Four Year Old SQL Lite bug Put Risk to Billion iPad And iPhone Users

Four Year Old SQL Lite bug Put Risk to Billion iPad And iPhone Users.

Yes, you heard it right Four Year Old SQL Lite bug Put Risk to Billion iPad And iPhone Users. Sounds crazy how can a bug get never patched in Apple ecosystem. A Recent security loophole found by Check Points. They fund this bug in ios ecosystem and apple never consider this as a security threat but when they successfully managed to exploit it now it put a big dent on apple security. Let’s Begin.

Warning to All iPhone and iPad.

As AppleInsider explains: the bug has been considered unimportant because it was believed it could only be triggered by an unknown application accessing the database. What? Yes, How can they naive about this.

What is SQL LITE Bug In iOS?

SQLite is the most wide-spread database engine in the world said Check Point. It is available in every operating system, desktop, and mobile phone. Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Android are popular users of SQLite.

So What the CheckPoint Team does they trick the contact app and device into running malicious code. As a result, Hacker can get access to data and passwords. And they also explain the possibility of this bug huge as it can manipulate and trick the IOS easily. This CVE-2015-7036 contact app bug still not fixed by apple and it almost four years.

The Recent case off iMessage hack and face time bug discover by the child and these recent SQL Lite bug ios Put iPhone and iPad user at risk. And Who knows hacker already stealing your data and you never notice.

Now hope  In coming days apple fix this long ignore bug.

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