98 Google Tricks You Wish You Knew Before

Google Tricks

Google is one of the most important parts of everyone in these days. At least, 2-3 times we Google in a day to find any solutions to a problem or to learn something new. And yet a majority of those peoples probably don’t know there are many hidden tricks in Google search which can save their time and effort. After reading this post, I’m sure you will wish you knew these Google Tricks before.


1. Google Tricks For Timer or Stopwatch:

Do you want to use Google as your Timer? if yes, you can. Use Google as a Timer or Stop Watch just like you use in a Watch or Mobile. Just set a time duration and it will alert you after completing the time duration.


google timer


2. Sunrise and Sunset:

If you want to know the timings of Sunrise and Sunset of any locations, you can easily know it using Google search. Just Google Sunrise in Location name or Sunset in Location name and Google will show you a quick result.

Google Sunrise:


google sunrise


Google Sunset:


google sunset


3. Forecast:

If you want to know forecast details quickly, Google search can do it for you. You can find the weather of any city quickly by just Googling Forecast in location.


google forecast


4. Use Double Quotes to find exact match results:

Using quotes in the query will give you the exact match and better results. Let’s give you a clarification about this.

Example 1: Searching a query without double quotes.

Seaching a query without double quotes


As you can see the above result, without using quotes Google gives you only 50% exact match results based on your query.

Example 2: Searching a query with double quotes.

Example 2: Seaching a query with double quotes.


5. Do a barrel roll:

Just type Do a barrel roll in Google search and see how your screen rotates. These are some funny things which are hidden inside Google. There are few more funny stuff hidden in Google, just continue reading to find out more.


Do a barrel roll


6. Google Tricks for Finding Specific Result from a Website:

If you want to get a result from a specific website in Google, you can easily do it.

Just type Your keyword Site:WebsiteURL.com. Here is an example for you,


how to Find Specific Result from a Website


7. Search keywords in Title:

If you want to get a specific result with keyword in Title, then use intitle: Your keyword to get the desired result. Here is an example.


Search keywords in Title


8. Google NewsPapers:

Google has a collection of NewsPapers where you find NewsPapers from 1798 to 2009. Unfortunately, Google has stopped updating it’s NewsPapers collections from past few years but still you can read those.


9. Flight Status:

Get the flight status quickly by entering the name of the Flight.


Flight Status in google


10. View Google in different angle:

Another funny Google search. Just type Askew to view Google in different angle. And use Unaskew to revert back the screen in normal mode.

11. Google Pacman:

Search Google Pacman to play this funny game.


google pacman


12. Convert Areas:

You can quickly convert any measurements or areas in Google search by just entering the direct queries. For example, if you search for 14 Meters to Inches it will show you the results.

convert area in google


You can also convert more type of measurements in Google search quickly. Just select the type of measurements you want to measure and it will show you the quick result.


13. Compare foods:

Easily compare any foods in Google search to know their differences. Just type Food 1 vs Food 2 and the results will be shown like this.


compare fruit in google


14. Know the owner of companies:

To know the owner or founder of any companies, just search Founder of company name or Owner of company name to know the result quickly.


know founders of companies in google


15. Zerg Rush:

Just type Zerg Rush in Google to play another funny game. You can also share the score of this game.


16. Convert Currencies:

This is probably one of the most important features for everyone in the world. You can quickly convert the currencies in Google search without visiting any further website. Just enter the amount and type of currency you want to convert.


currency convert in google


17. Tip Calculator:

Calculate the tip using Google search.


tip calculator in google


18. Find Books:

Search books written by your favorite authors. Just enter Books written by Author name and you will find the result like this.


Find Books by author in google


19. Google image reverse search:

Get the details of any photo from Google images, just go to Googe images and paste the URL of photo or upload any images to get the complete details of the photo.


20. OK Google:

You may have noticed in Google that there is a symbol of Mic in the search box. It is used for voice search. Just click on the Mic symbol and speak whatever you want. The result will show you based on your words which you have spoken.


21. Define:

if you want to know the meaning of any words quickly, then search Define+ your query.


22. Search 2 queries in 1 tab:

Another useful trick to save your time. You can search 2 queries in a single tab usingOR operator. Just search Query 1 OR Query 2 and you will get the results of both queries.


23. Compare Distance:

Quickly compare the distance between two destinations. Search for Distance between Destination 1 to Destination 2.


compare distance using google


24. Find Restaurants:

Find restaurants near you. Search for Restaurants near me and Google will you the nearby restaurants.


find restaurant near you using google


25. Travel time:

To find the estimated travel time between two destinations. Search for Travel time between Destination 1 and Destination 2.


26. Find IP Address:

Quickly find your IP Adress by searching the direct query.


find your ip address in google


27. AND Operator:

If you want to find both queries from any single website, then you can use AND operator to find it. Just search for “Keyword 1 AND Keyword 2” and it will show both results from a single website. Here is an example, I have searched for Apple and iPhone 6. And you can see the result below.


28. Using Google.com find better results:

Many of you may know that if we search for Google.com in the address bar of the browser, it will redirect to country based Google homepage like Google.co.in orGoogle.co.uk etc. These country based Google homepage will give you the results based on your country. But if you use Google.com, it will give the worldwide results.

How to use Google.com instead of country based Google homepage?

Just type Google.com/ncr in the address bar of your browser. It will redirect to Google.com and now you can get better results from Google.


29. Use StartPage to browse anonymously:

Have you ever heard about start page? It is a private search engine which doesn’t save IP address of the users. The search results of Startpage are being shared by Google, but Startpage doesn’t share any user information with Google servers.


30. Customize Google search settings:

You can customize your search settings based on your requirement. Just go to Google search settings and make changes as per your choice. Using Google search settings,

  • You can set how many results you want per page.
  • Using private results or not.
  • Results of open in the same tab or new tab.

and much more..


31. File Type Search:

If you want to get a search result of a specific file type in Google, then search forSearch Query FileType: FileType Extension. Here is an example,


File Type Search in google


You can search any file type using this search string.


32. Get Results for a specific duration:

Using Google search tools, you can change the time duration to get specific duration results. Just click on Search tools and select your duration. And it will give you the results based on your selected time duration.


Get Results from a specific duration in google


33. Convert number into words:

You can easily convert large numbers into words in Google. But it can convert up to only 13 digits.


converts number to letters in google


34. Use Calculator in Google:

Just Search for Calculator in Google and do mathematical calculations.


how to use calculator in google


35. Convert international timings:

You can convert the international timings in Google by using the location codes.


Convert international timings using google


36. Translate Quickly:

Google translate is the best place to do translations. But if you want to translate few words, Google search can do it. Just type “translate your query into the desired language”. An example is shown below.


translate using google


37. Find Related websites:

If you want to find related websites of any particular website, search forRelated:website.com


 Find Related websites using google


38. Find International Timing:

Know the timings of any country in Google. Just search for Time in country name.


check international timing using google


39. Flip a coin:

Here are few more funny tricks in Google. Search for Flip a coin and click on I’m feeling lucky to flip a coin.


40. Google Gravity:

Search for Google Gravity and click on I’m feeling lucky and after that all the objects on that page will start falling down due to gravity and you can play with every piece by dragging them.


41. Play Atari Breakout:

Most of us know Atari Breakout is very old and popular game and you can play it inGoogle translate  by searching Atari Breakout. But first, wait for the page to load it completely.


Play Atari Breakout in google


42. Remove words by minus(-):

Use minus(-) sign before the keyword to excludes from your search result. Those words will not appear in your search results.


43. Use an Asterisk:

If you are not sure about any word in the query, use an Asterisk in Google search and Google will understand your query. It will give you the best suitable results to complete your query. Example: * is pure as water or  * is soft as cotton.


44. Use Google history:

If you want to know your previous searches, Google translate  has a record of your search queries. You can easily find your previous queries there. This includes both app and web queries.


45. Sort pricing of products in Google search:

You can sort out the price range of any product in Google search. Use this command“Product name amount 1..amount 2”.


46. Use Google image search tools:

Using Google image search tools, you can filter Color, Size, Type and Usage rights of the image which you are looking for.



47. Google Advance Search:

Use Google advance search to filter your queries and get more accurate results.


48. Google Advance Image Search:

This is same as Google advance search. You can filter your queries in Google advance image search to get more accurate and better results for images.


49. Find Holidays:

Quickly find the details of holidays by searching “Festival name and Year”


find holiday dates using google


50. Find tourist locations:

If you want to tour a new place and know nothing about that place, just Google “Location name attractions” to find all the attractive places of that location.


find tourist location using google


51. Elgoog: 

Search for Elgoog  and click on I’m feeling lucky. After that learn anything from that website (I’m sure you may have never seen that website ever before)


52. Find all the doodles:

Go to Google.com and click on I’m feeling lucky to find all the doodles of Google.


53. Find customer service number:

To know any customer care service number, Google Company name Service number.


find customer service number using google


54. Find Apps:

If you are searching to download any apps, just head over to Apps tab in Google search. You can find apps from various app market such as GooglePlay, iTunes and much more.


find apps using google


55. Google in 1998:

Want to know how Google was looking when it was launched at the beginning stage in 1998? Search for “Google in 1998” to take a look.


56. Purchase history:

Want to know what you have purchased online recently? Google My Purchases or My Orders to quickly take a look at the purchase history.


57. Check the spelling:

Even if you spelled any word wrong by mistake, Google will recommend you the correct spelling of the word.


spelling check using google



58. View the cache:

If you believe that you have already visited any specific website from Google, you can visit that website even if that website has any server issues. Just click on Cache to view the page.


check cached page in google


59. Quick Stat:

You can get population stat of any country just by searching “Population of Country Name“. 


view stock using google


60. Etymology:

Are you wondering where a WORD came from and how it built? then search for Etymology Word to know the details of the word.


Etymology in google


61. Google Gothic:

Search for Google Gothic and click on I’m feeling lucky to create Google in your own name.


Google Gothic


62. Blink HTML:

Google Blink HTML and see how the HTML blink in the page.



If you have any lazy friend who feels lazy to do any query in Google, then go toLMGTFY (Let me Google that for you) website and type your queries. After entering the query, click on Google search. Now copy the below URL and send it to your lazy friend. LMGTFY will automatically do the query after clicking the given URL.


64. Google Sphere:

Search for Google Sphere and click on I’m feeling lucky. Now every piece object on that page will start rolling everywhere.


65. Epic Google:

Now view Google in a bigger font than ever before. Search for Epic Google and click on I’m feeling lucky to experience this feature.


66. Google News:

If you are searching a query related to any news, then just head over to News tab in Google to get better results.


how to use google news


67. Local Flight details:

Google Flight Location 1 to Location 2 to quickly know the local flight details.


find local hotels in google


68. Remove unwanted site:

If you want to remove any unwanted site from your Google search result, use -Site:website.com and you won’t see that website in the search.


69. Get results from selected TLD (Top Level Domain):

TLD (Top Level Domain) means domain extension which comes after the domain name i.e .com, .net .in, .co etc. If you want to get results from any specific TLD then Google “Query site: TLD”. Here is an example, Programming site: Edu


70. Follow Stocks:

Want to know stock details of your favorite company or organization? Just Google“Stock: Company Code”. If you don’t know the company code of the company, then read this post to know company code.


follow stocks in google



71. Convert Temperatures:

You can also convert temperatures in Google by searching direct queries. Here is an example,


convert temperature in google


72. Remind me:

Google Remind me and set your schedule to let Google remind you for an event or any work. Google will remind you in Google now Android app,iPhone or in PC.


73. Track orders:

Track your order purchases by entering the order ID in Google.


74. Find Social Tags:

Searching for any social profile or tag? Use @ before the name or tag finds it quickly.


search social tags in google


75. Use Hashtags:

And here is the final trick. Find popular hashtags for trending topics.


search tags in google


76. Find download links quickly:

If you want to find the links to download any file quickly, there are some search string which can help you. Here is one example

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” apk

Now replace index of to your search query and apk to the desired file type which you want. This trick works to find most types of files.


77. Access offline sites:

If some sites are inaccessible to open due to some server issues, you can use Google cache to open the web page. Google cache is a copy of the web page which has already stored on Google’s server.

Type cache:websiteURL.com and Google will display the copy of the webpage.


78. Google Tricks to See Bypass Blocked sites:

You can use Google as a proxy server to access blocked websites. Well, there are 3 methods to access blocked sites using Proxy of Google.

Use the below URL and replace http://example.com with your desired URL to access the site.



79. inURL:

Use inurl: to find the keywords or phrases in the URL of the search results.


80. Blog Search:

Previously Google had a feature called “Blog search” in their search results to display only blogs in the results page. But on May 2011, Google disconnected this feature. Fortunately, still you can find blog search in Google news tab.  Go to News tab in Google tab, click on “search tools” and select “all news” tab to search for blogs.


search blogs using google


81. Find out what day is it in N days:

If you want to know what is the day the after N days, then Google

“what day is it in N days”(Without quotes).


Find out what day is it in N days


82. Fun Facts:

Do you want to know some fun facts? If yes, Google can entertain you with random fun facts if you search for “Fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious”.


search fun facts in google


83. Convert Data:

Convert data easily using Google search.


Convert Data using google


84. Find My Phone:

Google has launched Android device manager to find lost android devices. But now Google search can also this. Just search for “Find my phone” to locate your Android device remotely. But you need to log in your Gmail account to locate it.


find your phone using google


85. Google Space:

Search for “Google space” and click “I’m feeling lucky” or click on the first result of the page to view Google in a space view.


86. Location time history:

Use Google’s location time history to find the details where you have been at a specific time.


87. Should I download or not?

We browse many websites each and every day. But did you ever thought to scan any website status? Did you ever checked that browsing or downloading files from a specific website is safe or not? If you haven’t done this, then you should start checking it from now. Because there are many viruses and spyware that can hack your personal data. You can check the status of any website from Google’s Safe Browsing Site Status tool.


88. Dig an info:

Dig an info of any website by searching

info:websiteURL.com in Google search.


89. Find Graph:

View the graph for algebraic terms in Google search. For example,


find graph using google


90. Remove a site:

If you want to remove a site from search results, then search for

“Your Keywords” -site:websiteURL.com.


91. Find a location:

Enter the zip code directly find the details of locations quickly.


92. Find out who link to your site:

Use link:websiteURL.com to know who is linking to your website.


93. Search for GIFs:

Use Google image tools to find GIFs quickly. Just go to “search tools” and click on “type” and select “Animated” to find GIFs of your keyword. Here is an example,


find gif in google


94. Use Verbatim:

By using Verbatim, Google will display your results for exact keywords or phrases which you have searched for. Just go to “search tools” and click on “all results” to view only verbatim results.


95. Roll a dice:

Google “Roll a dice” to play a funny game.


96. Remove Synonyms:

Use + sign to remove synonyms from the search results.


97. Find books:

Just head over to “Books” tab in Google search to find the books easily.


98. Get Cricket Score:

Just search team A vs team B to get the latest update about the match.


get cricket update in google


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