How To Add More Storage To Your MacBook?

Well, you’re among 80 percent of Mac users who experience the same issue. It’s not for nothing that Apple has recently doubled the storage on some of its newest machines and quadrupled it on others. But don’t start guarding your wallet quite yet. Rather than encouraging you to buy a new Mac, we’ll show you How To Add More Storage To Your MacBook?

So if your MacBook running out of space? This article will help you how to add more storage to your MacBook. So let’s get started.

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How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to download or update software only to be informed that your Mac startup disc is full. Fortunately, upgrading your device’s storage capacity isn’t too difficult. Additionally, there are a variety of solutions available for you to try out in order to do this.

Below, we’ll explain how to increase the disc space on your Mac. Before going on to further options for increasing your storage, you’ll first learn about the simplest options.

Here’s how to add more storage to your MacBook.

1. Upgrade Your MacBook’s SSD

Upgrading your MacBook’s SSD is the most extreme solution for increasing storage. On all modern MacBooks, Apple includes a solid state drive (SSD) rather than a mechanical hard disc drive. Since SSDs don’t have any moving parts, they are substantially more durable and faster than older decades of technology. In fact, one of the best ways to make your old Mac feel brand-new is by adding an SSD.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade all MacBooks because Apple altered the way its newest models are manufactured.

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However, the following models are upgradable:

  • MacBook Pro non-Retina upto late 2016
  • MacBook Pro Retina upto 2015
  • MacBook Air upto 2017
  • MacBook upto 2010

If you’re unsure which model you have, here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Apple menu > About this Mac.
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

Here, you may see the model of your MacBook.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

MacBook (and other Mac) SSD upgrades are available from Other World Computing (OWC) as a drive-only upgrade or as a kit. If you choose the kit, you receive the SSD upgrade, necessary tools, and an enclosure that you may use to transfer data from your previous drive.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

Get a drive that is large enough so that you can clearly tell the difference. Cost-wise, a 1 TB upgrade as part of a kit costs roughly $300, or $250 for the drive alone. While some MacBooks are limited to 1 TB, the majority can support volumes of up to 2 TB. Before you buy, make sure your machine is compatible with the upgrade you’ve chosen. If your Mac is outdated and still includes an optical drive (such as a MacBook Pro from before 2012), you might be able to upgrade your disc and add a second or third one if you replace the optical drive to make room.

But given how outdated that system is, ask yourself whether it would be beneficial to upgrade. Perhaps it would be better if you just bought a new MacBook. If you do decide to get a new MacBook, choose a larger solid-state drive over the basic essentials. Even if the price might make you cringe, you’ll be grateful for all the time you’ll save by using all that space.

If you are not comfortable with upgrading your MacBook’s SSD, you can also delete and clear other storage on Mac.

2. Use External Storage

To add more storage to your Mac, using external storage is a less complicated option than upgrading your SSD. Here is how to add more storage to your MacBook pro.

External Hard Disk Drives

The best and cheapest option is to buy a standard USB external hard drive. The least expensive choice is to buy a typical USB external hard drive. They also have high capacity since they use mechanical hard disc drives, which are less expensive. However, they are more likely to malfunction and may sustain damage from drops and impacts. If you choose this path, you do need to bring your drive with you.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

You should check to see what kind of USB port you have before installing external memory to your Mac. Apple maintains a detailed list of which ports are used by which Macs. Consider purchasing an external hard drive with a memory capacity of approximately one terabyte (TB). When buying a drive, you should also take into account the following:

  • Compatible with Apple computer
  • Read speed of approximately 120Mbps
  • Write speed of approximately 128Mbps

When buying an external drive with an HDD, apart from the reliability one of the most important aspects to take into account is the speed of the interface. Use USB 3.1 or 3.1 rev 2 and don’t use anything older than USB 3.0.

After purchasing this, all you have to do is plug the device in and set up the required driver software. After that, you’ll have a lot of external flash storage for your Mac.

External Solid State Drives

In terms of reliability and speed, solid-state SSDs surpass hard disc drives. They don’t have any moving parts, thus they won’t break down mechanically. Only the speed of the connection to your computer can match their higher read and write speeds.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

An external SSD has two drawbacks: capacity and pricing. In contrast to traditional HDDs, SSD storage is still very pricey. Higher-capacity drives are far more expensive, and you’ll probably pay twice as much as you would for an HDD. However, SSDs are much more reliable, faster, and smaller.

3. Thunderbolt RAID Systems

Thunderbolt is an ultra-fast interface made by Apple and Intel. It is an active cable, instead of a passive USB standard. Because of its much higher bandwidth capacity, it is ideal for transferring or accessing files from an external storage device.

RAID is a technology that allows you to connect multiple hard drives together. Because you can access multiple drives at once, doing things like merging multiple drives into a single volume enables you to read and write data more quickly. RAID can be used to mirror one (or more) discs to another as a reliable backup method. This enables you to replace any damaged drives.

A new type of external drive was created as a result of Thunderbolt and RAID working together. There are multiple bays for various full-sized hard discs among them. You could replace a few solid-state drives if you have extra cash to burn. The majority of them are plug-and-play while offering a wide selection of storage.

RAID is the way to go if you want superfast storage or a dependable backup solution. Sadly, depending on the system you choose, it can be the priciest option on this list. Due to their size, which is substantially greater than that of portable external drives, Thunderbolt RAID systems must also reside on your desk.

It is recommended to Back up your MacBook before you delete any files from your MacBook.

4. Cloud Storage

Getting more storage for your Mac via iCloud is cheaper and more convenient than purchasing an external hard drive. If you need more storage, you can always use the cloud. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Apple icon > System preferences > Apple ID
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook
  • Click Manage at the bottom right corner of the screen.
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook
  • In this, Click on Buy More Storage
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook
  • Next, select the amount of additional storage you want to buy, and click Next
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook
  • Enter the username and password of your Apple ID and then click Buy.
How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

After you’ve purchased your iCloud storage, you can start using that storage.

5. SD Cards

Another reliable solution to increase your MacBook’s storage is using the SD card slot. The SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB SDXC is a cost-effective upgrade, and SD cards are now more affordable than ever. Remember that the SD cards don’t fit flush on the newest MacBooks with an SD slot. They will therefore project from one side of your MacBook. Putting aesthetic concerns aside, this isn’t the best option if you frequently pack your MacBook in small bags. Here’s how to add storage to your MacBook.

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

Both the SD card and the port could be hurt by a minor impact. An SD card, however, can provide significant storage at a low cost with a little caution. You should look for a card with fast reading and writing speed. Depending on how much you spend, an affordable improvement that gives respectable transfer speeds. Although installation is simple, you’ll have to choose between more incredibly attractive options and larger, faster, and less expensive SD cards.

6. Network Storage

How To Add More Storage To Your Macbook

You can use this method to make advantage of some capacity you already have elsewhere in your home, in addition, to immediately adding storage to your MacBook. Given that you might not need to buy anything in order to use it, this is an inexpensive option to boost storage.

However, there are several disadvantages to this strategy that mainly depend on your network configuration. The fastest network equipment you can buy can only support 10Gbps from Cat 6 cable, but a wired network will still deliver the most dependable speeds. For convenience, the majority of us rely on Wi-Fi throughout the house. Signal quality will affect the speed you receive. There is no guarantee that you will receive the 150Mbps your router is rated for.

When you’re connected to the same network, you can only use network storage and its data. An inexpensive mixed bag with varying speeds is only accessible when you are at home. For speeds that reach a maximum of 1Gbps, adequate network hardware and a Cat 5e connection are a minimum need, although Wi-Fi speeds fall short of that.

7. Clean Up Your Mac

Of course, clean up your Mac is the simplest way to increase the storage of your MacBook. You can use the appropriate software for clean up your Mac. Or you can delete such unwanted files, for example:

  • Delete any media you no longer require, including music, movies, podcasts, and other content you can play or download at a later time.
  • Delete the files in your Downloads folder. Open this folder using the Dock or the Finder’s menu bar by selecting Go > Downloads.
  • If you access your email through the Mail app, select Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail from the menu bar. Select Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items as well.
  • Delete any media you no longer require, including music, movies, podcasts, and other content you can play or download at a later time.
  • Uninstall apps from your MacBook that you don’t use anymore.

So here are the steps that you can follow to add more storage to your MacBook. You can also contact Techyuga for all type of MacBook Servicing and MacBook Repair.

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Q. How To Add More Storage To Your MacBook Pro?

A. There are various ways to increase the storage space on your MacBook Pro.

  • External storage
  • Flash drives or SD
  • Cloud storage
  • Network storage

Q. How To Add More Storage To Your MacBook Air?

A. The simplest method is to use an external drive, such as a case-mounted HD/SSD or a thumb drive. There are, of course, services like iCloud, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. that provide limitless capacity for a fee.

Q. Can You Increase Storage On A MacBook?

A. By cleaning up your Mac, Upgrading your SSD, Using SD cards and using external hard drives, you can increase storage on a MacBook.

Q. Can You Add Storage To Your Mac?

A. Of course, you can add storage to your Mac.

Conclusion On: How To Add More Storage To Your MacBook

After reading this post, you should have a good understanding of how do I add more storage to my MacBook, as well as any other Mac you may have. It’s a good idea to frequently check this after you’ve made space on your PC.

It’s always a good idea to get the biggest storage you can afford the next time you buy a new laptop. While the chance to save some money could be alluring, you might end up using half the storage on your laptop moving files around and running out of room.

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