How to Sanitize Your Phone, Laptop, and Other Digital Devices. A Guide By Techyuga Experts.

we are now in a world of face masks & sanitizer due to COVID-19 or as we know it the coronavirus. it made us very aware of sanitizing our self and getting protection from the virus. But what about the devices we use like phones, laptops, and other devices. We use these devices every day, every time, this airborne virus can easily come and get attached to the device. But no one paying attention to Sanitizing our devices, and we could easily get infected by them. So it is important to sanitize them. But sanitizing them is different from how we sanitize ourselves as the sanitizer can destroy our phone like water damage. So how to Sanitizing digital devices? we got the answer for you.

Sanitizing The Phone

How to Sanitize Your Phone or Tablet

How to Sanitize Your Phone

What To Use:

The EPA (environmental protection agency) have approved a list of things we can use to disinfect household object including phones, according to them we can use :

What not to use:

Many of the product that EPA have listed contains ammonia, bleach & many type of acid . you can use this to clean the cases of the phone but can’t apply on the cell phone , those are:

  • home cleaner
  • soap
  • vinegar
  • wipes that do not contain 70% alcohol
  • makeup remover.

Before starting the sanitizing process always check the manufacture cleaning guide, some devices may differ. Many devices like apple use an oleophobic coating on the glass to prevent the phone from your fingerprint & the oils of your hand, strong cleaner may create a problem.

The Process

Process Of Sanitizing Your Phone or Tablet

  1. Power off: The first and the main point of the process is to make sure to take out your phone from the charger & switched off your mobile. Keeping your phone switched off will protect the phone from any electronic damage. make sure that there is no opening on the device by which liquid could get in.
  2. Use microfiber cloth: You have to dry your phone so you need a cloth to dry it out, a microfiber cloth will do the best. If you didn’t have a microfiber cloth look for a lint-free cloth or a soft handkerchief will do but you have to dip it in a warm pot of hot water, you can use it.
  3. Applying: Avoid applying the solution directly on your mobile screen instead apply it on the cloth and wipe it on your phone. While using alcohol it’s good to squeeze the cloth so you didn’t apply too much alcohol. It is recommended not to use any solution in the charging port it will damage the port and have a chance that it will give you an electric shock.
  4. Be gentle: While disinfecting don’t apply too much pressure. just take the cloth and run through the phone gently and it would be cleaned.
  5. Let it dry: after cleaning take a dry cloth and wipe the screen, let the phone dry properly before you start using it. when it drys out power on the phone and use it.

Sanitizing The Laptop

How to Sanitize Your Laptop

How to Sanitize Your Laptop

What To Use:

There are many product that can be used to clean and disinfect a laptop, some of them are :

  • Cleaning wipes
  • slime / gel
  • rubbing alcohol
  • scotch tape
  • microfiber cloth
  • compressed air.
  • soap water

Areas to clean:

while cleaning a laptop curtain area that we need to clean are :

  1. keyboards
  2. screen
  3. cases
  4. accessories

The Process

Process Of Sanitizing Your Laptop

  1. Power down: To start cleaning, power down the laptop and disconnect all the electrical outlet, if your laptop model allows to take the battery out, take it out from the laptop.
  2. Apply soap water: mix a few drops of soap in the water and spray it on a cloth and make sure that the cloth is damp not dripping the soap water, the dripping soap water can easily go through the keys and damaged the laptop, take the cloth and clean the laptop but be careful not to go at the keyboard part, the keyboard can get damaged.
  3. keyboard: If your laptop allows take the key off not mandatory to take all the keys but you can take some keys off, some of the laptops didn’t allow you to do that so leave it as it is and use the can of compressed air to take all the dirt out, spray around all the edges of every key.
  4. Sanitizing: To sanitize the keyboard, spray the alcohol in a cloth and wipe the sides and top of every key & touchpad and the surrounding areas.
  5. Screen & mouse: To clean the device’s screen start with a wet cloth and wipe the screen to take away all the dust. To sanitize use the alcohol mix and wipe the whole screen. If you have a separate mouse with the laptop then unplug it or if it’s wireless then just take out the battery if possible and the cleaning process will be the same.

Sanitizing The TV

How to Sanitize Your TV

How To Sanitize A TV

Cleaning a Tv looks easy right ? just put a glass cleaner, but wait you are very wrong! Modern tv comes with a special coating on glass by putting the strong cleaner which has chemicals you can destroy your tv as it is very sensitive.

The Process

Process Of Sanitizing Your TV

  1. Screen: For the screen, you should use the microfiber cloth with water and gently apply it to the surface.
  2. Remote: Comparing to the screen the remote control gets more touched don’t forget to sanitize it, remove the better and blast the compressed air to take all the dirt off. With the alcohol-water mix wipe the remote. after it dries out, put the battery.

So, now you know How to Sanitize Your Phone, How to Sanitize Your Laptop, & How To Sanitize A TV. I hope you will get help to do this perfectly without destroying the devices (In case your device is damaged, do not worry. Techyuga can help you fix it ?)

And keep yourself and your family healthy.

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