How to keep MAC safe from Malware, adware, ransomware etc

How to keep mac safe from malware? Macs do not get malware! Yeah you might think that but Apple’s MAC do get malware like rest of the systems. So how to keep mac safe from malware? Let us know then.

How to keep MAC safe from Malware


Install only trusted software

“Looking for free mac software ofcourse you can get it and in bonus we will provide you with malware in it”. Yeah that is definitely not going to keep your mac safe from malware, installing pirated Mac apps from sketchy sites is the most common way to end up with malware, followed closely by clicking ads suggesting something like “Your Adobe Flash software is out of date.” If you install software from untrustworthy sites, no anti-malware software can help you, and there’s no telling what kind of infection you might end up with. So try avoid doing that and always use APP STORE. And when you do get a adobe flash player update message like that just ignore it go to the official website of adobe and check weather there is any new update available or not otherwise it is just scam.


How to keep MAC safe from Malware


By default, your Mac will only run software from authorized developers, which is good. This is a vital security layer for you for keeping your MAC safe from malware.

Disable JAVA & FLASH

The most common essential for any PC not only MAC however the most common reason for malware infestation also. So either keep it upto date or simply disable it. On the modern web Java and Flash are both largely avoidable. Safari, the default web browser on mac OS, disables both of them by default, running the plugins only when you specifically re-enable them.

Never Disable system identity protection

System Identity protection or SIP is the strongest line of defense in your mac. Because of SIP it is basically impossible for anything but mac OS to update bundle to change core aspects of the operating system. If you have the ability to change the core of the operating system, so does any malware you run, which makes it harder to detect and remove such malware. If you know how to change the SIP we will strongly advice you not to bypass the SIP.

Always Run a Malware Scan

Always run a malware scan now and then just to check if there is any kind of malware, adware, ransomware or hijacker. It is best to keep the system in a check.

Keep MAC system up to date

For avoiding any sort of malware threat externally always keep updating the OS with every latest OS update System updates patch known security vulnerabilities, so if you’re not up to date you’re leaving now-documented openings there for malware to potentially exploit.

So, always keep an eye out for that malware in your mac system no matter how much safe it is end of the day it is also an OS.

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