How To Hide Last Seen And Blue Tick On WhatsApp (100% Working)

How To Hide Last Seen And Blue Tick On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular app use for sending text messages, videos and making video calls or voice calls. It uses your device’s cellular data or Wi-Fi for video or voice calling and for sending messages, images, videos. When you create an account on WhatsApp by default all the users can show your last seen ( when you last came online) and your status. if you are online that doesn’t mean that you are free or you’re chatting with someone. Maybe you are doing some important work.

But if you don’t get the chance to reply to the messages in your WhatsApp when you’re online and people who are messaging you may misunderstand you or interrogates you. So it’s better to keep your privacy and WhatsApp gives you that chance and you can manage your privacy. With the latest update on WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen or manage who can see your online status. Go through the text to know how to hide last seen and online status on WhatsApp.

1. Steps To Hide Last Seen And Online Status On WhatsApp

Follow the below-mentioned steps if you’re willing to hide your last seen or online status on WhatsApp.

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to Menu.
  • Click on settings, now you need to do Change in Settings to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp (For Android & iOS).
How To Hide Last Seen And Online Status On WhatsApp
  • Go to Account.
  • In ‘Account‘ you can see options like privacy, security, two-step verification, change number, request account info, and delete my account.
Whatapp account settings
Whatapp account settings
  • Click on ‘Privacy’.
Whatapp Privacy Settings
Whatapp Privacy Settings
  • Tap on ‘Last Seen
  • Under last seen you have 3 option – Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody.
Whatapp Last Seen options
Whatapp Last Seen options
  • Click on one option as per your wish. if you want eveyone wheter they are in your ontact or not can see your last seen then click on ‘Everyone’. if you want only the people in your cntact can sse your last seen then click on ‘My Contacts’, or if you not want your last seen not appear to anyone the tap on ‘Nobody’.

So, you can do this change in Settings to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp for Android and iOS.

2. Use Airplane Mode to Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

If you’re not willing to change the privacy settings on WhatsApp but still want to hide your online status then you can apply the following methods-

  • At first disabled the mobile data and turn on the airplane mode.
  • Then open the WhatsApp and do what you wnat to do like send messages or images or read the messages you have recived.
  • Then leave the app and turn off the airplane mode and turn on mobile data.

That’s it. If you follow the above-mentioned steps then you can simply hide your online status and you don’t need to make any changes in the privacy setting on WhatsApp.

3. Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp GB

GB WhatsApp is the mod version of WhatsApp. There are so many advantages of using the GB WhatsApp. It offers various features like hidden message tick, Auto-reply, and more. If you use this version then you’re no longer be able to use the original version of WhatsApp.

Remember to uninstall WhatsApp’s original version before installing the mod version.

So, for the GB WhatsApp users here are the steps to disable the online status, mentioned below-

  • Launch the GB WhatsApp then go to menu by clicking on the three-dots present in the top right side.
  • Click on Hide Online Status.

After enabling the option, users in your contacts will not be able to see your online status.


So, we have mentioned all the 3 steps that can be used to hide your online status or last seen on WhatsApp. If you are using the original version of WhatsApp then go for the first 2 methods otherwise for GB WhatsApp users the last method is applicable. Maintain and enjoy your privacy now.

Hope this article has helped you to hide Hide Last Seen And Online Status On WhatsApp. If you have any questions regarding this, you can leave them in the comment section below. We will be happy to respond.

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