How to use Skype for Web to Call Mobile Phone, Landlines And Much More

Microsoft is adding new capabilities to its Skype for Web, as well as its Skype for Business services. Skype for Web users can now call cell phones and landlines directly. Here is How to use Skype for Web to Call Mobile Phone, Landlines.


First off, you can now call mobile phones as well as landlines straight from Skype’s Web interface. This might let you save money compared to your carrier’s rates, depending on where you’re calling. You obviously need either a Skype calling subscription or some Skype credit in your account in order to make use of this functionality.


Next up, you can watch YouTube videos directly inside Skype for Web from this point on. When someone shares a link to a YouTube video in a Skype conversation, that will instantly embed said video into the page. So no more jumping to a new tab or window to see the video in question. Furthermore, when other URLs are shared in Skype for Web, you’ll see an image from the web page.

how to use skype for web for making calls


You can add new people to a conversation even if they’re not on Skype, which is something that debuted in Skype’s client for Windows PCs not long ago. Basically, you create a unique URL for a conversation, and then share that with the person who doesn’t have a Skype account. He or she will then be able to join in.


Finally, notifications are going to show up as long as you’re signed into Skype for Web and have it open in your browser, even if you’re in another app or another tab.


How to use Skype for Web to Call Mobile Phone and Landlines:

1. Go to 

2. Sign into your skype account using your skype credential. You can also use your Microsoft account or Facebook account to use skype.

how to login to your skype account


Note: If you do not have a skype account, You can create one by clicking on below button (See above screenshot).

3. Install Skype for Web Plugin:

There are two easy ways to install the Skype web plugin.

When you first open Skype for Web you will receive a prompt:


skype plugin


Or when you first open the Skype application on, Slack or Office 365 or receive a Skype call, you’ll be asked to install the plugin:


how to install skype for web plugin


To install the Skype web plugin:


skype for web plugin installation



1. Select Run.

2. Click Allow to permit the Skype web plugin to run.

3. You’re ready to make free Skype calls


You’ll receive the “Setup is complete” message. Simply click Close and start enjoying free Skype calls and instant messaging.

If you’re making a call from Skype to a contact who is using Skype in their web browser, they’ll first need to complete the Skype web plugin setup process to receive your call, if they haven’t done so already.

FAQ:  Do all browsers support the Skype web plugin?

The Skype web plugin works in the following browsers:

On Windows desktop: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox and Chrome.

On Mac OS: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

If you use several internet browsers on your computer, you only need to install the Skype web plugin for one and it will be available for other supported browsers as well.

Important: If your browser doesn’t support add-ons, or you can’t install the web plugin for any reason, you can still send instant messages to your Skype contacts using Skype for Web. However, the Skype voice and video call options won’t be available.

The Skype web plugin is not supported on Windows RT, Linux, and Chromebooks.



4. Now let’s make a Skype Call:

Select a contact from your contact list or you can dial a mobile/landline number after selecting a country from the country list.


skype for web calling


Now, you are ready to make calls.


skype calling for web


Note: You may get a popup message by Windows Security Alert, depends on your user setting. In that case, you have to click on Allow Access.

How to Recieve a Call:

When someone calls you while you are online in your Skype for web account, you will get push messages appearing on your screen.


how to receive call in skype for web



Bonus: You can play YouTube videos without leaving Skype

If someone posts a YouTube video link in Skype for Web, you’ll be able to watch it directly in Skype. You get all the same volume and full-screen controls you have in YouTube, but you won’t have to open a new browser window to watch the video—it’ll instantly play directly in Skype.

how to play youtube video in skype


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Source: Skype Blog

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