How To Hide Image Files In Android : Learn this Awesome Trick

Often we get tough time managing our personal stuffs away from the reach of family or friends. There are a few app locks and managers available out here but do you know you need no other app to load your storage for hiding your private files ? Only by using  the inbuilt File manager or by Installing one you can hide your personal photos from getting displayed in the gallery. So today we are going to tell you Hide Image Files In Android, Here’s How :



Download File Explorer :

For those who doesn’t have inbuilt File Manager in their phone just go to Google Playstore and install any of the File Managers. Through file manager, you would get to Rename and Hide the desired folder.If you want to check out few click HERE


How To Hide Image Files In Android :

1.First select which folder you want to hide.Go to Media > Remember the name of the folder you do want to hide.Suppose you want to hide “Instagram” folder.


Select Folder In Galary


2.Launch the file explorer and navigate along the path to the folder that you don’t want to be shown in your gallery  . Since the folder that we want to hide is Instagram, click on Pictures as shown in the screenshot. You will see Instagram folder under pictures.


File manager in android



3.You will see Instagram folder under pictures.


File manager in Android


4. Now select the Instagram-folder, press it for long.


Rename The folder


5. You will see Rename option appearing at the bottom.


Hiding Folder In Gallery


6.Now you have to just add a dot (.) at the beginning of the folder.Append a Dot and Finalize the rename.


Hidden Folder in gallery with dot at the beginning


7.Folders that start with a dot are not shown in Gallery. Now go back to Gallery and check you will not get to see Instagram Folder again.

8. Again if you want to make the folder visible go back to File Explorer.


Hidden folders in Android File Manager


9.Go to Pictures and then hit the “Option” button and select ” Show Hidden Folders “.


Hidden folder in android File Manager


10. If you want to see the file again in your gallery just rename it again and this time, remove the Dot .This will add the folder back in your gallery.


Hidden folder back to gallery


Hope this blog helped you to Hide Image files In Android. Now read some more below.



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