How do I remove the Windows.old folder in Windows 10 ?

Upgraded an old version of Windows to a new version of Windows? You have a Windows.old folder on your computer, and it’s wasting a huge amount of space. You can delete it — but not like you’d delete a normal folder. So, here is how to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10 .

Before we discuss how to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10 , let us first know what actually is a Windows.old folder ?

This folder is created when you upgrade from one version of Windows to another, starting with Windows Vista. The Windows.old folder actually contains all the files and data from your previous Windows installation. It can be used to restore your system to the old version of Windows if you don’t like the new version. If you’re looking for a specific file that wasn’t properly copied to your new Windows installation, you could also dig into the Windows.old folder and find it.

Essentially, the Windows.old folder just contains the old Windows system. From the Windows system files to your installed programs and each user account’s settings and files, it’s all here. The new version of Windows just keeps it around in case you’d like to go back to that older version of Windows or in case you need to dig in and find a file.

But, don’t wait too long — Windows will automatically delete the Windows.old folder to free up space after a month.

So, here is how to delete Windows.old folder in windows 10 and have a lot of disk space.



1. Type “Free up disk ” into the Windows search box and click on FREE UP DISK SPACE BY DELETING UNNECESSARY FILES. 


free up disk in windows 10


2. Change the drive to “C” if not already selected and Click on OK.


disk clean up in Microsoft


3. Click Clean up system files.


Clean up system files.


4. Click OK again when the drive letter is displayed. The Disk Cleanup window will appear again.


disk clean up in Microsoft


5. Check “Previews Windows installation(s)” in the Files to delete box and Click OK.


2016-01-20 19-32-23 Disk Cleanup for (C )






6. Click delete files.


2016-01-20 19-34-33 Disk Cleanup


7. Click Yes when prompted to confirm your decision.


deleting windows.old in windows 10


It will take a couple of mins to delete all the selected files. Thats it. Your Windows.old folder in Windows 10 is now deleted.


clean windows.old in windows10


We hope it helps.

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