How to Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

How to Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

More often than not, the Apple Watch is quick and responsive. However, generally, it becomes slow or lagging due to software program points or a misbehaving app that would possibly freeze watchOS. In both cases, a restart or drive restart ought to resolve most points. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to hard reset your apple watch and also so you how to restart your apple watch easily. Sometimes a soft reset won’t work. Many apple watch users know how to do a soft reset . “soft resetting” the device using the Apple Watch’s Settings > General > Reset option, but the problem is after resetting the device the problem may not be fixed. So here we will guide how to do a hard reset.

How to Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

  • Set the Watch so you can easily access both the Digital Crown/Home and Side buttons, and then firmly hold the device in your hand.
  • Simultaneously press and hold both buttons for roughly 10 seconds, until the screen turns off and the Watch reboots.
  • We are done

How to Restart Your Apple Watch

  • Press and maintain the pressure on the button till you see the Energy Off slider.
  • Slide the Power Off slider.
  • You Device is now turn off( Screen will be black)
  • Press the side button and hold it will turn on again.

Now Your Apple Watch Is Reset and ready to wear You pair with your iPhone and use it. I hope you will like the article on How to Rest your apple watch. All the steps are applicable for the Apple Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1.For Any kind Under warranty and for after Warranty Apple Watch Issue Visit Here.

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