How To Convert PDF Files To Docs Files Using Google Drive

Do you know that Google Drive along with other productive features has an additional feature that can convert PDFs/Images into Docx Files ? Yes, You can convert your favorite Images or Pdfs into editable texts by using this most useful Google product. there’s no need to search for other converter tools. So read this blog and learn How To Convert PDF Files To Docs Files :



There is various type of files you may try to convert in Pdfs – 

1. JPEG, 2. PNG, 3. GIF, 4. PDF(multipage documents)


How To Convert PDF Files To Docs Files :

Step – 1

1. First, open your browser and go to

2. Upload the image or the pdf file that you want to convert into a Docx file.

EXAMPLE : I am going to create a new folder with the name Techyuga and move all the files that I need to convert into it. You can also create a new folder this way or can upload the files to anywhere on your Google Drive.

To create a new folder, hit the New button at the top of the page and choose Folder option from the set of options that get expanded out.


how to create a new folder in google drive


Step – 2

Give your new folder a name. I have given the name of my new folder as Techyuga.


folder in google drive


Step – 3

Now double click on your new folder to open it.


Step – 4

As next, we need to upload the file that you want to be converted. Let’s say you have the file somewhere on your PC.

To upload the file to Google Drive, click on the New button and then on File upload option. Browse through your PC, find and upload the image or pdf file that you want to be converted.


Step -5

It will take a while for the image or pdf file to get uploaded to Google Drive. Check this file below I have uploaded.


Step -6

Once your file is uploaded, right click on it and click on the Open with Option. Then click on the Google Docs option as shown in the screenshot given below.


convert pdf to docs using google drive


Step – 7

Wait for just a few seconds while Google Drive performs the conversion successfully. Within few seconds your image file will be converted into a text file. This same method can be followed for PDF files as well.


Step – 8

Now you don not have to convert the file every time to make it in text format. Once you convert an image or pdf file, it will be automatically saved for you, for future uses.




How To Save The Converted File As A Docs File


After you have learned How To Convert PDF Files To Docs Files  you must know How to save the converted file as Docx.


1. To save the converted image/ pdf file as a Docx file into your system, right click on the converted file and click on the Download option. Wait while your file gets converted to the Docx file.


2. When you get the Save as window, choose a location and hit the Save button. That’s it. Now you can go to the location of the file where it is saved and double-click on it to open it. Your Docx file is all set to be opened.


Hope this blog helped you in learning How To Convert PDF Files To Docs Files, now read some more trending articles below.



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