How to To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

SMARTPHONE: this is a word which actually surrounds our life from every corner these days. In a survey, it is proved that we can hardly live a day without our smartphone. No doubt within the last few years smartphone has become one of the most essential stuff of our daily modern life.
With Android Revolution smartphones are becoming more advanced and more affordable in the market. Android actually has put up smartphones as one of the most essential stuff of our daily life. With the wide expansion of this smartphone revolution, issues with smartphones are also increasing with days. No doubt; System Lag is the most common issue with our Android smartphone. We all use to face this when using a smartphone. So if you are facing this too, then have a look at this article. Here we are gonna discuss several ways to prevent our android smartphone from lagging and make them work faster. Let’s learn the steps of  Speed Up Your Android phone.

How to To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

1. Uninstall unnecessary applications
We people use to install several applications in our smartphone that we hardly need. Those applications eat our phone memory and make our phone slower. So in term of making our phone faster, we should uninstall those unnecessary applications as soon as possible.


Speed Up Your Android

2. Don’t use RAM cleaning applications
Spend anytime online, and you’ll no doubt see an advertisement for an application that promises to both speed up your phone and free up extra space by cleaning the RAM. It seems too good to be true: just click a few buttons and your phone will be like new. Some of the companies making these apps have even managed to get the apps pre-installed on numerous Android phones.
Unfortunately, these applications are unnecessary at best and harmful at worst. These apps eat your phone memory like hell. Instead of speeding up your phone, these applications make your phone slower than before. Remember that modern android smartphones are enough smart to manage your RAM. They don’t actually need any third-party application to manage the RAM.

3. Disable Sync
Most of us might not aware of background sync of many applications. This process uses to eat up your phone memory and battery. So if you can manually sync your applications like Gmail, Facebook, etc. then do turn the auto-sync off in your phone settings.

4. Try your phone with a launcher
This is one of the most popular ways to make your phone fast like a rocket. If you are getting bored with a monotonous and laggy user interface then using a third-party launcher is the best way to make your interface pretty much faster and quite interesting. You see significant Speed Up Your Android phone

5. Control Animations
Most of the times, people face lagging while opening mobile applications. They use to face a dark screen or a tiny one. It happens because of the animation lags.
To control this, simply go to the developer options> find animation settings. There you can control the animation scale. It really helps to make your smartphone faster than before.

6. Keep Home Screen Clear
In terms of making your android smartphone faster it is a bit mandatory to keep your home screen clean and clear. A messy home screen makes your phone slower and it becomes laggy. So always try to keep your mobile home screen clear and compact. Don’t use third-party widgets on the home screen.

7. Avoid Live Wallpapers
Android Smartphone users use to like keeping live wallpapers on their smartphone. Well, I would like to tell you that probably a live wallpaper is the biggest consumer of your smartphone RAM. It a master in making your phone slower and laggy. So you should definitely try to avoid them to make your smartphone run faster.


Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

8. Update your system
If your system is running outdated then it is quite natural that your operating system would run slow. Smart people update their OS regularly to keep their smartphone fresh and fast.

9. Move apps to SD Card
If your internal memory is full of installed applications then you should move some apps to the SD card. It would help to make your system faster than before. As the load on the internal memory will reduce, your Android will work freely. Good top quality SD card speed up the android phone app loading. Looking for Best SD card For your android Smartphone. 


Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

10. Clean Cache
If you want to make your android faster and free of loads then you can go the app settings and clean the cache yourself manually. It will definitely speed up your system.

11. Regular Restart
A regular restart of your smartphone is quite good for the health of your Android. You should restart your system after every 2-3 days. It gives the android smartphone a fresh start.

12. Disable unused system apps
Modern smartphones come with several types of unnecessary system applications we don’t actually use ever. So in terms of your smartphone health, it is good to disable those unnecessary system apps from the application settings.


Speed Up Your Android Smartphone
13. Factory Reset
Actually Factory reset is the ultimate way to give your system a new life. If your Android is too much laggy and all the mentioned procedure of speeding up the smartphone fails, then you can go for the Factory Reset option. I would suggest you take a full backup of your data stored in the internal memory of your phone and then go for it. Actually, as we all know that Factory Reset erases all of the data from your internal memory and gives a totally new start to your Android. You see it will speed the android phone.


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