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How Good Is Refurbished Laptops (Things To Consider Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop)

Purchasing Refurbished Laptop is one most cost effective solution for any individual or a small medium  scale organisation because of it lower price higher spec ratio.Purchasing Refurbished Laptop is little bit tricky rather buying a new one.In this article, we are going to show some top question you need to consider before Purchasing Refurbished Laptop. Also if you are looking to buy a refurbished laptop then you can get a refurbished laptop of your choice by clicking the button down below.


How Good Is Refurbished Laptops? What Are The Things To Be Considered Before Buying A Refurbished Laptop?

Seller Reputation

Doing a little research about the seller that you’re considering Purchasing Refurbished device will go a long way. Ideally, you’re looking for a device that has been refurbished by the manufacturer or a licensed dealer, so you need to do a little digging to find out who the seller uses. Do yourself a real favor and read some online reviews of the seller  to find out what kinds of experiences others have had with them.

In What Way Was The Laptop Refurbished?

Purchasing Refurbished is one of those terms that can be misleading if you don’t know vendor can mislead you dirty trap. When You visit any vendor try to understand his logic and terms and condition of Refurbished. If it’s different or not matching anything then walk away.

What OS The Vendor Is Providing?

Before Purchasing Refurbished always ask which OS its comes with or vendor provides. Does the device support the OS, Is the OS genuine. If the device comes with Pre-installed OS look for windows 10 OS because its the newest one that can prove your laptop good enough run it. If the device running Windows XP then it’s a very old laptop.

What Port It Comes With And Wifi Enabled Or Not?

Before purchasing refurbished laptops you should always know what are the ports the laptop comes with. Also, Wifi enabled is must thing. Check the port carefully for this reason.

Is The Refurbished Device Stolen?

Purchasing a refurbished laptop can be a bit too risky as there is a huge market of stolen devices which are being shipped to foreign countries and being sold as refurbished devices. Some time reputed seller or vendor ignore this fact and do cross check about there device.

So always check for blacklisting  serial no universal id or mmid or mac id. Do a cross check.

Has The Device Been Reset To Factory Settings?

Before purchasing a refurbished laptop always check if the device is proper cleaned from inside and that it does not have any previous owner’s data. This can lead to a potential legal disaster.

Does The Device Come With A Warranty From The Manufacturer Or Provider?

Does the vendor provide warranty technically? If yes then know of what time length does the vendor provide warranty for. If the vendor does not provide any service or warranty then walk away from that vendor and do not do any deal with them.

What Is The Age And Condition Of The Device?

Age Is a key factor for anything. If the device spent a life span of 5 years and again is refurbished then it’s not worth your purchase. This is because with age comes many problems and service unavailability. Therefore you should always know how old is your device and what is its condition.

Price Is The Key Factor

The key to every materialistic thing is how much does it cost and what is its price. If the device is too costly in comparison to its features, specs, warranty availability and other few factors then you should not buy that laptop. Technically the refurbished laptop should cost 30% less than its original price. There are costs that go into refurbishing devices like replacing parts, repairing malfunctions, and returning to factory settings, which means that refurbished devices should have some costs associated with them. If a price seems too good to be true, it just might be.These are some of the key questions that are needed to be asked before Purchasing Refurbished Laptop.

Manufacture Definition


Refurbishment Definition and Warranty Period

Apple Apple’s Certified Refurbished models have been returned by customers, refurbished, and tested to ensure that they meet Apple quality standards before they are resold. Products carry a one-year limited warranty.
Dell Dell offers a number of different grades of refurbished items. Certified Refurbished laptops have been returned by customers, refurbished, and tested to ensure that they meet Dell quality standards. They may have visible cosmetic flaws, but have no performance issues. Previously Ordered New items were shipped to customers, but never used. They have no cosmetic flaws. Scratch and Dent laptops have no performance issues, but show considerable cosmetic wear. All laptops come with a one- to three-year warranty, depending on the model.
Lenovo Lenovo’s refurbished models include used and unused laptops that have been reconditioned and tested to ensure that they meet quality standards. Refurbished laptops are categorized as new, redistributed, refurbished, and scratched and dented. Items generally carry a one-year warranty.
HP HP’s re-manufactured laptops have been returned by customers and have undergone a process to return them to “as new” condition. Refurbished models may not have been fully tested and certified to meet the same standard. Items come with a one-year limited warranty.
Sony Sony’s refurbished laptops have been reconditioned, returned to original factory specifications, and fully tested. These laptops may feature minor cosmetic flaws and generally come with a 90-day limited warranty.
Fujitsu Refurbished laptops from Fujitsu have been tested to ensure that they meet published specifications. They come with a 90-day warranty, but are not returnable. Close Out products are pre configured, new, sealed products that carry a one to three year warranty depending on the model.
Toshiba Toshiba refurbished products have been reconditioned and tested, and come with a warranty that is no shorter than 90 days.

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