Google Tracking You Even You turn off Location History

Google Tracking You ??? No worry because its Google.It is Now part of our life.Without it we can’t even think anything it helps  provide  all information in our hand .We used its many service like map docs search and the most famous google android operating  system .As result google stich its self to our everyday day to day activity.And  its collecting  data gives us more better result.Google slogan is Don’t Be Evil.

Seriously the biggest question is when you so much info about you personal day to day life that can be serious privacy concern because now Google Tracking You heavily. In this article we going to expose How Google Tracking You Even You turn off Location History

Google Tracking You Even You turn off Location History

In this article about Google Tracking You  we categorized google tracking process .Google’s many different services are still tracking users’ every move on both iPhone and Android phones regardless of whether they’ve toggled the “Location History” setting on or off.

Google Tracking You Process 1 Map service

When using a service like Google Maps, Google will ask you to permit access to your iPhone or Android phone’s location data. When agreeing to this request, you allow Google Maps to record your location history, and display your location history on a timeline so you can view your daily travels.

Google say you can turn off this in setting tab and data can no longer be stored but technically that is not true . Because even if turn off the location service as soon open the  app it take a snap of the location and stored it so every time you open the app a location snap is taken. As result google is creating vast array of location snap of you and connecting all location dot is easy for them and your day day to activity already exposed. So form that you clearly understand Google Tracking You Even You turn off Location History.

Google Tracking You Process 2  Search service

When you use google search on your device or no matter which device its a PC Laptop or smartphone as you search anything google get location id and generated search result based on location . Suppose You Search Best Laptop Service Center  You see best laptop Service center near to you.

Even wonder how google is getting exact location even if location history is off.  same Process as you open google search the query send to google server contain your  location id “GPS location” “Mobile tower Location” or “Internet Service Provider Location” and google  shows you result on location. You not even care about this privacy breach.

Google Tracking You Process 3  Google Weather

Android user have by default google weather application and this application constantly use your location for weather data. Google is piggy back this location and tracking you. And create  personal database of your for shake of better experience and better service .By this weather application  Google Tracking You Even You turn off Location History.

How to Protect from Google Tracking You

There is no 100% way to save you from this because google is so much big way advance  but some steps are here which still some how protect you because except Eu countries GDPR  Complience is not active in other countries.

1.User VPN

2. Turn off GPS

3.Turn off Location access in app setting for all app which accessing them .

4.If pretty much serious about privacy then use old non smartphone

5.Follow health apps which record data and share data about with other service.



Google already explain about there Location data .So best way to protect you privacy is up to you how you sharing your data .

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