Google Chrome Extensions To Reduce Memory Usage

While working with multiple tabs in chrome we all face the problem of browsing speed getting slowed down.We all are multi-taskers and  Sometimes working simultaneously through multiple tabs becomes a maddening task.Opening more than ten tabs at a time can even crash your browser. But here we introduce you with a variety of useful Google chrome extensions to reduce memory usage .Now with these extensions you can run 200+ tabs at a time without compromising the browsing speed. 



 Chrome Extensions to reduce memory usage : 

Why Use these Extensions :

Actually every time you open a new tab it consumes a certain amount of computer memory.  A single Chrome tab can use between 20 MB and 100 MB of RAM.


Google Chrome tab memory consumption


The more you open tabs the more it will slows down your browsing speed.You even find it tough to surf through different tabs. The Great suspender is a light weight chrome extension that reduces chrome’s memory foot print for users and thus helps you to work with multiple tabs without any trouble.

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1.The Great Suspender App


Features of Great suspender :


1.By using this Chrome extension, you can use Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and many other tabs in the background without having a fear of slowing down your system performance.

2.You can access each and every tab at any instant of time without any crash of the browser.

3.It automatically suspends some tabs in order to avoid Browser Slow down or Crash.

4.The Great Suspender Extension facilitates you to suspend particular tabs manually after a certain period of time or else you can view them in your tab bar.

5. the tabs are not suspended forever, You can restore suspended tabs just by clicking anywhere on the page.

6..Keeps history of suspended tabs.

7.. You can run more than 200 + tabs even with less memory on your system (less than 4 GB memory )

8.. Enhances the browsing speed radically with smooth web surface experience

9. It has an additional feature , that is you can put desired sites like – Facebook, twitter, Gmail etc to a WHITE-LIST which will protect this sites from getting suspended.

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Where to Download :


Great suspender download from chrome webstore


you can download the Great suspender extension directly from Chrome Web store and add the extension.

To download Click Here


How to use it :


 1. Install The extension and now right click and after that select Options.


The great suspender settings options


2.You can enable crude or high quality screen shots ( No Pictures will be displayed) to remember the contents of the pages.If you are having the problem of crashing tab you can off this feature.


The greta suspender screen capture settings



3.Great suspender automatically suspends the tabs after an hour of inactivity, You can even change or adjust the timeout period.


adjusting time period in great suspender


4.Select your preferable automatic suspension settings.

Great suspender settings


5.Create a white -List of your desired sites. It will prevent these sites to go for suspension.

Great suspension Whitelist


6.It can keep track of your sessions so you can easily reload any previous session.

Great suspender session settings


7. There are few keyboard shortcuts you can use for easy and quick access.Go to keyboard shortcuts and learn some.

Great suspender keyboard shortcuts




2.Too Many Tab


It is also a very useful tab and memory manager.Too many tabs – has an easy user interface.

where to download :

You can download it directly from Google web store. CLICK HERE.

Features :

This has features very similar to great suspender as both are chrome tab managers, but it has some additional features :

Too many tabs preview


1.It has a pop window, by clicking this you can instantly preview all the tabs open at the time.

2.It shows you the number of tabs ( tab count) open at that time in your browser.


Too many tab options


3.Instant tab Search.

4.You can manage custom columns.





One-Tab Chrome extension combines all your currently open tabs into a single tab listing all your tab URLs.If you want to release more memory in a single click you might use this.

One tab extensions

Features :

1. You can then choose to close tabs, open them one at a time or restore them all.

2.You can also group these tabs into a special category, enabling you to open it at a later time.

3. You can also create a web page from your list of tabs, so that you can easily share your tabs with other people, other computers, or with your smartphone or tablet.

4.You will not lose your list of tabs if you accidentally close the OneTab window, if your browser crashes, or if restart your computer.

4.Quick tab


Quick tab extension

Similar in purpose to TooManyTabs, Quick Tab conquers extreme tab usage through a drop-down menu that presents all currently open tabs. A search function is also available. Lighter tabaholics may prefer Quick Tab.It is also available for Firefox. Mem free


tab Mem Free Settings

If you don’t have enough time or patience to manually manage the tabs yourself you can try this extension. TabMemFree automatically helps you “park” inactive tabs. Parking a tab frees up the memory of that particular tab. It does this automatically if you have not accessed that particular tab for more than 15 minutes.

6.Google-Inbuilt task Manager


Your Google Chrome browser has an inbuilt task manager. It will give you a bird’s eye view of the browser and you can inspect how much computer memory is being used by the site,The C.P.U usage and the network activity.

Chrome task manager

To access Chrome’s task manager, open the browser and right click the tabs barat the top of the screen.

Select Task Manager from the drop down menu.If you want to close a particular site, you can click it and select End Process at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to get an closer look at how the browser is impacting your overall system performance, you can right click within the task manager window and choose any one of the categories you’d like to view.

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