How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues?(TY Expert Guide)

Are you dealing with iPhone heating issues? Don’t Know How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues?

We have the perfect solution for your Phone’s overheating issues that nobody else can provide you with. The iPhone heating issue is probably the most irritating and pulsating thing that iPhone user experiences while using it. There can be various reasons that can lead to this overheating issue of an iPhone like water damage can be a cause, if some internal part is damaged due to accidental falling of the phone on the ground or in water, or any other circuitry problem. Let’s begin our article on How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues?

How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues?

In this tutorial we are going to answer these question for iPhone User.

Q1.iPhone heating up while charging ?

Q2. iPhone heating up during use ?

Q3.Iphne heating up in mobile/celluear data.

These are the most common question arise in most of iPhone User. We will provide a solituon whic is the soltion for all thses question.

Possible Reason For iPhone Heating Issues

There are several reasons that an iPhone is experiencing these heating issues which is also affecting its overall performance as you fear it may catch fire when you overuse it.

iPhone fell accidentally in water

This can be the easiest and probable reason for causing the heating issue as if water seeps through the pores of the phone then it can affect the overall circuitry leading to internal water damage that is invisible to the naked eyes.

Liquid on the iPhone

If your iPhone has got some liquid over it then this too can lead to water damage and in response give rise to heating problems.

iPhone Exposed to Unfavorable Temperatures

Most of the iPhone heating issues are heard from around the world where it experiences unfavorable and extreme weather conditions as both high and low temperatures can affect the processor and lead to some overheating issues. For any kind of iPhone Screen Replacement click here.

iPhone fell accidentally

If your iPhone falls down accidentally but looks fine with naked eyes but doesn’t mean that everything is ok, as it can easily acquire internal damage upon falling down which can also lead to overheating issues.

Battery issues

The overheating issue can also be caused if the battery is damaged, as the heating issue is mostly related to the battery as the damaged battery will not be able to take up the load and will get heated significantly.

Logic board Issues

If there is an issue with the logic board or motherboard of the iPhone then it can possibly lead to heating issues.

Steps to Identify Or Rectify The iPhone Heating Issue

If you want to rectify the heating issues that you are experiencing then you can follow these steps which will confirm if you need a repair or not.

Avoid Charging The iPhone Immediately After Falling In Water

If your iPhone fell into the water accidentally and is not switching on then do not plug in the charger immediately and let it dry completely or else it will lead to greater damages and heating issue is one of them.

Overusing The iPhone

To check for the iPhone heating issue you can randomly keep some tabs on for a few minutes, which will create a load on the processor and battery, and if the heating issue really persists it will show up in those few minutes or else you are fine.

How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issue ??

The iPhone heating issue is quite an annoying issue that iPhone users are facing nowadays but we are here to solve all of your problems. here solution How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues by our iPhone Technician MVP Experts.

Battery Replacement

Replacing the damaged or inflated battery can solve the issue and here our experts keep the device under observation to see whether the problem is solved or not so that you never get any heating issues or any other issues. If you want to replace your battery click here.

Hard Resetting The iPhone

You can try to hard reset your iPhone to clear all the caches and junks that are overloading your storage space with all files and documents that are not at all required.

Factory Resetting

You can also try factory resetting your phone to make it look new and fresh with all the junked and unused files removed and all the settings back to default if still, the problem persists then bring it to the technician.

Don’t leave it out in the sun

iPhones start to overheat if it reaches over 35°c, take care to keep it in the shade when it’s warm outside, particularly if you’re using apps that require a lot of processing power, like Google Maps or graphic-intensive games.

Other possible reason like faulty charger,faulty power supply may be the reason of iPhone heating up .

Bring It To Us

The best option when every other method fails is to bring the device to our expert technicians and then just sit back and enjoy as we will provide you with the best service to your phone and repair it with utmost care. Call Us at 9088888835 or visit our iPhone Repair Service In India.


“When We Are Here You Should Not Fear” as we have the best technicians at our disposal who will take care of your device with utmost sincerity and devotion. The above pieces of information provided to you will surely help you to solve the iPhone heating issue and if everything fails then we are here 365 days to help you out with all your issues. We hope you like the article on How To Fix The iPhone Heating Issues.

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