Easy Ways To Fix YouTube Not Work­ing On Android

Easy Ways To Fix YouTube Not Working On Android

Next to Google, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. People upload more than 100 hours of video per minute to YouTube. It’s one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience, whether you’re promoting programs or providing information to students. But being an application, it is quite common that there are certain issues like youtube is not opening and youtube black screen that daily users face on a regular basis while using Youtube. And it definitely is an annoying thing. If you are particularly facing Youtube Black screen Issue, you can read our blog on that which will help you to fix Youtube Black screen problem.

“Why youtube is not working” is a common question that people often ask on Google. So today we learn about some easy ways to fix YouTube not Work­ing on Android.

Why Youtube Is Not Working On Android?

There may be multiple reasons why Youtube is not working on android devices. If you have an old version of the youtube application, then it may not work properly. If your android version is outdated, then also it can create problems. Another important reason can be your mobile network connection. If your system is full of cache or junk files, you may face problems while using Youtube and other applications.

Steps To Fix YouTube Not Work­ing On Android

This is one of the most annoying problems that are YouTube not working on android and also people frequently ask about the problem so we can fix the problem if you following these steps properly then it works again normally and smoothly. Let’s follow these easy steps and fixed the problem.

1. Reboot Your Android Smartphone

You can Reboot your android smartphone sometimes it fixed small problems. This is an easy and safe way to reboot so please following the process step by step that you can reboot your device. Let’s start it

Step 1:- First open your android phone from the lock then hold the power switch. (The power switch is probably it’s aside from your android which is turn on/off your mobile screen).

Steps 1 To Fix YouTube Not Work­ing On Android
Android Restart Option

Step 2:- Now, you can see some options like- airplane mode, silent mode, power off, reboot, and emergency mode.

Step 3:- Now simply have to click on the ” Reboot” option. It will switch off and on automatically may it take some time.

Step 4:- If you click on “power off” then wait for few seconds and hold the power switch after few times your phone opens.

These are the steps above you can follow and reboot your smartphones easily.

2. Clear Cache On Your Android

After Reboot or power on if you think this is working it’s not because we are not yet complete the process. Our next process is to clear the cache on your android mobile. Now you have to these simple steps to clear the cache on the youtube application. Let’s follow these steps.

Step 1:- Go on the home screen on your mobile and now slide down the notification bar or menu bar you see the “setting” option click on it. ( also the setting options depend on your mobile/phone which brand you using it is probably around in your notification bar or menu bar).

Clear Cache On Your Android
Android Settings

Step 2:- Now go to the “Application/ Apps” or “Apps & notification” option click on it.

Step 3:- Now find the “youtube” application and if you did not found keep scroll down and you’ll found it. After founding the “youtube” then click on it.

Step 4:- After click on the youtube option next simply go to “Clear cache” or “Clear data” and click on it.

Clear Cache Of Youtube
Youtube Application Android Settings

Now it should be “clear cache” or “clear data” on your youtube application it might be work again normally now you’ll try to watch videos. Clearing your cache will remove all the unwanted junk and temporary folders. It will also help you fix slow android phones.

3. Update Your Android

Some time your youtube application does not work for the outdated android version or some error. So you have to update your android mobile here these steps to update your android version.

Step 1:- Go to the “Settings” option and open it.

Update Your Android
Android Settings

Step 2:- Now find the “About phone” or you can type on the search bar About phone and click on it.

Android Software Update
Android Software Update

Step 3:- Make sure your internet turn on if not then have to turn on the internet and update your android version.

It probably takes few minutes please wait until you complete it. After it’s done Now you can open the youtube app start watching videos.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Mainly you have to open youtube apps but mistakenly without an internet connection in youtube showing “no connection”. But make sure that your smartphone is connected with wifi connection or mobile data/cellular network.

Though sometimes problems between with your mobile and internal Internet connection issue so check that the internet connection well if not then turn off your mobile data or wifi for a moment then turn it on again or turn on your airplane mode for a while then turn off the airplane mode again. due to your mobile network signal are poor so please go to the place of your room where the mobile signal strong or at least a good connection so this process may help you to run well youtube.

If you are a router user make sure your router turns on and looking for the green lights is on. it might help to reduced the connection issues. Following the information which is write down above.

5. Check Your Phones Time and Date

It may be by default showing in your phone the wrong date and time or incorrect date and time or unset date and time. This would be causing the issue and not only youtube also face issues on other apps. Check Your Phone’s Time and Date and fix it. Follow these processes take a look below.

Step 1:- Go to settings tap on it now looking for the “Date and Time” option or instead you can tap on the search bar and type “Date and Time” click it.

Step 2:- Turn on the “Automatic Date and Time” option and please turn on the internet for a moment to complete the process.

After check your phone’s time and date If it does not work then another solution for the problem please take a look below.

5. Update Your YouTube App

Here is one of the main things that your youtube application did not work properly then you have to do “update your youtube App”. Follow the process for update your youtube app check the process step by steps

Step 1:- Please connect your mobile with the internet Open the play store application click on the search bar type youtube.

Step 2:-Now you can see “Update” click on it and wait for a minute until updating completely.

We hope you follow these steps properly and it could work well although you can use your chrome browser to run YouTube.


All the steps are important if you want to fixed youtube not working on your android phone mainly these are the problem we have been faced ever so you can watch all steps carefully and easily fixed the problem on your android device.

Hope you liked reading this article on Easy Ways To Fix YouTube Not Work­ing On Android. If you have any questions regarding this, you can leave them in the comment section below. We will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to connect with us on Social media Platforms.

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