How to Fix Issues in Windows 10 By Free Tools

Windows 10 is the latest and most upgraded version of OS by Microsoft. But every version of Windows comes with some flaws. Many users of Windows 10 have faced issues either while upgrading from Windows 7, 8.1 or after buying new PC. But there are some free tools to fix issues in Windows 10. One can use those tools to fix the problems of Windows 10. These free tools are very much efficient and fix all issues in the simplest way.

What Kind of issues These Tools Fix

These free tools fix issues in windows 10 like faulty drivers of your computer. Reestablish PC segments that aren’t working, Restore features that you like from the earlier version of Windows. Through these tools, one can easily enable or disable many hidden settings also with one of the tools you can lock down your many privacy settings. Here is the brief explanation of five useful tools which one can use to fix issues in Windows 10 and how they work.

1st. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is the best among the all free tools for updating drivers. On the off chance that your Windows 10 PC experiences hardware issues (for instance, with a speaker or printer), a flawed driver could be the guilty party. In that case with the few clicks on Driver Booster, you can update your drivers and fixes the flaws. Driver Booster can update and fix up to 200000 windows driver.

First, you need to install Driver Booster at your PC. While installing you have to be concern about one important thing that is to uncheck or unselect any unwanted or not needed boxes. Because it tries to add bloatware in your PC. So it is important to have good antivirus in your PC.


Fix issues in windows 10


Now let’s see how it works. After installing you can see the program is divided in two parts- Old and Update. You can see that one Update Now buttons on the top. You just need to click on that “Update Now” button to update all your old and outdated drivers in one click. The program naturally refreshes these drivers for you, sparing you heaps of time and exertion. You can take after its refresh advance at the best. You can likewise plan the program to check and advise you about any obsolete drivers that you would then be able to refresh. Driver Booster makes a programmed reestablish point before refreshing your drivers and it has choices to consequently close down or reboot your PC after it’s done – helpful in case you’re refreshing numerous drivers or in the situations where some new drivers may require a reboot to work.


2nd. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 is very easy to use tool to enable, disable, hide or remove certain features from windows in a very swift way. You can roll out every improvement recorded in this program utilizing the Windows 10 Settings application, the Registry Editor, or the Group Policy Editor. In any case, Ultimate Windows Tweaker puts every one of the alternatives inside perfect segments that rundown significant issues which you would then be able to address rapidly.


Fix issues in windows 10


Start the program Click on the “Create Restore Point” button at the left side below the page then tick the checkbox of those that you want to change and Click on the “Apply” button. The “Additional” section of the program helps you to restore Windows 7’s Windows Photo Viewer with one go.

3rd. FixWin 10

FixWin 10 is an extraordinary free program to fix issues in Windows 10 and it’s versatile, which means it doesn’t require establishment.

The program is partitioned into six flawless areas, each speaking to issues with a particular segment (File Explorer, System Tools, and so forth.). Each segment contains no less than 10 fixes (see the full rundown here). A portion of the fixes may require a reboot, yet you’ll be educated of this when you tap the Fix catch.


Fix issues in windows 10


The “Welcome” segment gives you a chance to make a reestablish point (which we prescribe doing) and settle any adulterated records on your PC. The single tick settles in the “File Explorer” class let you add your “Recycle Bin” symbol to the Desktop (on the off chance that you don’t see it). From here, you can likewise uncover your PC’s concealed records and envelopes. Likewise, the System Tools area gives you a chance to settle issues with the Task Manager, Registry Editor, and Device Manager.

On the off chance that you can’t find the fixes you need, tap the Windows 10 area where you’ll see normal fixes identifying with your Start Menu, Wi-Fi association issues, Windows Update, and even Office programs. The Additional Fixes area gives you a chance to address issues that happen in the wake of redesigning your to Windows 10 –, for example, Office documents not opening and issues getting to Windows Media Player.

The Troubleshooter area works a little in an unexpected way. Rather than giving a single tick arrangement, it has straightforward choices that’ll open the important gadget Troubleshooter instrument on your PC. You would some way or another need to physically hunt and open them. The Windows troubleshooters can without much of a stretch fix issues as to your printer, speakers, Internet association, and Windows Update.


4th. Missed Features Installer 10

Though Windows 10 is the latest and improved version of OS released by Microsoft, people tend to like windows 7 over windows 10 because of its user-friendly features. “Missed Features Installer 10” it works best for those who love to use certain features of Windows 7 and want to bring back them in their windows 10.

The program itself is a bundle containing a few presumed (and safe) third-party programs that restore features from prior Windows variant to Windows 10. For instance, you can utilize it to include a Windows 7-like Start Menu, bring back Desktops contraptions, Windows Movie Maker, and the Windows Experience Index Tool.


Fix issues in windows 10


Its establishment ISO record is more than 1 GB. In prior Windows adaptations, you would need to copy this to a DVD before running the ISO document. In any case, Windows 10 gives you a chance to reproduce a virtual domain, so you can run these records specifically. Open the ISO record and run the setup document inside. We’ve disclosed how to utilize the program to restore lost highlights to Windows 10.


5th. O&O Shut up 10

Windows 10 contains numerous security settings you can modify. O&O ShutUp 10 is truly outstanding among the tools to lock down privacy settings. Fix issues in Windows 10 related to privacy issue is easy with this tool.

After installing the program you can see the program is partitioned into nine segments within which there will be Security, Privacy, and Windows Update, etc each offering different alternatives. Similar settings are accessible in Windows 10, however, it’s not generally clear what they do. Utilizing O&O Shut Up, in any case, you’ll see that each setting accompanies a nitty-gritty clarification of what it does. In the event that you simply need to apply all the prescribed settings of the program, tap the Actions drop-down menu and select that choice.


Fix issues in windows 10


You should address all choices set apart with red shout marks in light of the fact that these mean settings that are turned off, however, should be exchanged on. For instance, the program gives you information that Windows Defender was disabled.


Things to Remember Before Installing These Tools in Your PC

  • Check that the windows 10 in your PC is updated because Microsoft is always detecting the flaws in windows and update the OS to remove the flaws.
  • Make sure your windows auto update mode is on. To do this follow the steps- go to Start> Setting> Update & Security> Windows Update.
  • And the most important thing is to install a good total security antivirus for the protection of your PC. As there will be some security issue while installing those tools.

Through the above tools it is easy to fix issues in Windows 10 and you can make better use of this latest version of OS. To know the complete list of Windows 10 Shortcut read here



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