How To Upgrade RAM On A Laptop? Step By Step Guide.

RAM is an important component of your laptop. While the amount of RAM that ships with your laptop are good for the first few years, most of us might require more computing power a couple of years later. Of course, there are multiple reasons for it such as frequent OS updates and software that demand more memory. If your laptop is running slow, there are chances that adding more RAM can fix most of these issues. In fact, upgrading RAM is economical and you can even do it at home by following these steps.

Now the question is How to upgrade RAM on a laptop? This is the most asked question by laptop users. For many various reasons, many people think about upgrading their RAM. Depending on how you use your computer, an update to the memory may have advantages. An upgrade in RAM is advantageous for multitaskers since it allows for the simultaneous operation of multiple programs.

Let’s start now.

How To Upgrade RAM On A Laptop?

The RAM in your laptop is an important factor. While the amount of RAM that comes with your laptop is sufficient for the first couple of years, the majority of us may need extra processing power by that point. In addition, there are several causes for this, including frequently updated operating systems and applications that require additional RAM. The majority of these problems may be resolved if you add more RAM to your laptop if it is running slowly.

In fact, upgrading your RAM is affordable, and by using these instructions, you can even do it yourself.

upgrade RAM on a laptop

The main problem is figuring out whether you can upgrade RAM on a Laptop. For example, if you have a 2013 or later MacBook, there is no need to worry because Apple has been soldering RAM into all of its Laptops for almost a decade. But it won’t take much money or effort if you can increase the memory of your laptop. If you can proceed with this step, you should be able to find out by quickly searching for the model name of your laptop.

The minimal recommended amount is 8GB if you’re solely performing basic activities. You should have at least 16GB of RAM installed if you’re using high-end software, including games or video editing programs. The average cost to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB of RAM (the most popular upgrade) ranges from $25 to $55, depending on whether you also need to replace your memory card or just add a few extra gigabytes. And depending on how many screws you need to remove from the chassis, changing the RAM chips should only take 5 to 10 minutes.

Just keep in mind that opening your laptop or increasing the RAM could void the warranty and even harm it. Proceed at your own risk.

So if you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, you can contact professionals like Techyuga for your Laptop servicing and laptop Repair.

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Here’s how to upgrade RAM on a laptop.

1) Check Your RAM Usage

Any computer will frequently experience bottlenecks due to limited memory, which can cause stability issues in addition to slow performance. Upgrade RAM on a Laptop will probably make your system function more smoothly if you’re a power user who multitasks between many resource-intensive programs or runs about 30 active browser tabs at once.

To check your Laptop’s memory usage,

  • Launch Task Manager
    • By right-clicking on the Taskbar (or)
    • Pressing Control + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously
  • Click the Performance tab
  • Check how much of the available memory is being used on the performance tab.
  • You’ll also be able to view how many actual memory slots are being used and how many are available for potential memory upgrades.
upgrade RAM on a laptop
  • Click the Open Resource Monitor option at the bottom of the Task Manager to see details in more depth
  • Select the Memory tab
  • In this Memory tab, You’ll get an even more detailed view
upgrade RAM on a laptop

2) Checking Whether Your Laptop Support Upgraded RAM

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the RAM in many laptops because they have sealed bottoms or memory that is soldered to the motherboard. To Check whether your Laptop support upgrading RAM,

  • Download Crucial System Scanner or
  • Download CPU-Z

Both of these software can be downloaded for free and show details about your installed RAM as well as whether your laptop has additional RAM slots.

  • Run the Crucial System Scanner software
  • And select the Scan option. The entire procedure should just take a few minutes, and once finished, the software will show you all the system information and upgrading options.
upgrade RAM on a laptop

Even CPU-Z operates similarly, but it does not recommend compatible upgrades, so you must manually check the Memory and SPD tabs to learn more about the RAM slots and the type of RAM installed in your laptop.

upgrade RAM on a laptop

Most of the time, these programs are accurate, but it is still a good idea to consult your laptop’s user manual for more clear information. Some laptops may have motherboard-integrated RAM or non-removable RAM. In such cases, increasing RAM can be difficult and may call for assistance from the manufacturer’s service center.

Find out how much additional RAM your laptop can accommodate after you are aware that you may upgrade the RAM in it. The majority of the most recent laptop models ought to support 16GB of RAM, however, if you’re using a high-end gaming laptop, it might support 32GB. Use the previously recommended tools to determine how much additional RAM your laptop can support.

3) Open Up The Laptop’s Back Panel To Locate Memory Banks

  • Make sure to power off your laptop and remove the battery before trying to open the back panel.
  • Open the back panel on the bottom of your Laptop, by unscrewing with a compatible screwdriver
  • Depending on your system, you might have to unscrew the entire back of the laptop to access the memory and other components.
upgrade RAM on a laptop

This process may vary from model to model, and if your laptop has a non-removable battery, you don’t need to remove it. Some laptop models also include an easy-access back that enables you to swap out or install extra RAM without removing the complete back panel.

4) Avoid Electrostatic Discharge By Grounding Yourself

However, make sure to contact any metal surfaces within the computer before you touch any components (e.g., the back of the hard drive or a metal connector for another element). Any potentially harmful static energy will be released from your body as a result.

upgrade RAM on a laptop

5) Remove The Memory If Necessary

Most laptops come with an extra RAM slot into which an additional RAM module can be inserted. If all of your memory slots are already filled, you’ll have to remove the current DIMMs in order to install new ones. To remove the old RAM for upgrade RAM on a laptop,

  • Press the clips holding the RAM in place to remove the old RAM.
  • Don’t touch the metal connectors while you delicately remove the RAM outside.
upgrade RAM on a laptop

6) Install the New RAM

  • Align the new RAM module properly close to its slot before adding more RAM.
  • Gently press the RAM at a 45-degree angle until you hear a click sound
  • Push the modules into position by applying even pressure with your fingertips at the top of the modules
  • When a DIMM clicks into position and you feel it snap into place, press the module back forcefully until it is installed flat, level, and the clips are firmly holding it in place.
  • Once it was done, put back the back panel and the Laptop battery
upgrade RAM on a laptop

That’s it. Power ON your Laptop. After turning on your laptop, check to see if your new RAM has been added to the System Information window or Task Manager. Enjoy your improved memory.

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Conclusion On How To Upgrade RAM on a Laptop

Hopefully, this article will help guide you on How to upgrade RAM on a Laptop? Your laptop should operate more quickly after getting more RAM, and it should last longer as well. If your laptop is quite outdated, you should definitely think about upgrading. You can contact TECHYUGA and also visit our website, where we will be pleased to assist you in selecting a new laptop.

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