Google Allo- amazing Facts You should know about it

Google Allo is a pure Google creation, a messaging app for iOS and android users. It might seem as Allo is just another messaging app. You can chat with friends , send pictures and videos, and even use sticker packs to spice up your conversations a little bit. But as you start using Google Allo you are going to love it as there is so many things you can’t even imagine with other messaging apps. 



What Google Claims About allo –

Similar to WhatsApp, Allo is based on your phone number, so you can use it to send text messages to anyone in your phonebook – not just other Allo users. Apart from that, Google highlighted three aspects of Allo that make it unique: Expression, Google Assistant, and Security.


Google Allo Features –


1. Google Assistant

Google Allo comes with the latest version of assistive technology which is called Google Assistant. It is Google’s latest iteration of a virtual assistant. Yes, the messenger has got an assistant inside it who can help you out finding anything available across the web.

For instance, let’s say you are chatting with a friend who wants to plan going out for a dinner. Google Assistant will then proactively suggest restaurants nearby at the bottom of the app’s messaging window ( if you type Chinese dinner it will show you Chinese restaurants, It is that much intelligent ). You can tap that suggestion to bring up restaurant cards that everyone in the chat can see. If you choose a place, you’ll see options to contact the restaurant, see reviews or find it on Google map, etc.


Google Assistant


That means you no longer have to leave your messaging app to do a Google search for restaurants, copy and paste results, switch back again to share the options, go out again to call the restaurant and book a table, and so on. In Allo, and with Google Assistant’s help, you can get everything done in one app.


2. In -message Searches

Google has made sharing information really easy with Allo. it has a special feature with which you can make in-message searches, This is – before Allo, each time you wish to share and exchange information – you have to close WhatsApp (or run it in the background ) and get to a food/music app to copy the concerned links/files to send in the chat. With Google Allo, you can just type @google and ask about prospective restaurants or the particular song in the middle of the chat and it will provide you with the links to both in the chat- so it can be viewed and shared with your contacts.


3. Picture Recognition

As you keep on using Google Allo it will suggest you responses automatically when someone sends you any picture, that means Google Allo can recognize pictures.if someone sends you a picture of a sunset, it will suggest ‘beautiful’ or ‘wow’ as a response, depending on your maximum usage of either, from which you can choose the more applicable one and send it across.


4. Automatic Responses


Google Allo smart reply


Allo uses machine-learning and natural language processing in order to suggest replies on the fly, meaning it can anticipate what you want to say next and how you might say it. The more you use Allo, the better your suggestions become. And they will always be unique to you.


5. End-to-End Encryption

All messages in Allo are encrypted. Allo has a Selective Encryption Mode, that means you can choose the contacts you want to go ignito, as Allo also offers an Incognito Mode, just like Chrome browser does, meaning you get access to not only end-to-end encrypted messages but features like expiring chats and private notifications.


6. Text Formatting

Google Allo allows you to format your text and send across larger and smaller font sizes of text messages, allowing you to increase or decrease the text size by sliding the send button up and down respectively,  which is called the Whisper/Shout feature. Sometimes you want to say something with emphasis but aren’t keen on typing in all caps or using a bunch of exclamation points. This is where Shout comes in. Just type out your message, hold down on the Send button, and drag your finger upwards. You can actually increase the size of the text you’re sending. If you want to say something a little quieter – Just type out your message, press and hold the Send key, and drag your finger downwards. This is called Whispering.


7. The ” Ink ” Feature

Once you select the photo you’d like to send, simply click on the pencil button next to the send button. You can now add little doodles and text to your photo. After you’re done, just click the send button on the top-right of the screen, You are all set to show your creativity to your friends.

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Why it is better than Facebook or WhatsApp Chat –

Google Allo is a messaging app which will compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Surprisingly, Allo isn’t a Hangouts replacement but its own standalone app coming to iOS and Android soon, but what makes it stand out from all the hundreds of other messaging apps available?

Assistant is something that alone can make you ditch other messaging apps. it is set to make chatting into a whole new level where you no more need to spend much time to express what you want to say. Assistant works in a lot of ways to eliminate your effort. You can call on Google Assistant at any time just by typing “@google” in Allo. You can chat directly with it and ask anything your heart desires, like if you ask ” Funny baby faces “, to which Google Assistant will respond with a lot of funny Baby faces pulled from Google Image Search. 


Google assistant in allo


Google Assistant can even remember things, including your name, address, and favorite sports star. It responds when you ask “What’s playing tonight?”by showing films at your local cinema. If you then follow up with “We’re planning to go with family”, Google Assistant will know to serve up showtimes for family films. You can even say “Let’s see Jungle Book” to purchase tickets. You could also ask “Is Jungle Book any good”, and then the assistant will direct you to  reviews, ratings, and even trailer on YouTube. Notice Google Assistant is able to string your questions together to determine context and serve up the right information.

Another feature which will blow your mind is the smart reply, if you are too busy or too lazy to type then it will effectively save your time as well as energy. Say, if someone asks you “Where do you want to go tonight”? Allo will suggest you “Will get some sleep” before you even think of answering the chat. There is also a huge range of stickers available in Google Allo. it’s high time to give it a try.


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