How to Fix Hard Disk Read Error

Many Windows OS User both Windows 7 Windows 8 or  Windows 10 User some time they see an Error message “a disk read error occurred”.This most common problem face many windows 10 user all around the globe. In this blog, we are going to show you how to fix hard disk read errors.

 "a disk read error occurred"

How to Fix Hard Disk Read Error

When You See the above message also likely followed with instructions to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

Causes Disk Read Errors:

There are multiple reasons for this error code to appear on your laptop or desktop screen. The possible reason for this error code is below.

  • Faulty connection or Loose Cable
  • Hard disk Damage or Corrupted
  • Ram is inadequate or Ram connection loose or faulty ram.

Step by Step Process to Fix Hard Disk Read Error:

1. Before Tuning on Your device check all cable is tightly intact.

2. Remove the Ram from ram slot. clean it and again put it back. Also, check the ram pin if any damage happens.

3.Same process for Hard disk check. Check the hard disk. When pc boot you can test your hard disk in bios settings.
For better hard disk health do regularly defrag the hard disk and run disk clean up program.
You can check the hard disk bad sector by cmd the command “chkdsk” also run sfc /scannow. These two commands will help you fix the hard disk bad sector and recover from that. Also, the SFC scan ensures any system file error.

4. Sometimes simple bios reset will fix the issue. Reset the BIOS. As soon as system boot goes to bios settings by pressing DEL or F1 or F12 it may vary system-wise. Then You can set default bios settings. Which can resolve this issue?

5. If the boot sector is damaged then you can fix the boot manager it by recreating it BCD  section by window recovery media and cmd utility by fixmbr command

6.In case you not able to fix the error with the above solution mention. Then the Only option is available is to recover the important data or you can visit an expert or for both data recovery or Fix the Hard Disk Read Error problem.


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