How to Personalize Windows 10 Appearance

Windows 10 includes a bunch of new personalization settings that let you change your desktop background, windows colors, lock screen background, and more. Here is how to Personalize Windows 10 appearance.

Windows 10 represents a major upgrade for Microsoft as well as for the millions of people who use the operating system every day. This new version makes a step back by bringing many of the familiarity of Windows 7 combined with the innovations included in Windows 8. You also get some new features and improvements, and it also prepares the operating system for the future.

Perhaps one of the biggest strengths of Windows is the ability to customize virtually anything; users can customize their experience with the available options in the operating system and even through tweaks in the registry and policies.

windows 10 setting page

The first step is to go to setting and click on Personalization.

Personalization in windows 10

The first options are to change your desktop’s background. Windows 10, like other Windows versions, comes with several backgrounds to choose from, or you can select “Browse” and add your own.

background option in windows 10

Alternatively, you can use a solid color or set up your background as a slideshow with an option to change at a set duration.

background in windows 10

Finally, you want to decide how your picture (if you use one) will fit on your desktop, whether it fills, fits, stretches, etc.

color option in windows 10

The next set of options is colors. The default option is to choose an accent color from a palette, or you can elect to have Windows 10 automatically pick a color from your background.

color modification in windows 10

Below the palette, you can extend your color choices to the Start menu, taskbar, and action center. There’s another option below this to turn on transparencies for all these items. This last item may allow you to eke out a bit more performance if your graphics card is older and underpowered.

lock screen option in windows 10

Want to change your background on the lock screen? Here is where you can do that. You can choose from an included set of backgrounds or set it as a slideshow.

slideshow in windows 10

If you decide on the slideshow option, you’ll need to choose an album.

advanced slideshow setting in windows 10

Click “advanced slideshow settings” to include your camera roll, use only pictures that fit the screen, and whether or not to show the lock screen instead of turning off the screen when the PC is inactive. With this last option, you can set the screen to turn off after a set duration, or not at all.


Back on the lock screen settings, you can choose an app to show a detailed status, as well up to seven other apps to show quick statuses.

theme setting in windows 10

Next, you will find the Themes settings, which actually just open up to the tried-and-true personalization control panel.


windows 10 personalization

Anyone familiar with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will no doubt recognize the Personalization control panel. We’re not going to spend a great deal of time discussing it other than to point out that Microsoft has removed the links to sound, icons, mouse pointers, and screen savers.

These items can be found on the Themes settings under “Related Settings”.

The last category in the Personalization settings are the Start options. We’ve talked at length about how to customize the Start menu, but in brief, you can use these settings to show most used apps, recently added apps, recently opened items, as well as show the Start menu in full-screen mode.

2016-01-18 09-52-34 Screenshot

Click “choose which folders appear on Start” and you can show up to ten folders to appear on the Start menu.

personalize windows 10

Once turned on, they can be found in the lower-left quadrant. Here, all of them are shown. And you are done.

There are hundreds and even thousands, different ways you can customize you user experience, and that’s one of the beauties of the operating system, you can virtually customize it any way you like. Today, we looked at a few of them that hopefully will get you started getting the most of Windows 10.

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