How to Control your PC from Android

Do you know you can control or access your computer remotely from your android mobile? Yes, it is possible to connect your computer to your android. Read this blog to find out more about How to Control your PC from Android.



Why to Use This

Chrome Remote Desktop requires the use of Google Chrome, along with the installation of an extension from the Chrome Web Store.Chrome Remote Desktop supports both a remote assistance mode, allowing a user to control another person’s computer (typically to diagnose or troubleshoot a problem) as well as a remote desktop mode where a user can connect to another one of their own machines remotely. While remote assistance login via PIN passwords is available for terminals running Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.


How to Control your PC from Android

1.First, you have to download Chrome Remote Desktop application. Just go to Google Play store from your android and search Chrome Remote Desktop and install it on your phone. You can click HERE to directly download.


Chrome remote desktop application for android


2. Now after installing just click on the Remote Desktop App on your android and you will see a screen like this below.


3. Now you have to download Chrome Remote Desktop Extension in your chrome browser. You can click HERE to directly download it. Install this and now click on Launch.


Remote desktop app for android


4.  It will now direct you to chrome://chrome- sign/ page. Sign in here with the same Gmail account as of your android phone.


Chrome sign in for remote desktop


5. Now, click Enable remote connections. Install that .exe file after it gets downloaded. Now as you continue it will prompt you to choose a six-digit PIN. This six-digit PIN is the same PIN which will be required as an access key for pairing up with your PC.


Pin in Remote Desktop app


6. Now go to your phone and click on the chrome remote desktop again and you will find your computer there. Click on your PC icon.


Remote desktop connection in android


7. You’ll get a confirmation that remote connections are available if everything has gone according to plan. Go back to your Android device. Your computer should already show up in the app. If it doesn’t,  Refresh the app by clicking the button on the top right side.


Chrome Remote Desktop


8. Tap your computer’s name and enter the PIN code. You are now using your computer through your phone.

Hope this blog helped you to learn about How to Control your PC from Android.


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