How To Use OneNote In A More Productive Way

Wanna be productive in taking notes? Learn how to use OneNote in a more productive way. You have lot of apps and tools to choose when it comes to taking notes and saving information. OneNote  however, stands out top among other note-taking apps for its incredible flexibility, colorful GUI, and exceptional feature  Taking Notes Become more fun and creative lets know how.

How To Use OneNote In a Productive Way

I am using plain text files or paper notebooks or powerful tools like Evernote. But no matter what I use, I always come back to OneNote. If you haven’t given it a just try it.

OneNote has been in Microsoft portfolio for a dozen years as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Still the app has long been probably the most underrated app in Microsoft’s. couple of years ago the app was part of paid app but recently Microsoft makes that app free and lunch that in major platform like Windows, ios, Android.

If you Feel limited by simple notes apps and always tend to think visually. You’ll like OneNote’s free-form notes canvas, which lets you add any kind of content—including tables, audio, videos, image, files—anywhere on the page.

If your fond of sketching out ideas then its ink tools will let you draw this via Trackpad, Mouse, Stylus even your Finger too.

If you are working hardcore research then it’s help you more organized

In simple term it digital notebook let you take note in your way.


How To Use OneNote (tutorial  by Techyuga)

Step1: First you need download the OneNote from Microsoft Store or Website, also you can download it from App Store and Play store for iOS and Android Device.


Note: You’ll need a Microsoft account to use OneNote since your notebooks and notes will be stored on Microsoft’s free cloud service, OneDrive. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, however, you can store your notebooks anywhere on your hard drive.


Step2: The Home Page Will Look like this


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Step 3: Sections help you group information in each notebook with colorful tabs for example, if you have a notebook for a specific project, you could create sections for each phase of the project


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Notes: OneNote gives you 16 colors to choose from for those section tabs


Step 4: Pages Unlike typical notes apps that work like word processors, on its pages, you can place and drag content around anywhere on the page: checklists next to photos, text boxes side by side, audio recordings next to your notes, and so on.


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative



Step 5: Draw option let you implement your imagination and creativity.


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative



Note: On iOS, you can use 3D Touch to quickly add a new note or take a photo

To do list 

Notebook/section/page approach to notes, but you can get even more granularity by using tags. Tags are good for relating notes that exist across different sections.

It comes with a bunch of default tags (e.g. Important, To-Do, etc.) but you can create as many Custom Tags as you want. Make good use of this because it’s a lot more handy than you might first expect.


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Quick Access Toolbar

At the very top of the OneNote window along the title bar, if you look to the left, you’ll see a handful of shortcut buttons. These make up the Quick Access Toolbar, and the best part is that you can customize which buttons show up on it.


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Another best organizational feature is the ability to create Internal Links, or clickable links that take you to other notebooks, sections, and pages. The larger your notebooks and the more notes you have, the more useful this feature becomes.

To create a link, just right-click on any tab — whether notebook, section, or page — and select the Copy Link option. Now all you have to do is paste it somewhere


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Embed anything in OneNote

You can embed all sorts of content in it and make that content searchable or convert it to a different format. For example, from the Insert menu, you can:


Record Audio

PDF file






Record When You Can’t Write

One of my favorite features in OneNote is the ability to add more than just text. You can also add recordings – either audio or video!


OneNote Taking Notes Become more fun and creative


Embed live video or clips:Insert YouTube videos, Google Maps via Microsoft Sway, 3D sketches from Sketchfab, animated GIFs


Share You OneNote:

If you want to collaborate on OneNote and projects with others, it’s help you do that also. You can share shopping lists or other project activity with other, reference material with your team, and pretty much anything else you store in it.

Make sure your notebooks are synced to your OneDrive account if you want to share them with others via email or any file sharing medium.


Extended feature:


You can use OneNote to integrate with other service for your business

For example, you integrate with Zapier.


I hope, above article will help you in learning how to use OneNote in a more productive way.  For More complete tech tips you can check our blogs 

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