How to Backup and Restore Android Smartphone

Are You Looking For How to Backup and Restore Android Smartphone ?

Phones are improving at normally backing up data, yet heartbreakingly there’s reliably the probability that you’ll lose your phone or drop it in water and lose everything. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to deal with that issue. In the article we are going to show you step by step guide How to Backup and Restore Android Smartphone.

As the Android Operating system is a google product so backing up data is easy with google service. Now all these modern android smartphones are auto backup options they periodical backup data.

Step by step How to Backup and Restore Android Smartphone

For photos, You can use Google Photo Service which lets back up photos and videos. So in case you accidentally delete the photo or videos from the gallery, it is available in google photos. For other files, you can use google drive. For Phone, Settings google sync calendar, contact, app data, and other system settings will automatically backup in via the Backup and Restore feature in all Android smartphones.

How to enable backup service on Android?

In this step we will guide you step by step how to enable backup service on Andorid .

  • Open “Settings” on the home screen or “Menu”.
  • Go to the “Backup and Reset” section.
  • Select “Backup My Data”.
  • Switch the item “Backup my data” to On mode.
  • Select “Back” to return to the “Backup and reset” menu.
  • Verify that the Google account associated with the Backup Account is correct.
  • Switch “Auto Recovery” to On mode to restore settings and data when installing an application.

Now All your data in smartphone backup . This How we enable backup service on Andorid Phone.

How to Restore Data After Reset?

In this step we show step by step How to Restore Data After Reset.

Important Things to remeber Restore data need stable internet conection and it takes time depending on your backup size and internet speed.

After reseting when the device first boot the you need follow the steps to restore data.

  • Select the “arrow” on the welcome screen to begin setting up your smartphone.
  • Select system language.
  • Connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Select “Accept and Continue”
  • In the next step, you can easily copy Google accounts, apps and data from another device.
  • Now we come to the item “Select a device”, in which you can select a device for recovery.
  • Select a device to see all available recovery applications.
  • If you want to restore all applications and settings, click “Restore”.
  • After that follow normal setup like face id and finger print .

These are the step of How to Backup and Restore Android smartphones. Hope You Like the article of How to Backup and Restore Android Smartphone. If you are not sure about the process then for that, you need have to consult Experts Like Us. For More Android Smartphone Related Problem You Can Visit Us.

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