Fake Laptop Service Center in Kolkata (Revealed)

Fake laptop service center in Kolkata these things are not new but recently they are popping up more and more due to heavy demand in electronics repair. These fake laptop service center in Kolkata has only one moto take out the original part and replace it with low-cost Chinese parts or make the laptop so bad that it keeps faulting every time so you come back and pay money.

Fake Laptop Service Center in Kolkata


NOTE: When we say fake or genuine service center, it’s not about authorization from any particular brand but professionalism, work expertise, customer support and after sales service. We are not commenting on anyone’s authorization however the working style.


You all must be thinking why a tech company like ours is writing about this well because no one else will, Because of fake laptop service centers in Kolkata the legit laptop service centers are also getting a bad name in the market.

Think of a scenario where there are 10 shops who are selling same product but 9 of them selling you fake products where one is genuine. But because you had a bad experience with the rest of the 9 you will not believe the genuine one either. And soon after the business line starts to rot and completely vanish. That is why you should know the difference between a fake laptop service center in Kolkata and a genuine laptop service center in Kolkata.

Apart from your original brand service centers, there are very few genuine laptop service in Kolkata. And the higher number of the fake laptop service center in Kolkata are more. So how will you distinguish it?

How to point out a fake laptop service center in Kolkata?



How to point out a fake laptop service center in Kolkata? Well, you need to keep your eye open for few things which are very important they are –

Professionalism – 

See, when you take your laptop to a “laptop service center” in Kolkata you tell the technician in the store your problem but at the same time that person will be busy with either talking to his girlfriend/wife on the phone or talking with neighbor shop uncle and your issue comes at last with the dialogue ” haa bhai ho jayega….. do haafta baad leke jana” meaning come after 2 weeks it will be done. Do you have that much time in your hand to do this? I do not think so then just walk out with your device from the shop it is most probably a fake one.


Pricing –

Pricing is another factor which you should always consider while understanding whether the shop is ripping you off or not. See every legit tech support company has a specific set of price point which they do not cross no matter what but the fake ones they do not maintain that it depends upon the customer that came in weathit’sits a fat goose or a skinny crow. Then they will rip you off from your money. Also, they will charge you upon the situation you brought the device in… No,no,no do not think the situation of the device it is your situation if you are in an emergency you pay twice the money for “quick response”.


The banner syndrome –

You must be thinking what is this? This, my friend, means keeping banners of companies like Asus, Acer. Dell in front of your store and write a single line below them “AUTHORIZED BY…. the company name” and you being a naive a consumer fell for this and walk right into the trap. Trust me 90% of the laptop service center in kolkata are unauthorized because an authorization from any company means giving them a cut on the profit that local shop but using a banner it is a on time investment.


Not delivering on time –

Yes sir this is one of the way also you can find out if the shop you went in is a fake laptop service center in kolkata or a genuine. Sure you must be thinking the person could get late for one or two days however these guys will delay for months and will not pick up your phone until and unless you walk in the shop even when you do that the store owner will not be available so basically your device is de-assembled and the parts are getting swapped best of luck with that.


Unauthorized Technicians:

There is the difference between authorized service center and having an authorized technician. If the service center has authorized technician then that service center is more authorized than the authorized shop to work on your device because companies like dell and Lenovo will give you authorization if you have a decent looking shop and if you have at least one authorized technician, that to you will need it only on the first time any freelancer will be ready to do it for you.

And 90% of the time they use unauthorized technicians for servicing your device. Cheap labor you see.


How to point out a genuine laptop service center


genuine laptop service center in kolkata


Now you know how to point out the fake ones let us talk about how to point out the genuine ones in Kolkata.




They understand how their client and customers want them to behave more than that they value the time of theirs as they’ll as the customer’s so they do not sit and chit chat or waste time while their customers wait for their response. So being professional is just one of theirs traits.



Now here comes a question that how they keep all the parts protected. They do paper works for every part every individual deal made they take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device. and they use the sticker to mark them with their ticket number. And they do not provide duplicate parts, that is just how they work.



They do not think that a customer is a one-time rodeo they believe in building a relationship with their customer so naturally they take what is legit and they do not over charge no matter what the situation is if the customer is in a hurry or the situation is an emergency they still don’t over charge.


Authorized technician:

They do not have just one authorized technician they have teams of authorized technicians every team is expert in their own niche, for example, they have a team of apple experts who only works on apple products and nothing else. And because they have guys like these they do a testing process after theirs work is done I can bet no laptop service center in Kolkata runs the test on their repaired devices that too for 48 hrs straight without stopping pushing the device to the limit.


I can not take names on the fake ones in kolkata because I do not want people to lose their livelihood. But I must ask people to be careful and judge shops on their working style weather new or old.



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