How To Install Printer On Your Mac

Recently switched from Windows computer to a Mac, Don’t know how to install printer on your Mac os or MacBook.In this blog, I am going to show you step by step guide how you can install or setup a new printer or old printer or all-new wireless network printer in mac. Let’s Begin.

How To Install Printer On Your Mac

Here I can show multiple types of printer setup in mac os.

  • Automatic printer install On Your Mac
  • How To Install Old Printer On Your Mac(a manual process)
  • How To Install wireless Printer On Your Mac

Automatic printer install On Your Mac

This method only Applicable for Mac OS X Mavericks and later.

1. Turn on the printer connect it to your Mac, AirPort Router, or Time Capsule, as appropriate.

2. Open the App Store from the Apple menu or by clicking the App Store icon on the Dashboard.

3. Click Update next to the software update.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. You may need to restart your Mac.

Now check the printer is installed or not ( Some time this process not working because of the printer is too old or not support this method )

How To Install Old Printer On Your Mac or manual process.

This is process help you Manually Install a Printer on Your Mac. If you have an old printer this is the most perfect process to install all your old printer in MacBook or macOS.

In this process, we are using System Preferences to Install a Printer.

1.Launch System Preferences on your

2. Click the Printers & Scanners icon.

3. If you see your printer and state is idel then your device is all set. If not you need to click on + button

4. Select the Default tab in the Add window.

5.If your printer name appears in list mac by default auto select the drive and location.

6.If printer name no showing then select use the drop-down select available driver which matches your printer. If nothing is found then use the generic driver.

7. Then Select Add to finish the process.

This process will help setup old printer in mac os.

How To Install wireless Printer On Your Mac

All modern wireless printer has cd and instruction setup manual follow that to set up your device. In case of setup process failed or not included then follow the below steps.

1. Select “System Preferences” from the Dock.

How To Install Printer On Your Mac

2. Select the “Print & Fax” control panel in the Hardware section.

3. Click the “+” icon on the left side of the control panel.


How To Install Printer On Your Mac

4. Select the “IP” tab at the top of the pop-up window and choose “Internet Protocol IPP” from the list of available protocols.

5.Type in your wireless printer’s IP address and queue name.

6. Select the correct printer driver from the “Print Using” drop-down menu.

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Hope after reading this article you are able to successfully set up your printer in mac Os.

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