How to reduce data usage on iPhone

Data plans are very expensive these days and we all want our data plans to last a little more. For iPhone users excessive data usage seems a common issue. We love using our iphone more than anything in this world and ultimately we end up spending much more than our monthly data plan budget. If you are having the same headache every month then you must read this. Today I’m going to share some simple steps by which you can dramatically reduce the data usage of your iPhone, Explore more about how to reduce data usage on iphone :1.Toggle Off Cellular Data Usage for iCloud


switching off data for icloud

Editing documents in iCloud while traveling or moving to somewhere can chew a lot of your cellular data allowance, This is what you may always do without noticing how much it is costing you. To turn off cellular data for iCloud follow these steps :
1. Open Settings, then go to iCloud.

2. In the iCloud section, you have to again tap on iCloud

3. Now scroll it down to the bottom and disable “Use Cellular Data”


2. Disable Automatic Downloads on Cellular Data


disabling automatic data

Sometimes the apps go for auto-updates when data is on and you fail tounderstand the fact that updating apps on cellular data is a total loss, be smart and start updating apps only if you are connected to any wi-fi. To disable auto-update –
1. In Settings find Apps and iTunes Stores.

2. In the Apps and iTunes Stores section, you’ll see Use Cellular Data. Turn this off .


3. Disable Wi-Fi Assist


disabling wi-fi assist

Wi-fi assist is an incredible feature iPhone offers us to keep on going even in the areas of poor wi-fi connectivity, Whenever any page is unable to load, It automatically switches to cellular data. Though it sounds great but actually this feature consumes a lot of data. Just try to disable it –

1. Open the Settings app and find Cellular.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and slide the toggle for Wi-Fi Assist OFF.

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4. Monitor or Disable Data Hungry Apps


disabling data hungry apps


Find out those apps which use more cellular data and try to prevent unnecessary data loss. This is the easiest thing you can do off course. See further if some of these apps need to access cellular data or not. Toggle them off which is also good for preserving battery life in your iPhone.

How to see which apps are using data on iPhone :

each of the apps on the Settings > Cellular page you will see just how much data they have been using since you last reset your iPhone. It is obvious that the apps you use frequently will have higher data usage, If you find any app consuming unusually high data just remove it in no time.

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5. Avoid Streaming High-Quality Music


avoid streaming high quality music

Apple music is a good option for music streaming, But remember it costs data. If you are really willing to listen to music over data then at least consider disabling high-quality music streaming which limits the data usage to a certain level :

1. Open Settings and then go to Music

2. You have to find the option and disable High Quality on Cellular data.

3. You can also disable cellular data, it would make you stream only when there is a wi-fi connected.


6.Disable Auto-play Videos on Cellular Network


disabling autoplay videos

Autoplay feature of facebook and twitter is a real fun these days, So many friends are sharing so many videos and each one is getting automatically played in your timeline. It is a great experience indeed but what you probably do not know is you are unknowingly losing a huge amount of data through this. You need to adjust the setting so that it only this auto streaming only works when you are in Wi-Fi. Follow this :

1. Go to Settings >Facebook >Settings and scroll down to Video

2. switch to Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.


7. Use Safari reading Feature


safari reading list feature

Reading List feature of Safari lets you add and sync content. You can download any page in this list for future reading, This is actually great because even if you have no data, you will be able to read. While you are connected to Wi-Fi go to Safari, open the web pages want to read, Now click on the Share icon at the bottom of the page, and select Add to Reading List. After it is downloaded You will be able to read this article even if you are using Airplane Mode.
If you don’t want to use cellular data of your iPhone to download the pages you have added to the reading list just Go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to toggle off using Cellular Data for reading list.

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8. Avoid iPhone Photo Stream


avoiding iphoto stream


Photo Stream is a part of Apple’s iCloud service and can sync all the photos you take on your iPhone and iPad. You can then access them on any other iOS device or from any Mac. But this is found to be the main culprit to gobble up your data.

Go and turn off Photo Stream in Settings > iCloud > Photos and then toggle My Photo Stream on, It would only now only upload new photos and send the to all of your iCloud devices when connected to Wi-Fi.



9. Disable Push Notifications


disabling push notification


The last tip on how to reduce data usage on iphone is to stop push notifications.Push notifications work both in wi-fi and cellular data, To let you notify with the update your iphone sends/receives bits of data frequently with APNS in order to be ready for any push notification. If you check the data usage window (in General Settings) from time to time you will see the cellular data usage growing some Kbs every 10 minutes or so.That explains also why the iPhone consumes more data and battery in an area without WiFi connection if you have Wifi enabled and push enabled – during this permanent connection with APNS the iPhone tries to use Wifi (seeing it enabled) searches for a Wifi network, it does not find it, then goes to use cellular data. All this searching for WiFi network frequently consumes heavy amount of data.
To turn off all notifications: Navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> OFF
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