How to Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21

How to Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21

Are You Facing iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21? Your iPhone or iOS gadget may have experienced annoying issues related to an unknown error that may have soured your day. Such an unknown error may have come up as an error where your iPhone could not be restored due to an unknown error, quite infamous as the iPhone error 21 or iTunes error 21 where you might face problems to restore or update your iPhone. This can run from coincidental physical harm, a product issue, or an equipment malfunction.

As with all gadgets, regardless of who the producer is, disastrous blunders may happen unexpectedly. Apple iOS gadgets are no exemption and are not actually impeccable in their structure. In any case, all the fault can’t be put on the maker. The mishandling of the phone Can lead to various problems. The most common problem is iPhone Error 21. In this article, we are going to show you How to Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21.

What is iPhone Error 21 on iTunes?

Error 21 is an error that may arise when you are attempting to restore or update an iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This is pinged and pops up when you have connected your iOS device to iTunes. So iPhone Error 21 or the iTunes error 21 may often come off as an unknown error where the iPhone could not be restored due to this error 21.

How to Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21

What Causes Error 21?

  • While making changes or taking updates in iTunes software if it didn’t get registered properly or there’s corruption in Windows registry, then these errors are likely to occur.
  • Corruption in the Windows system files due to unwanted viruses or malware can also result in iTunes error 21 issue.
  • Virus or malware delete any iTunes file.
  • The issue can also occur if the files linked with iTunes get deleted accidentally because of another program.

Steps by step Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21:

Solution 1 Check iTunes:

  • Restart iTunes
  • Update iTunes

You Can find How to check iTunes Update On the image below or You Can Download Fresh iTune For Apple.

iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21

Solution 2 Scan The Device With Antivirus:

You Can Find Tons of Antivirus on the internet.

Checking the Host File:

For  Windows 10 User:

1. Go to ‘Run’. The easiest way is to press the Windows Key + R.

2.Type in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

3. Your computer may ask you on how you would like to open the file, find and select ‘Notepad’.

4. You should now get a list with hashtags and addresses.

5. Look through to find any lines that contain.

If this entry isn’t found then there is no communication blockage.

For Mac OS User:

1. Launch ‘Applications’ and click on the ‘Utilities’ folder.

2.Open ‘Terminal’

3. Type the command: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

*Note that there is a space between nano and the ‘/’.

4. If prompted to input your password, use your Mac password and press the ‘Return’ key.

5. The terminal that you have entered will now display the host files related to what you have typed. Scroll down until you see an entry that contains.

If this entry isn’t found then there is no communication blockage.

If the entry does exist, delete the entire command line that contains.

6. If you had to delete the line, check with iTunes if the error still occurs by updating or restoring.

Solution 3 DFU Mode to Fix iTunes Error 21:

In this strategy to fix iPhone error 21 or iTunes error 21, the iPhone would need to enter DFU Mode. This mode is the most profound kind of recuperation accessible and ought to have the option to influence Error 21 to disappear for eternity. Possibly attempt this technique if every single other choice has wound up not delivering results.

iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21

You Can Find Complete tutorial of DFU Mode In Here.

Solution 4 Check the Sensor Cable:

Some time lose cable connection between the sensor or board connection then these problems arise.

1. Open your iOS device.

2. Remove the screw which holds the battery in place.

3. Look for a device cable and disconnect it then reconnect it.

4. Done!

Solution 5 Turn Off your Anti-Virus:

Some time an antivirus program can blog a certain section of iTunes. Check your anti-virus log file. If It’s blocking iTunes then make exclude list on antivirus so it cannot block iTunes.

It is expected that the above-mentioned steps would resolve the issue of iPhone error 21 where the iPhone could not be restored or updated due to this iTunes error 21. However, if After applying all steps of How to Fix iPhone Error 21 or iTunes Error 21 still not fix then

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