Google Just Added Google Mars And Google Moon !

google mars

Google on Tuesday introduced Google Mars and Google Moon, a feature on Google Maps that lets you visit Mars and the moon without ever needing to leave your  chair.

No, the company didn’t send its Street View cars into outer space, but Google still provides plenty of geographical details about both planetoids you probably weren’t expecting.

Google Mars →


google mars


Google Moon →


google moon


Here’s how to travel mars and moon from your chair :

1. First, head over to Google Maps

2. Down in the bottom left, you should see an icon that lets you put the map in “Google  Earth” mode. Click that.

3. Wait for the once-flat map to load in 3D. Then start zooming out. Zoom out as far as you can.

4. Once you’re zoomed all the way out, just wait a second. Options for “Moon” and “Mars” should appear at the bottom of your screen, as pictured above.

5. If nothing shows up, you might have the “Explore” tab closed. Click the pair of upward arrows in the bottom right to expand the Explore drawer.


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2 thoughts on “Google Just Added Google Mars And Google Moon !”

  1. Thats amazing. google is growing so fast. I am sure in next one dacade, we will be able to roam the universe directly from our home.

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