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5 Million Gmail passwords leaked. Protect yours now !

By September 10, 2014 4 Comments

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Almost 5 million Gmail Password and addresses have been compromised and leaked on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Admins on the forum have removed the passwords from the text file, but the Internet is forever, so if your username is among those that have been hacked, you should change your password immediately.

Much of the information is old and potentially out-of-date, Google representatives told Russian media, so the so-called “leak” may be more accurately described as a collection of phished and hacked credentials collected over years. In fact, many of the accounts have long been suspended or are matched with very old passwords.

The database of usernames and passwords, which was first reported by CNews, was posted on Tuesday evening to btcsec.com, a Russian-language Bitcoin security forum. The publisher, named tvskit, posted the following screenshot of the database, claiming that over 60 percent of the passwords were valid and working:


gmail hacked


The file contains information on English-, Russian-, and Spanish-speaking users of Google services, such as Gmail and Google Plus. In addition to Google, the leak includes thousands of user credentials for Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia.

Google and Yandex representatives told CNews that while the credentials were stolen through years of phishing and hacking against individuals, their own systems were never compromised.

How do you check, whether your gmail account is secure or not ?

Luckily, there’s a quick tool you can use to figure out if your account information was leaked. Just head to  ISLEAKED  and input your email address. [Edit: If you’re wary of inputting your email address on a site you’re not familiar with, the best course of action is simply to change your password as a precaution.] It’ll tell you whether or not you need to change your password. And enable two-factor authentication on Google and all your important Internet accounts.

Russia’s Bitcoin Security forum has been the scene of several major leaks over the past several days. On Tuesday, 4.66 million Mail.ru accounts were exposed. Monday, usernames and passwords from 1.26 million other Yandex accounts were published in a text file.  Your identity is at risk all the time. Hackers can use your identity for many wrong things, they can also steal your informations and do many wrong things by that.  Protection is must for every internet user.  And there we come, we Techyuga team check and secure your machines from any kind of data theft. We also provide protections, which can keep for your machines secure in future. Contact techyuga support team if you want to keep your identity secured. 

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