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Know About Fire TV Stick Review in Detail

This article is meant for those who want to buy a Fire TV stick from Amazon. As you all know people are getting highly fascinated with the Fire TV stick and the Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are on huge. In these couple of years, technology has brought a lot more advancement in media content. In addition to that, the advancement of internet technology and the connectivity along with the rising demand for smart devices has created a lot of changes in the living standard of human beings.

The article will provide you Amazon Fire TV stick Review. You can get complete guidance on Amazon Fire TV Stick features. Most importantly, if you are looking to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick online, then a detail specification will guide you in a proper way. Henceforth, you will get a complete Amazon Fire TV Stick specification.  Despite all many people are not much familiar with the Fire TV Stick and they remain confused while wandering on the question of what is Fire TV. Get a Review on Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote in India from this article.

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So lets start with Fire TV Stick and then the major feature and specification of the Fire TV Stick will be discussed and highlighted in the article. Prior to that if you want to buy Fire TV Stick From Amazon, you can click on the buy now button.


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 Fire Tv Stick With All New Alexa Voice Remote

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What is the Fire TV Stick

People are still wondering about what is  Fire TV Stick. To eradicate your delusion on Fire TV Stick, the article might be effective to clear your confusion.

What Is Fire Stick TV

Basically, Fire Tv Stick can be said as a converter that can be used to convert your normal or ordinary TV into  Smart TV.  The only thing that you required on Television is the HDMI port. Once You Plug in the stick of  Fire Stick TV which will look similar to dongle or USB Pendrive, you can make your TV work like Smart TV. It will work the same as like Android TV Box which will allow you to surf the internet, stream videos, Connect Bluetooth devices to the TV, play music online, get weather news and report, downloading apps. Basically it will allow you to connect your TV with the internet to view contents and media from the internet sources. Hopefully, this section had aided in making you clear about what is Fire TV Stick.

In the below section, the other specs and Amazon Fire TV Stick reviews will be provided.  You will be also provided all the details of the Fire TV Stick specification. To know more on Fire TV Stick features read the content to the end. This will help you in the know the Fire TV Stick in Detail which will aid you in buying the Amazon Fire TV Stick online. Before moving ahead let’s know about Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote. Let’s know about the Alexa Voice Remote in Details.

What is Alexa Voice Remote?

The Alexa Voice Remote is the voice control remote that is being provided with the Fire TV Stick to navigate on various media content. Once you set up the Fire TV connection on the TV, the remote will get automatically paired up with  TV after letting your TV to connect with the WiFi and logging in with Amazon Account.

Alexa Voice Remote

But why it is called Alexa Voice Remote?

The remote is  powered with voice access that allows the user to navigate and search anything on the internet with a Voice command.  As said,  The Amazon fire Stick TV will convert the normal TV into smart while connecting to the internet, so in such instance, you can search for any information, media files, stream video content with your voice command.

Although, you can also connect Bluetooth devices to the TV such as earphones,  Keyboard and other Bluetooth peripherals. You will get a detailed fire TV stick review from this article.

Why Do I need Alexa Voice?

It will be quite rigorous and hectic for you to sit with Bluetooth keyboard in front of the TV while searching for any media content and information on TV on the internet.   The best option is to use the Alexa voice command through the remote which will provide you much more convenience with an easy to search any content. To know more about Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote in India Scroll to the below section.

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In The Box of Fire TV Stick

In The Box Fire Tv Stick

Inside the box, you will get a charging adapter to charge the TV stick and you need to plug in the TV stick with the charger.   USB Cable to connect the charging adapter and the TV stick. You will also get HDMI extender if your TV is attached closely to the wall and if the attaching the TV stick to the TV will be difficult then you can make use of HDMI extender by letting the TV stick to suspend in the air. The last one is the Alexa Voice Remote and User manual. This makes a complete set of  Fire Tv Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote. You will also get 2AAA battery for remote

How to Set Up Fire TV Stick

Simple Fire TV SetUp

Setting Up Fire TV stick with  Alexa Voice Remote at home manually is very simple. While looking for buying the Amazon Fire TV stick online in India, you also need to know about the setup procedure. The setup procedure is listed below:

1. Connect the Stick to the charging adapter to supply power.

2. Connect the Stick to the HDMI port of the TV either charging through HDMI extender.

3. Once connected, the remote will get paired up with the TV

4. Go to the setting and under network choose the Wifi connection (Some times wifi get automatically connected)

5. Connect the Tv with Wifi and login with amazon credential

6. Enjoy Fire TV stick by accessing the contents.

Fire Tv Stick Specifications

Few of the major specification of Amazon Fire Tv Stick are listed Below:

1. It has a Quad-Core 1.3 GHz ARM processor

2. The Tv stick is provided with 8 GB of RAM

3. You can avail dual-antenna WiFi For faster Streaming

4. The product is equipped with 4.1+LE Bluetooth connectivity.

5. HDMI output port and Micro USB for Charging.

6. Dolby Audio, 5.1 surround sound, 2 channel stereo, and HDMI audio pass-through up to 7.1

7. One year of warranty

Fire Tv Stick Features 

The major feature of the Fire TV Stick is listed below:

1.`Free cloud storage for purchased digital content  from Amazon

2. supports Contents such as Video: H.264 1080p30H.265 1080p30. Audio: AAC-LC, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (eAAC+), AC3 (Dolby Digital), eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), FLAC, MIDI, MP3, PCM/Wave, Vorbis, AMR-NB, AMR-WB. Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

3. Compatible with HD TVs with HDMI port and also with 1080p or720 pixel TV including popular HDCP-compatible models

Benefits of Buying Fire TV Stick

There exist certain major benefits of buying the device from Amazon Sore. The major benefits are:

1. Watch online streaming videos.

2. Get access to NetFlix,  Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Jio Cinema, SonyLiv, and other video streaming app.

3. Paired Bluetooth and smart devices to the TV such as Smartphone, Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth Keyboard, etc.

4. Download app on the TV easily from the play store.

5. Get all the facilities of the android system on TV.

6. Browse the internet on TV.

7. Get instant access to data and information with the help of Alexa Voice.

8. Get live streaming on music and videos.

9. Transfer data and files from smart devices to the TV.

How To Play YouTube Videos on Fire TV Stick

As we know YouTube and Amazon have some issues with each other, so you cannot play or stream videos from youtube directly. To know, how to stream youtube videos on Fire TV stick, the above-discussed section will be quite beneficial for you. The few methods of playing  or streaming videos on Amazon Fire TV stick are listed below:

1. Pair Your Smartphone with the TV  via Bluetooth and play youtube directly from the smartphone.

2. Download the Silk browser on TV and play YouTube From Silk Browser with no interruption.

How to Download App On Fire Tv Stick

On google play store you will get several third party applications that will allow you to connect the TV with a Smartphone for downloading the app on the TV. The steps for downloading the App on Fire TV Stick are as follows

1. Download App2Fire on mobile from the Play store.

2. Go to the setting Tab on the Amazon Fire TV  Stick.

3. Select My Fire TV

4. Under Developer Option select ADB debugging

5. Choose Network under the section and note the IP address.

6. Open The App2Fire app on Mobile give the IP address on smartphone and download your desired app on mobile.

7. You can access the App on Tv while connecting the smartphone with the TV via Bluetooth.

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In an all,  the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a complete package for your entertainment and you can convert your normal TV into a Smart Tv. You can also access information on TV such as weather reports, news, and other content by connecting to the internet, The article is been provided with the Fire TV stick feature, Fire TV stick specification. In addition to that, the delusion related to what is Fire TV stick has been described. Lastly, if you want to buy  Amazon Fire TV online, the direct link to amazon is been provided. The Fire TV stick review has been covered so far in the article and this will help you in buying Amazon fire TV  stick online. Entire detail related to Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote in India has been provided in the article.

 Fire Tv Stick With All New Alexa Voice Remote

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Comment us on the below section if you have queries related to fire tv stick with Alexa voice remote.

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