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Google drive now lets you edit Microsoft Office attachments directly from your gmail account.

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Google drive now lets you edit Microsoft Office attachments
Google today announced a very useful new addition to Gmail: Google drive now lets you edit Microsoft Office attachments directly from your gmail account.  A new Google Drive edit icon has been added to Gmail attachments that you can click to automatically convert Office files to Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

Here’s the new feature in action:


Google notes that the new feature means you can turn Microsoft Office documents into a Google Drive file so that you have a single document to keep track of, as well as get access to revision history. This document can be accessed “from anywhere” since it resides in the cloud, and you can choose to make it available for offline access as well.
Google Drive today also gained support for importing 15 new Office formats, though they’re not very widely used ones: presentation show files, macro-enabled files, and template files. Here’s the full list:
  • dot, dotx, dotm*, docm* conversions to Google Docs
  • xlt, xltx, xltm*, xlsm* conversions to Google Sheets
  • pot, potx, potm*, pptm*, pps, ppsx, ppsm* conversions to Google Slides
Google is also promising “improved charts, images, and tables support” for these file formats, but didn’t go into detail.
Being able to access documents in the cloud, with revision history, is of course not unique to Google Drive. Microsoft offers the same functionality in its own Office Online offering, but naturally not from within Gmail.
Today’s announcement is a prime example of how tightly Google ties its services together. Even if you prefer using Microsoft Office and OneDrive, they’re a hard sell if you’re a user of Google’s other services. If you don’t know, how to setup an account in google or facing difficulty while using these features, you can contact our support team. We will train you and make you an expert in any services of google you wish to know. 
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Source : VentureBeat

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