How To Fix A Computer That Randomly Restarts?

In most cases, the sudden restart of a PC is due to disabled RAM modules. Generic memory modules have particularly small defects that can prevent the PC from working properly. It is difficult to diagnose a sudden PC restart problem because when it restarts, there is no error message that explains why. But there are some other reasons as well.

If you’re having issues with how to fix a computer that randomly restarts that annoys you so much, you’ve come to the right place. Just keep trying the following fixes to see if you can solve your issue. In this article. we will guide you with some tips and methods with which you can solve the restarting problem of a computer/PC

What Causes Random Computer Restarts?

A computer can abruptly restart for a variety of reasons, but the majority fall into a few main categories. Here is why the computer randomly restarts :

  1. An issue with the way the power is delivered to the computer.
  2. Overheating hardware.
  3. Hardware with a defect.
  4. A faulty RAM
  5. A bug in the operating system or software.
  6. Ransomware and malware.
  7. Driver problems
  8. Windows update

How To Fix A Computer That Restarts Randomly?

Finding the cause may be challenging due to the large number of potential problems that could result in a random restart. An identical problem is encountered by many users. Here are some quick fixes to the issue of your PC randomly restarting without warning. Just give each one a try.

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Fix 1: Disable Automatically Restart Feature

  • From the Start menu, Right click on This PC and select Properties
  • Click on Advanced System settings in the pop-up window.
  • In the Advanced tab, click on Settings under the Startup and Recovery option
  • Disable Automatically Restart, and click on OK
disable automatic restart on how to fix a computer that restarts randomly
  • Check your computer for a while to see if it restarts on its own.

Fix 2: Change Advanced Power Settings

Changing the power settings will provide a quick fix if Windows restarts at random or without warning.

  • Type Power options in the search of form Start menu
  • Then select Edit power plan or other power-related settings.
  • Click on change advanced power settings
  • In the Balanced section, go to Processor Power Management.
  • Select Minimum Processor State and set it to 5% or even 0%
  • Click on Apply, then OK

Work on your computer for a while to see if it restarts randomly. If your computer randomly restarts no blue screen issue still persists after editing power options, proceed with the next fix.

Fix 3: Reinstall/Update Your Graphics Driver

If there is an incompatible graphics driver, your pc may randomly restart without warning, which can cause certain conflicts. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to upgrade or reinstall your graphics driver.

  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu
  • Right-click on the Display adapters and choose Uninstall
  • Select Delete the driver software for this device in the Confirm Device Uninstall window and click OK.

When you restart your computer, Windows will automatically install the proper driver. Alternatively, you can download and install one from the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, you have the option of updating the graphics driver. Right-clicking the driver in Display adapters will bring up the Update Drive Software option. After that, pick a method for looking for driver software and complete the upgrade as directed.

Fix 4: Update Your BIOS

Updating BIOS is another way to solve your issue- how to fix a computer randomly restarts? Get the most recent BIOS version by visiting the website of the company that makes your motherboard. Checking the motherboard manual is crucial to ensure that you receive the correct edition. If not, you run the risk of breaking your computer. It’s best to speak with a specialist if you’re unsure of which BIOS you require.

Fix 5: Check The Power Supply

If you think that dirt or dust may be impacting your power supply, use this step.

  • First, turn OFF your computer and unplug the system
  • By unlocking or unscrewing, you can remove the side panel of the PC case or the rear cover of your laptop. There will be a tiny box with a fan and a sticker for a rating in the corner. The power supply is shown here.
  • Disconnect the wires that are attached to your motherboard.
  • Once you’ve disconnected the cords, unscrew and unlatch the power supply.
  • Check the power supply for dust or obstructed airflows. Clean it up, then replace everything.

Fix 6: Check If Your Computer Is Overheating

If your PC is overheating, perhaps your PC randomly restarts without warning. Therefore, it is better to check the temperature. And you can do this by accessing the BIOS or using third-party software.

If your computer is overheating, the heat vents may be blocked by too much dust or a malfunctioning PC fan. Please get in touch with TECHYUGA and bring the PC for your issue computer repair for further inspection in this situation.

Fix 7: Check For RAM Issues

Your computer may restart at random if there is a problem with your RAM. To determine whether RAM is the problem, use MemTest86 or run a benchmarking test. Download MemTest86 to your computer, and the program will launch on its own. For accurate findings, perform six or seven scans. The red result indicates bad RAM.

To run a benchmarking test, do the following stepps:

  1. Press Windows + R key to open up the performance monitor
  2. Type perfoman/report
  3. Wait for 60 seconds for the system to collect the data.
  4. The Diagnostic results tab will display the results. There will be 3 sections – Informational, Basic System Checks, and Resource Overview.
  5. You’ll also see the Warning section if your PC is experiencing any serious problems.
  6. If not, check Resource Overview for RAM problems.

Conclusion On How To Fix A Computer That Randomly Restarts

Hopefully, now you resolve your question – how to fix a computer that randomly restarts? If you can identify the precise cause of your computer’s unusual restarting, you can utilize the relevant technique from the list to fix the problem. However, if you are unable to identify the cause, you will need to try each suggestion on the list until the problem is resolved.

Disclaimer: If you are not confident about doing it by yourself, we recommend contacting professionals like Techyuga for laptop repair and laptop servicing.

Get Laptop Repair Anywhere In India

Get the best quality laptop repair service, anywhere in India at the most affordable price.
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