How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

How to fix it when your Laptop won’t turn on? This is the most frustrating one while you work on your Laptop. When you turn on your laptop, nothing happens. When your laptop won’t turn on, there aren’t many technology problems more annoying. However, you don’t have to accept that your laptop has met an ultimate death. You’ll learn how to fix your laptop when it won’t turn on.

Reasons Why Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Why is my laptop suddenly not turning on? or How to fix the windows laptop not turning on? There are multiple reasons behind them. These could be an issue with the power adapter, laptop screen, battery, or even a damaged motherboard component. In many situations, you might be able to fix the issue on your own by placing an order for replacement parts or changing the settings on your laptop.

In this article, we will discuss How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On. But if the below-mentioned steps don’t work or you are not confident enough of doing it by yourself, We recommend you contact Techyuga for laptop repair and laptop servicing.

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How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Start with the most likely causes, which are the simplest to fix, then work your way up to the most challenging, if you’re having trouble getting your laptop to switch on. Why won’t my laptop turn back on? Here are the quick and easy fixes that you can do yourself at home.

Here’s how to fix your laptop when it wont turn on:

Fix 1: Check The Power Supply

how to fix your laptop when it won’t turn on? Checking the power supply might fix your issue. This is one of the most typical issues. First start with checking the power supply, If your Laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in.

  • To check whether the power is the issue, remove the Laptop battery
  • After that, connect your laptop to a functional outlet.
    • Check the outlet’s functionality by plugging in another device; if it works, the outlet isn’t the problem.
  • If you can able to turn on your laptop without a battery, your battery is the problem, not the power supply.
  • You’ll need to purchase a new one, but you can get by by merely using AC power in the interim.
  • Your laptop can still be used without the battery inserted, but then you’ll always need to have it plugged into an outlet.
How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won't Turn On

Fix 2: Diagnose The Laptop’s Screen

If your power supply is working, you should conduct another fix further. To ensure that the problem is not with the screen,

  • First, detach all of your non-essential external displays including projectors and monitors.
  • If your Laptop’s power LED is on and you can hear the hard drive or fans spinning but there isn’t an image being displayed on your screen, then turn down the lights to make your room dark to check if a very faint image is being displayed.
  • If there is a faint image, then the inverter could have failed, and it will need to be replaced.

It’s difficult to repair an inverter, so it’s important to have the correct replacement component. Inverters aren’t exactly inexpensive, so making a mistake is not an option. Because your laptop is likely old and should be replaced, it’s better to leave this task to the experts of TECHYUGA.

How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won't Turn On

Fix 3: Disconnect All Of Your Laptop’s Devices

Assuming the power supply and screen are functioning properly. If you’ve left a memory card, DVD, or USB drive in your Laptop, this could be a reason why is my laptop not turning issue. The BIOS might be attempting to boot from a removable storage device, which could be why it’s getting stuck. Try to boot up your computer after removing all USB drives and other accessories.

You should also check the DVD and Blu-ray drives in case you left a disc in there.

Fix 4: Use A Rescue Disc

A rescue disc enables you to boot your computer and resolve any Windows operating system problems you might be experiencing. The Windows DVD can be used if you have one, but if not, you can obtain a rescue disc image and either burn it to a CD or DVD or extract it to a USB flash drive (obviously using a different computer). Then, you can boot from this and try to fix the Windows issue.

If a virus is the root of the issue, use a rescue disc from a provider of anti-virus software since it will have scanning tools that can detect and get rid of the malware.

Fix 5: Boot Into Safe Mode

You might still be able to get your laptop running in safe mode if it won’t power on. You can remove any new software or drivers that might be impacting your laptop while in safe mode. If your primary user account has been compromised, you can also establish a new one. When your laptop first starts up, pressing F8 will bring up a menu with the option to boot into Safe Mode. How to fix your laptop when it won’t turn on? Boot into Safe mode might resolve your doubt undoubtedly. Here is how to boot into safe mode

Fix 6: Check The Hardware

Your boot problems may be the result of recent hardware installation, such as a new RAM kit. Removing and installing your new hardware will allow you to reboot. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the hardware in your laptop, like the hard drive, just breaks down with no obvious cure. Your hard drive has failed if you hear a clicking sound or if it starts spinning before shutting off. This usually indicates that you’ll just need to swap out your hard disc.

It is wise to have an external hard drive in situations like this so you can back up any things you might require.

Fix 7: Change The CMOS Battery

The CMOS on a laptop motherboard is powered by a tiny circular battery, enabling the BIOS to load the operating system and all input and output devices during bootup. It won’t start if this battery is dead. If opening the case is something you feel confident doing, you can replace the CMOS battery yourself. However, the majority of individuals choose to have a skilled professional replace it.

Fix 8: Perform A Hard Restart

If your laptop suddenly shut down while you were using it, it may have been triggered by an electrical shock of some kind, disconnecting the power to the safety feature incorporated into newer motherboards. This prevents electrical overload on delicate components. By taking out the battery,

  • Disconnect the power adapter,
  • And keeping holding the power button down for 30 seconds, you can remove any residual electricity.
  • Reconnect the power adapter, give the system a 30-second wait, and then power it on.
  • If your laptop powers on, shut it down one more and install the battery once more.

Conclusion On How to Fix It When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On

Answering the question of how to fix a laptop when it’s not turning on? might seem intimidating to figure out at first. Having mobile computing options that suit any lifestyle is one way that laptops make our lives more convenient.  However, if you depend on a laptop for work, education, and daily multitasking, any significant problem can limit your productivity. Don’t freak out if your laptop won’t turn on. It’s probably a power supply problem that you can diagnose and resolve. There are still reasonably priced techniques to test and evaluate the issue, even if it is a more complex one.

If the method doesn’t,t work, it is recommended to contact Professionals like Techyuga for laptop repair and laptop servicing.

Get Laptop Repair Anywhere In India

Get laptop repair service anywhere In India, at the most affordable cost.
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