How to create an Hidden folder in Windows 10?

We all have some secrets we don’t want to share with our family, sometimes even with our friends. creating a hidden Folder in your computer is an easy option to hide all those pictures, videos or documents from the reach of anyone else. You can easily create a Hidden Folder in Windows 10 by following these steps. Here we are going to tell you about Hidden Folder in Windows 10 : How to create it 



At first, right-click on the empty space of the desktop.


Create Folder in windows 10


Hover your mouse over “New”, and click on “Folder” on the new menu. It will create a new folder.


New folder in windows 10


Now you will have to Name the folder, for that – Press Alt Key on your keyboard,press it for long and Do not release it.


Hidden Folder


 After that press 255 from your num keys side of your keyboard.


Now, press enter. This way you will create a folder without any name.


Folder without any name


After you are done with creating an invisible folder you have to change its icon.




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Right click on the folder and select properties.


Changing icon in windows 10


Then click on the Customize tab.


Hidden folder in windows 10


Choose any of the white space icon and the folder will become completely invisible.


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