How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus In Windows

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus many customers asked this question and they asked whats the correct process. The main thing they whats the correct process and  Uninstall Avast will damage my computer or not. In this article, we are going to show you How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus clean process.

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus In Windows 10

One thing to remember about How to Remove Avast that once you uninstall avast antivirus don’t leave the device without antivirus because without antivirus your device will become a sitting duck. So Install any other antivirus Like Avria AVG etc. In Case You are Looking For the Best Antivirus In The Market Then You Can check this Out. All these products are tested by Our Experts.

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Step by Step guide Avast Uninstall Process :

Step 1. For Windows 10 Open your start menu and choose “Settings”, then click “System” and afterward click “Apps & Features” on the left-hand side menu. Find Avast and click uninstall.

For Windows 7 you go to Control Panel then Program and feature then locate Avast Antivirus.

Step 2: Windows UAC(User Account Control)  will ask you to confirm you need to agree yes or not for uninstalling avast antivirus.

Step 3. You see Avast Uninstall Panel asking for Final Permission

Step 4. Then Avast will ask final permission You need to select  “Yes’ or “No”

Step 5. In the next process, you need to wait upon computer speed and it takes some time. One thing note down during this avast uninstall process don’t turn off the device power supply needs to be constant any power cut force shutdown of the machine can lead to huge error.

Step 6. After fishing Avast Uninstall Process avast will pop up end screen message to complete the process asking you to restart the pc for finishing the process

We are done here. We hope You will have a clear idea How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus.

Avast Uninstall Process is not Over Yet

Yes, you heard it right the process is not over yet. Because at the beginning we told you that we will show you the proper clean process How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus. After the above method and restarting the PC there, some files off avast antivirus left in the pc and delete those manually will create a registry error. So after the above Do this advanced process to clean the device properly and Avast Antivirus uninstall.

Step 1. There is  a tool called Avast removal tool which can download from the avast website click here

Step 2.Start Windows in Safe Mode
Step 3.Open (execute) the uninstall utility
Step 4.If you installed Avast in a different folder than the default, browse for it. (Note: Be careful! The content of any folder you choose will be deleted!)
Step 5.Click REMOVE
Step 6.Restart your computer

How to Use Avast Uninstall Utility:

Step: 1

You can visit the Avast official website and download avastclear.exe. It can be opened via the “Run as Administrator” Option.

How to Use Avast Uninstall Utility

Step: 2

Now, you can start windows in safe mode. When you run the utility, then the location of the Avast program files is specified in the next window. Also, you can leave it to default if it is right. Then, click on Uninstall.

Use Avast Uninstall Utility

Step: 3

This process might take a few minutes so, wait until the finishing process.

You can also use 3rd party program to uninstall Avast that is smart for such tasks. We can recommend some of them as IObit, Reko, CCleaner, Wise and so on. I am also giving here the example of two of them.

Read more here about

Uninstalling Avast With IObit:

This IOBit is more advanced to support 35 different languages along with plenty of additional tools and a browser extension manager as well.

Step: 1

First, you need to download and install the latest version of IObit Uninstaller from the official website of IObit. Then go to the all programs by launching them. You will get and find the Avast Free Antivirus option, go and select it and then click uninstall.

Uninstall with IObit steps

Step: 2

Then in the Pop-Up window, must confirm the action. Then wait for a few minutes until the standard Avast uninstallation process begins.

Uninstall with IObit

Step: 3

This is the last step to follow and restart the computer. There is a “Yes” option if you want to uninstall the entire program. Choose “Yes” and it will take a few minutes to find and delete the residual files permanently.

An alternative to IObit is CCleaner and it is also a free uninstaller. This is helpful to remove programs and eliminates the rest of the registry entries and files.

Uninstalling Avast with CCleaner

It is similar to IObit and it can uninstall programs just like add/remove programs part of the windows control panel. You can also delete the program by the manual process without running the installer. Here the steps you can follow for uninstalling the program.

Step: 1

First, launch the CCleaner and select the tools section. There is a list of programs that need to delete, then you have to choose the Avast antivirus or another Avast application.

Uninstall with CCleaner

Step: 2

Then on the right side, there is an uninstall option you need to click. Then you can see the Avast configuring screen, confirm the action, and the Avast uninstalling process is started.

Step: 3

It will take a few minutes to finish the process and then restart your PC as recommended by Avast.

Step: 4

Then select the Registry section by running the CCleaner utility again. Then click the “Scan for Issues” button and “Fix selected issues”.

Uninstall with CCleaner steps

Step: 5

Let me clear one thing about backup that never save backup copies of the registry changes. Now, you are free from Avast by closing the CCleaner.

I am very much straight about this uninstaller that some of them are free and some of them you have to pay. According to your requirement, you can take the decision.


This option will help to clean and Uninstall Avast Antivirus from Your PC. The best way to protect your device is to update to system and security measures and Antivirus also watch your social media activity. Other Antivirus firewalls can offer these options with more robust reliable and more secure harder-to-break options of Avast Antivirus delete.

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Hope this helps you understand How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus In Windows and How To Remove Avast.

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