How to fix iPhone WiFi Issues? (By Apple MVP Expert)

Are you dealing with iPhone Wifi problems ?? Don’t know How to fix iPhone WiFi Issues?

Then you have landed your hands on the best page as we are here to help you out with all your small to big issues. in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to fix iPhone WiFi Issues.

How to fix iPhone WiFi Issues?

An iPhone or any other phone without internet service is just a toy that can only be used for making calls and do some offline tasks. Though the mobile network providers offer good internet services when it comes to accessing the net via wifi the speed offered by them is unmatched at any given circumstances. But there are several complaints from the iPhone customers that they are having iPhone wifi issues. This issue is highly pulsating and nerve-wracking as in most cases the wifi shuts down automatically leaving your work in splits, which could be a problem caused due to faulty iPhone wifi antenna or some other internal or external damages.

Possible Reasons For iPhone Wifi Problems

There are probably several reasons that can lead to iPhone wifi issues which can certainly hamper your online work or other connectivity issues.

iPhone Fell Accidentally

This can be the most basic reason for having iPhone wifi issues as if your device has fallen down accidentally on the ground it can easily damage the wifi antenna, thus giving you connectivity issues. For any kind of iPhone Screen Replacement click here.

Liquid Damage on the iPhone

Liquid damage is an annoying issue that is basically caused due to water getting into your device and in most cases damages the circuitry of your iPhone and wifi antenna being a part of this hardware can easily get damaged.

Manufacturing Defect Of the Antenna

There can easily be a manufacturing defect regarding the antenna which causes your device’s wifi connection to shut down automatically without your knowledge.

Issue With The Logic Board Of The iPhone

An issue with the circuitry of the logic board can also be a reason for having iPhone wifi issues which might have been caused due to some manufacturing defects or due to accidental falling of the device.

Steps To Identify The iPhone Wifi Issues

You can easily check for the iPhone wifi issues by following some simple steps that will help you understand if it needs a doctor or not.

Wifi Of iPhone Slow or Not Working

You can easily check if your iPhone is working slow or not working properly by checking the speed of your ISP’s network on your PC or any other device and then checking the speed of your iPhone’s wifi network.

Wifi Getting Dropped In iPhone

This is one of the major iPhone wifi issues that people tend to face nowadays where the wifi network of the iPhone keeps getting dropped at irregular intervals without you noticing. There may be a reason that your WiFi router gets affected by some signal interference.

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How To Fix The iPhone Wifi Issues

The iPhone wifi issues are a major problem as online working has become a common forte now and nobody likes a device that prevents internet connectivity and we have the perfect solution for you to fix this problem.

Hard Reset

Try the hard reset on your device to remove all the networking junks that are created while you work on your network as overloaded junk can lead to malfunctioning of the wifi antenna.

Reset Network Settings

Try to reset the network once or twice if your wifi is not working properly, as the antenna might be experiencing some blockage and network reset can easily remove the blockage. Reset your Network Settings. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.

Check With The ISP

The iPhone wifi issue can also be caused due to the poor speed of the network your ISP is providing, so it is also necessary to check with your internet service provider.

Check With A Different Wifi Network

Try to check with a different wifi network and if you find the problem still persists then there can be a hardware issue that warrants a check by a technician.

Bring It To Us

The best option when every other method fails is to bring the device to our expert technicians and then just sit back and enjoy as we will provide you with the best service to your phone and repair it with utmost care. Call Us at 9088888835 or visit our iPhone Repair Service In India.


The connectivity issue that has surfaced with many iPhone devices is a major issue as most of the tasks in today’s world is carried out on an online basis, which means any device requires a stable internet connection throughout, but if your wifi slows down or gets dropped at irregular intervals you can try to rectify the issue using the above steps or else we are always here for you. Our iPhone expert technicians will check the issue with utmost concentration and resolve the issue with care and sincerity so that you don’t have to worry about any further issues and keep doing your work with ease and comfort.

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