How to Use Google Duo App: Everything You Need To Know

Have you checked Google’s new video calling app Google Duo? If not then just try it on your android or iOS. Google Duo is very easy to use when it comes to one-to-one video calling from android to android or from android to iPhone. People who have already downloaded it are highly recommending this Duo App for its very simple interface. Here are some facts know about Google Duo App you should check out :

Google Duo Benefits :

1.As already mentioned earlier, Google Duo users are super happy with its very simple and intuitive interface.

2.Unlike other apps it does not ask you for it would not ask you for your Gmail account, No need to log in anywhere though it is end-to-end encrypted. It just needs your number to be verified.

3. The call connects Quickly and it has an auto-adjust feature on the resolution to keep your call going without interruption.

Video calling in google Duo App

How Does Google Duo App Work :

Download it Google play, ( Click HERE to download it directly from Google play ) install and open it.

It will ask your mobile number to send a verification code .After you verify your number you can use it for video calling, As simple as that. Before you begin a call you have to tap icons and your recent contacts to start a video call. During a call, you’ll see yourself (in a small little circle), and icons to mute audio, switch cameras and hang up. Video from the other line fills up your screen and that’s how it works. If you’d rather have your camera fill up the screen and by just tapping the preview circle your can switch your view.

Tips for Google Duo App

1.The Knock Knock feature

Maybe this is this only feature is enough to make us use Google Duo App. Knock Knock lets us view the stream before we choose to answer.¬†This is how a person you’re calling can actually see what you’re doing and exactly who is calling, This makes you decide easily whom to answer. If your bestie is waiting for then you just receive and have fun. If your annoying ex is bugging , leave the phone like that. If you want to disable the feature you can also turn it off. Tap on the menu icon in the top-right corner >Settings > Knock Knock to turn it off.

Google Duos knock Knock feature

2. Switch to Rear and Front camera

You can easily switch to the front and rear camera while on Call in Google duo app by clicking on the flip icon on Google duo.

Switch Camera In Google Duo App

3.Mute While On Call

Just press mic icon in Google Duo icon and you will go mute. The receiver on the other end will not be able to listen to you. He will only view your video without any audio.

Block contacts in google Duo app

4.Block Any Contact Who Offends

You can directly block a contact if you are not willing to take his call anymore.For this just long press on any of the contact you wish to block, the options to block or remove the contact from the list appears. To block the contact , just choose Block Number from the options menu.

Limit data usage in Google Duo App

5.Turn off the “Limit Data Usage” to Improve Video Quality

When you are in wi-fi or better network coverage you can turn off ” Limit Data usage”, It will automatically improve the call quality.

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 Things To Remember

1.The Knock knock feature may lead to some unwanted complications towards your or your friend’s privacy. So think twice while enabling or disabling this feature on¬†Google Duo App.

2.Try to be in good connectivity while on duo video calling as the quality of calls are the sometimes compromised if the signal strength is not that good.

3. Google Duo App does not have any messaging facility, it is just for what it  is supposed to do- Video Calling.

Hope this article helped you to know about Google Duo App. Now read some more trending articles below.

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