How to Connect VR to PC and Laptop

When it comes to virtual reality the first that comes to your mind is VR BOX like OCULUS RIFT or SAMSUNG gear VR, however, the virtual reality industry is growing and booming with different companies coming up with good virtual reality boxes like PROCUS VR or GOOGLE CARDBOARD 3D. In this article, I am going to explain to you how to connect VR to pc or your laptop.

How to Connect VR to PC or Laptop:

VIRTUAL REALITY is the next big thing in the entertainment & gaming industry but it requires a lot of things to connect with your smartphone only, your smartphone needs to have an inbuilt gyroscope, your smartphone cannot be older than jellybean if you are then you have to use a different kind of app like New Stock Android Camera app.

Virtual reality box

We humans, have created augmented body parts, so making an augmented reality device is not a challenge for us anymore. Because we know virtual reality is the next level for entertainment & everything. – Masamune Shirow

However, I came across many people who are trying to find a proper way on how to connect VR to PC or their LAPTOP but they are not able to because the Virtual Reality boxes they have are not OCULUS RIFT with an HDMI port that can be connected with PC/LAPTOP using an HDMI PORT directly. So I started looking for a way how to connect a virtual reality box with a PC/LAPTOP.

After a few hours of search in order to know how to connect VR to PC, I came across a software called TRINUS VR. This software is the OCULUS for the low-cost Virtual Reality boxes which helps you connect your PC/LAPTOP with the Virtual reality box you are using.

Now let me tell you how you can use this software in your PC and Smartphone to make a virtual bridge between the Virtual Reality box, your smartphone, and your PC.

Here I will tell you about the tools that you need that will tell you How to connect VR to PC. So the tools you need to connect the Virtual Reality box and your smartphone are either a MICRO USB cable for android phones or a high-speed WI-FI connection and the TRINUS VR software.

1. Now first, download the Trinus VR software for PC according to the compatible version with your PC from here, install the software on your PC.

2. After that, go to GOOGLE PLAY STORE from your SMARTPHONE and download the Trinus VR app, it has two versions one is the lite version and the other one is the paid version which will cost you 9.99$ (Rs. 562.49 for Indian users).

3. Then once they are installed, open the software on your PC where you will see three options WI-FI, USB & SET IP. WI-FI will enable a hotspot, by using the USB option you can connect the phone directly with the PC using the USB cable.

4. After the connection is established between the PC & SMARTPHONE click on the option USB to turn on the tethering on the app on your smartphone and then on the logo of Trinus. The logo will turn from black color to purple color then go back to your PC.

5. In the PC after the USB detection just click on the TRINUS logo button which will turn from black to purple. And the bridge is made between your VR box, Smartphone & PC. Now you can use your VR box with your PC.

NOTE: If you are using USB it may happen the PC may not detect the IP so you can manually type the IP then click on the Trinus button which will turn from black to purple.

I hope it solves your question of How to connect VR to PC. If you need any help, you can live chat with our technical engineers or get help by creating a support ticket HERE

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