How To Fix Apple Watch Won’t Turn On? 5 Tested Solutions

If your Apple Watch won’t turn on and you don’t know why? Don’t panic if your Apple Watch won’t turn on. There are several reasons why your Apple Watch won’t turn on, and most of them are easy to fix. This article will assist you if you’re wondering why your Apple Watch won’t turn on and are concerned that it may be damaged.

Although this is not a problem that many Apple Watch customers encounter, there are a few tricks you can take to resolve it on your own. You must first understand that there are a number of possible causes for your Apple Watch’s failure to switch on despite persistent screen touching and button pressing.

How To Fix Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

Follow the below steps to fix the iWatch that won’t turn on. However, if you are not confident about doing it by yourself, You can contact professionals for your Apple Watch repair.

However, its highly recommended that if you are not an expert and doesn’t have the confidence to do it by yourself, you can contact Techyuga for all kind of Apple iWatch Repair.

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STEP 1: Do A Force Restart

You should conduct a hard reset when your Apple Watch won’t turn on. When it comes to resolving the majority of frequent problems, forcing a restart has long been the first thing to attempt. Perhaps your Apple Watch is frozen. The operating system can be forced to restart, which will unfreeze it and restore functionality.

  1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and Side Buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds
  2. After the Apple logo appears, release the buttons and wait for another few seconds
hard reset for Apple Watch won't turn on

When the watch turns back on, it should work smoothly again. Still, having trouble? Now, Let’s try another solution

STEP 2: Turn off Power Reserve mode

Your Apple Watch has a Power Reserve setting that, as the name implies, saves power. By turning off most of the functionalities on the watch, the Power reserve mode aims to increase battery life. Your watch virtually stops all operations and the screen turns off when it is in power reserve mode.

To Exists This Mode:

  1. Press and hold the side button for 7 to 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears
turn off power reserve  mode for Apple watch won't turn on

When your Apple Watch reboots, it’ll no longer be in Power Reserve mode.

STEP 3: Turn Off VoiceOver and Screen Curtain

The Apple Watch display can also be turned off via an accessibility feature called Screen Curtain. This feature is part of the VoiceOver assistance for the visually impaired. When VoiceOver is turned on, the watch is operated by sound rather than sight.

  1. Open the Watch app from your iPhone you paired with the Apple Watch.
  2. tap General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver
  3. Then, turn off the switch next to Screen Curtain.
  4. Finally, toggle the Screen Curtain off

The Apple Watch should work normally again. If your Apple Watch is still unresponsive after you try to turn off the screen curtain, then move on to the next solution.

Step 4: Inspect Your Apple Watch Charger

One common reason an Apple Watch won’t turn on is simply that the battery is dead. Connect the Watch to the charger, and if it doesn’t work, be careful to test a different charging cable and charger to determine whether your charger is defective. Continue to the next remedy if your Apple Watch is still unresponsive despite your attempts to charge it with numerous different chargers.

Check charger cable for Apple Watch won't turn on

STEP 5: Contact Apple Watch Repair Center

What should I do if my Apple Watch won’t turn on? If you try all the alternatives listed above, you should, in most circumstances, be able to get your watch working again. However, in rare instances, if your Apple Watch still won’t turn on despite attempting all of the solutions listed above for how to turn on your Apple Watch, there may be hardware problems that you can’t address.

Contact an Apple Watch service and repair center in this situation. One of the most reputable Apple Watch repair shops in India, TechYuga has always provided excellent service at a reasonable price. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Conclusion On: How To Fix Apple Watch Won’t Turn On

Hope that the above-explained steps and method helped you to fix the iWatch problem. If Nothing Works Contact Techyuga for your iWatch Repair. The experts at Techyuga can diagnose the problem with your Apple Watch and identify why your Apple Watch screen won’t turn on.

Our super techies have years of experience working with Apple devices and can accurately detect if the watch requires a battery replacement, internal storage cleaning, or even an Apple watch screen replacement. Contact us if you want to turn on your Apple Watch and our logistics partners will be at your doorstep to pick up the damaged device and return it safely once it is fixed.

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