpressVPN app is not at risk of being compromised anytime soon. VPN tunneling protocols are the method that your device uses to connect to a VPN server. While most users will only need the default (and most secure) “OpenVPN”, ExpressVPN also supports SSTP, L2Tp/IPsec, and PPTP protocols. For users with more technical requirements, this is a great feature to highlight in this ExpressVPN Review, because it allows us to establish a connection that is tailored to meet our specific needs (typically, speed vs. security). By reading these points hence we can safely opt, ExpressVPN as it provides much security and safety as a VPN.  It enables you to safely use public Wi-Fi to protect your data

ExpressVPN For Torrenting and File Sharing

This is a huge plus point for many regular users of Torrent. While other companies like TunnelBear have officially stated that they do not allow torrenting, ExpressVPN has made no such statements for Torrent Users. Since ExpressVPN did not openly oppose Torrent so it can be said that in a way they are encouraging it. I believe ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Torrent with their military-grade encryption to the unlimited bandwidth and admirable download times. Therefore, ExpressVPN and Torrent is nothing less than good friends complimenting each other. Next, let’s look into how good is ExpressVPN for Netflix.

ExpressVPN For  Netflix (Unblocking Netflix USA)

Like Torrent ExpressVPN for Netflix works like magic. As we know not a lot of VPN can bypass Netflix’s anti VPN system. As Netflix’s security protocols and procedures continue to evolve, it is becoming increasingly rare to find VPN providers with Netflix compatibility. Therefore, the first and most important thing that all wants to find out is whether or not ExpressVPN For Netflix unblocks Netflix contents, even in USA. You will be surprised to know that using ExpressVPN for Netflix will lead you to a queue of films and TV shows that was wildly different from any regularly scheduled programming. The following servers worked perfectly fine for bypassing Netflix geo-block:

  • United States (2 servers)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom (2 servers)
  • Netherlands

Therefore, I would indeed recommend ExpressVPN for Netflix.

ExpressVPNs 24/7 Customer Support

In an industry where bad customer service is almost the norm to preserve anonymity, ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live support is one of its biggest selling points. Unlike many providers who rely on outdated contact forms and laggy email chains, ExpressVPN’s Review overall comes out positive as it boasts a 24/7 365 live chat feature that has been consistently rated one of the best in the business. But, for whatever reason, ExpressVPN decided that it would be beneficial to continue offering the more traditional contact forms and support emails. So it’s important to note that if you do run into any issues when you opt for one of these archaic methods, ExpressVPN will be quick to redirect you to their live support team (as they do in the following correspondence). For a system that depends on anonymity, such prompt customer service feels like a dream come true.

TOR Compatibility

Another huge plus point for ExpressVPN Review is that it works with TOR.


When using TOR, your traffic information is encrypted across multiple servers and your data is relayed so that it is difficult (bordering on impossible) to track your actual location. If you are extremely concerned about your personal security, ExpressVPN allows you to combine the TOR networks on top of your existing VPN in order to maximize your privacy and all but eliminate vulnerabilities in your data’s security. In countries with Draconian censorship laws, this added layer of security can (literally) be a lifesaver. To access the TOR network, simply use their official browser on a Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android device then launch your connection using the following address: http://expressobutiolem.onion

ExpressVPN is IP Leak and DNS Leak Free

Before writing this ExpressVPN Review we also tested ExpressVPN towards multiple DNS, WebRTC and IP leaks. Luckily, we couldn’t find any (4 different sites tested):, DNS & IP leak test, for WebRTC leaks, ExpressVPN no leak 1, No IP leaks detected, ExpressVPN no leak 2, No WebRTC leaks detected. Also, no viruses found in ExpressVPN thus giving this VPN clean health.

ExpressVPN Setup Guide for Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac

Getting a VPN client set up properly can sometimes be a challenge. Not any more! The well-designed ExpressVPN website has clearly been set up to keep hassles to an absolute minimum. Here are the steps for installing and setting up ExpressVPN on your device.

First, Log in to your account dashboard, for instance, and you don’t have to hunt for a Download link. The website detects the type of device you’re using, displays a Download button for that client, and enables grabbing a copy with one click.

If you need something for another platform, clicking ‘Set up on all your devices’ takes you to a huge list of options, including Windows, iOS, Kindle Fire, Mac, Android, Linux and more. Tapping any of these displays more download links and instructions.


Even these are far more helpful than you would expect. Tap the ‘Android’ link with most VPNs and you’ll probably just be redirected to Google Play. ExpressVPN has a Play Store link, but it also gives you a QR code, a button to email yourself a setup link (ideal if you need to install it on another device), and even an option for experts to directly download the APK file. Since this is available for all devices so ExpressVPN for Netflix lets you stream netflix contents from mobile and other streaming devices.

In a neat setup touch, ExpressVPN doesn’t force you to find and manually enter your user name and password. Instead, all you have to do is copy the unique activation code displayed on your download page, and paste it into the client when you’re asked. The software then automatically sets up your login credentials, and you won’t have to think about usernames and passwords, at all.

Your other option is to set up a third-party OpenVPN client. ExpressVPN makes this much easier by providing sensibly-named. OVPN configuration files (my_expressvpn_argentina_udp.ovpn, as opposed to NordVPN’s, and we had the OpenVPN GUI up and running within minutes.

Click here to navigate to the Download Setup page for all your device.

ExpressVPN for China-The Best VPN For China

ExpressVPN for China Tops The List !

With over 2,000 servers across 94 countries, you’ll be able to access geo-blocked and censored content anywhere in the world. Several of these servers operate in free countries close to China, including Hong Kong and Nepal, and so you’ll never need to sacrifice your connection speed for your security. The closer you are to your server, the faster your speeds will be. Having a server in China, ExpressVPN For China is the best VPN option.

ExpressVPN for China’s high-level encryption protects your data and makes it unreadable to government surveillance agencies and cybercriminals. This means that the Chinese government won’t be able to view your browsing activity or see that you are accessing censored websites.

An automatic kill switch is crucial in China because it will block any unprotected traffic on your network if your connection becomes unstable. This ensures that government spies won‘t see your browsing activity even in the rare case that your VPN fails.

ExpressVPN Review- The Cons

Only 3 Devices Allowed For Connection

If there is one other complaint I had about ExpressVPN in this ExpressVPN review it is that they only allow you to simultaneously use their services on three devices. While it’s unlikely that this is an issue for users who are only interested in personal security, the limit can become frustrating whenever you are trying to ensure the security of your entire family’s data and devices. This is especially bothersome when you compare ExpressVPN’s device limit to those of other companies who consistently offer 5-7 simultaneous connections. While it’s far from a deal breaker, it is an issue that would be wanted to see resolved sooner rather than later.

Lack Of Transparency 

Similar to NordVPN, ExpressVPN remains pretty anonymous company. There are no visible phone numbers nor business contacts on the website, yet they serve millions of customers. However, remaining anonymous in the VPN business is a pretty common thing. Businesses tend to do that because of the different laws and their motive to protect their customer’s data.


ExpressVPN Pricing, Plans & Facts

ExpressVPN pricing options are quite reasonable as compared to that of others. When the company boasts as many features and perks as ExpressVPN, it shouldn’t shock you to find out that they charge a premium price for their services. With their packages going as high as $12.95/month, ExpressVPN is far from a “budget service” (although every plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee) Here’s how the pricing plans break down.


  • Month-to-Month Plan: $12.95 per month i.e Rs 922.75/ month
  • 6 Months Plan: $9.99/month i.e Rs 711. 84 (billed $59.95 i.e Rs 4, 271.74 every six months)
  • 12-Months Plan: $8.32/Month i.e Rs 592.84/ month (Billed $99.95 i.e Rs 7,121.94 every 12 months)

However, if you are willing to keep a watchful eye on their website, you can occasionally find great sales that reduce the total cost to $6.67/month Rs 475.27 or may be lower than that. This might seem expensive to some of you, especially when you compare the cost of ExpressVPN to some free VPN services. But it’s important to remember that, as the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for”. And there are no exceptions to this rule when it comes to VPN providers. If you want to buy ExpressVPN, you can use all major credit cards, PayPal as well as anonymous payment methods, such as Bitcoin.

Also, Check Our VPN Section Where You will find  Lot’s Of Other Best VPN.

ExpressVPN Review: Conclusion 

In conclusion to this ExpressVPN Review, this VPN definitely offers a fantastic service that is filled with a wide array of features sure to delight both novice and expert web-surfers alike. ExpressVPN for  Netflix and Torrenting enabled users to get access to a plethora of global TV programs.  Moreover, they keep you fully anonymous, safe and secure. And with such a large pool of servers (2000+) to choose from and an effective team of customer service agents at your disposal, I feel that you get what you pay for – which is a lot! It’s fast, safe and secure. Hence, it is a most recommendable VPN service which assures complete safety and security in this price range.

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