How to Fix Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST

How to Fix Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST.

How to Fix Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST facing the same problem don’t know what to do. Today we are going to discuss here stopping, freezing and reboot issues during the POST (Power On Self Test). This is a very common issue and can also be resolved with a few steps of troubleshooting. There are some types of this hack. You may receive a BIOS error message during the booting process. Or your device may freeze during the process. Whatever the type is, one common thing between them is the annoying behavior of your computer. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. You can solve this annoying issue yourself with the following steps mentioned below. So Let’s begin How to Fix Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST.Step by Step to Fix Stopping, Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST.

  1. If you can see any error message at your screen, then bless yourself fortunate as the system itself has detected the issue and you can solve it by acting as asked in that error message.
  2. If there is no error message and your device is freezing up, you are advised to disconnect all the USB connection to your device and every disk (if any) from the optical drives. Because, if your device is trying to boot itself to a location, then probably the files it needs are absent in the entered device. If this process goes fruitful then obviously change the boot order of the device and place your preferred choice before the other connected USB and disk drive.
  3. You may also try a solution by clearing the CMOS- the BIOS memory. Clearing the CMOS will reset the BIOS setting on your motherboard to its factory default. A misconfigured BIOS can cause this problem easily.
  4. A malfunctioned power supply can also cause the device to stop during the POST. So, check your power supply twice if the issue occurred and immediately replace if found problematic.
  5. The next thing you can try, to reconfigure all your hardware components. First, you are advised to start your computer with only the basic hardware components, if it goes right then you can assume the external hardware components (generally any one of them) is causing the hazard. You can detect the culprit by assembling the hardware parts one at a time and run the POST. the problematic component will repeat the malfunction and will be identified to you. You can easily remove or replace the damage hardware component with a working identical or an equivalent.
  6. Reseating all your cable connection is a magical troubleshoot. If this problem arises due to some loose connection, then reseating can solve the issue. You are advised to reseat the connection of the keyboard and the mouse too as there is a little chance remains for them for being the culprit. But, you are advised not to try reseating the CPU unless you have a feeling for the delicate connections of motherboard and slots or drives in it. If you behave roughly with them it may cause bigger trouble to your device. If you are not sure enough to reseat the CPU, you are advised to hand it over to some professionals.
  7. If you opt to check the CPU yourself, you are advised to look for some electrical shorts in that, it may a major cause for freezing up your device. You can check your problem status with a  POST card and diagnose the main villain.
  8. If you do not have sufficient tools or replaceable hardware stock, then you are advised not to get involved in this work rather hand over your device to some expert technician or to a reliable company with reliable stocks of these resources.

If You apply all the necessary steps then Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST will be fixed.Hope you like the article of How to Fix Stopping Freezing and Reboot Issues During the POST. stay tuned for more  Tips and tricks.

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