What Is The HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost In India? Let’s Find Out

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Trying to find HP laptop keyboard replacement cost in India? Here in this blog, I have tried to specify all the necessary details that you might need to get your HP laptop keyboard fixed. You may also get an HP laptop keyboard online from the Techyuga store and fix it by yourself. The cost of an HP laptop keyboard replacement isn’t as much as you may think. Let’s find out in the following discussion.

One of the most critical elements of the PC puzzle is your laptop keyboard. Accidents happen, but when it comes to accidental damage to your technology, the expenses of restoring it to its former state might be prohibitive. So if you own an HP Laptop and the if the keyboard stops working then it can be a chaotic situation but do not panic as through this article you will get to know about the best HP Laptop keyboard replacement service in India. But first, let’s have a wide discussion about the HP company: 

The Hewlett-Packard Company, abbreviated HP, was an American global information technology corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California. HP created and sold a wide range of hardware, software, and related services to consumers, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and major corporations, including customers in the government, health, and education sectors.

Bill Hewlett and David Packard launched the company in a one-car garage in Palo Alto in 1939, producing electronic test and measurement equipment at first. The HP Garage at 367 Addison Avenue has been listed as a California Historical Landmark, and a plaque proclaims it to be the “Birthplace of “Silicon Valley.”In 2021, 

HP’s market share in the business and consumer segments increased by 57.5 percent and 60.1 percent, respectively, to 32.9 percent and 30 percent. The most Trendy HP laptop models in India are HP Pavilion 15, HP Chromebook x360, HP Envy 13,  HP ZBook Studio G8, HP ZBook Fury 17 G8, HP EliteBook 840 G7, HP Omen 17,  HP Envy 15 x360, and more. :  

Buy HP Laptop Keyboard Anywhere In India

1200₹ 4000
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There are a few things more aggravating than having your HP keyboard stop working. A lot can go wrong with keyboards these days, from keys not responding correctly to power issues and backlighting issues. If the keyboard was operating perfectly before abruptly stopping working, it could be a power or software issue.

If you’re using a wired keyboard, make sure your connection to the computer is secure. If required, unplug it and plug it back in. If your HP Laptop is still not working properly, these are some of the most typical problems that may signal that your HP Laptop Keyboard should be done as soon as possible: 

HP Laptop Keyboard Issues

  1. The Driver: A driver issue could be causing your keyboard to be unresponsive. If you’ve previously connected another keyboard, the driver for that keyboard may be interfering with and disabling your present keyboard.
  2. The Motherboard: Your keyboard may be unresponsive because the ribbon or connector connecting your keyboard to your laptop’s motherboard has gotten loose, damaged, or broken.
  3. Dirt or water damage: Have you forgotten when you last cleaned your keyboard? There could be dirt in or around specific keys, causing them to stick, jam, or stop operating, or you could have spilled water on your keyboard, which can often cause your laptop keyboard to stop working properly.

If you are facing these issues mentioned above then you have to replace your HP laptop keyboard either you can purchase an HP laptop keyboard at Techyuga and then repair it by your self or you can contact us or even book a repair and then get the best Laptop Keyboard Replacement service at your home. 

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Techyuga is your one-stop solution for all laptop repair needs! Whether you’re facing an issue with your screen, battery, keyboard, or any other component, we offer a wide range of repair services for all brands of laptops across India. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quick and efficient solutions, so you can get back to using your laptop in no time. Get in touch with us and get Laptop Repair Across India today to experience top-notch repair services.

Buy HP Laptop Keyboard Anywhere In India

1200₹ 4000
Get free shipping with COD, All Over India.

How Much Does HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost In India?

If your HP device is still under the warranty period, then you can get a free laptop repair job from the Authorized HP laptop service center. You can check HP warranty status online in seconds. But if your device is not under the warranty period anymore, then going to a third-party repair store could be the best option for you.

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HP laptops are a very popular laptop brand that has an array of different laptop series in the market, and the cost of laptop keyboard replacement also varies according to the laptop model. If you are in two minds about the cost of HP laptop keyboard replacement, then it is strongly recommended to contact us through live chat or request a callback.

Our dedicated support team will certainly provide you with the best price for HP laptop keyboard replacement once they are aware of your HP laptop model and your exact need. For now, you can get an approximate price range for HP laptop replacement cost in India from the table given below.

HP Laptop Model Name

Price Range

HP Envy

1000 INR to 1500 INR

HP EliteBook

1500 INR to 1800 INR

HP Pavilion

1800 INR to 2500 INR

HP Spectre

2000 INR to 4000 INR

HP Chromebook

1000 INR to 2000 INR

HP Omen

2000 INR to 4500 INR

HP Zbook

2000 INR to 4000 INR

HP Probook

1000 INR to 2500 INR

Buy HP Laptop Keyboard Anywhere In India

1200₹ 4000
Get free shipping with COD, All Over India.

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List of Authorized Service Centers of HP Laptop in India

Why Choose Techyua For HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement?

Our professionals at Techyuga believe in bringing your laptop back to life. We have always been customers’ first option due to our excellent service and authentic/OEM spare parts, and one thing we can guarantee is that we deliver the best HP Laptop keyboard replacement service in India. We have trained and highly qualified engineers and technicians who excel at repairing all types of laptop issues. They have a lot of knowledge in this industry and will treat your laptops with the utmost care. Here’s why people choose Techyuga;

Advantages you get If you choose Techyuga
Reasons to Choose Techyuga For Your Laptop Services:
Certified Engineers
Engineers are the main pillar of our company, so we never compromised while recruiting them. Unlike other local shops, all our engineers are CompTIA A+ certified, which ensures top-quality work. Engineers of Techyuga have a minimum of 10-year of professional experience. We never hire inexperienced fresher for the repair work.

Local repair shops have only a few individuals who work for all the departments For this reason, the quality of work is often hampered. But we have separate teams of engineers for each repair work. For example, we have specific teams for laptop repair, desktop repair, smartphone repair, iPhone or iPad repair, and so on. As a result, you will get top-quality service from us.
Professional Behavior
Professional behavior is a form of etiquette in the workplace that is linked primarily to respectful and courteous conduct. So, the main focus of our service flow is to maintain extreme professionalism. We handle each device with utmost supervision.

Most of the local shop out there is very much casual and unprofessional while providing their service. But we understand the importance of your device for your personal and professional use. So we execute our job keeping that in our mind.
Reasonable Cost With Highest Quality
As you already know authorized service center will charge you double or triple the price in comparison to the market price in the name of genuine parts. On the other hand, if you visit a local repair shop, they will fool you with cheap china parts.

But we neither charge you with double amount nor our quality of service is compromised. We deal with original Or genuine OEM parts only and we completely take the responsibility for the parts that we are selling.
Device Protection
Protection of your device is our prime responsibility. Local repair shops don’t bother about you and your device. They store all the devices together in one place. So it is often seen that laptop or mobile parts get exchanged unknowingly. And many times they did it knowingly.

But the case is not the same with us. We maintain total professionalism from our very first step of service. We always do paper works for every part we are collecting for repair. We take the signature of the customer on every removable part of every device. We also use the sticker to mark them with your ticket number. And we do not provide duplicate parts, that is how we work. For example, if we are collecting your laptops we will ask you to sign on your laptop screen, keyboard, HD, Motherboard, and so on. This is to ensure that your device parts never get replaced.
Clean And Professional Workshop
Every single part of electronic devices like a chip and circuits is very much delicate and sensitive. A little bit of dust or moisture can really affect your devices. So we have an international standard workshop to keep safe all our devices. No local repair shop can maintain this much care for your device as most of the small repair shops have a single table as their work area and this is the truth.

Your device will have full protection and security when it is under our service. All our workshop is under 24/7 CCTV cameras. No unauthorized person, not even our engineer can touch your device without authorization.
Free And Timely Pickup/Delivery
With Techyuga you don’t need to pay one single penny extra for picking up or delivering your device at your place. If you avail of our service you will get free home service without any extra charge anywhere in Bangalore.

Techyuga is known for its accurate on-time pickup and delivery. We never miss our allotted schedule. If you are unable to visit our workshop, don’t worry. We will pick up and deliver your device at the scheduled time with proper device protection.
Always Ready Customer Support
Local repair shops have zero Customer Service at all. They neither are available on the phone nor have any online portal for resolving any customer query. Cases can be seen when they collect customers’ devices but after that, they just don’t respond to calls.

But, our team of customer support is always available at your service. You can call our hotline number or join the Live Chat section of our website any time you want and get an obvious response from our side. We are always answerable to our questions and doubts (regarding our service) if you have any. Feel free to contact us.
Final Inspection Of Each Device
Techyuga has some set of strict rules. We never hand over a device without final inspection. In this process of Final Inspection, we put each device under 24 hours continuous test and then labeled it with a tag of “OK Tested” batch. Only those device with this batch or sticker is considered ready to deliver. It means once your device is delivered, you can ensure that it has gone through all the checking parameters and there are no bad surprises for you.

So, if you’re seeking the best laptop repair service center in India, Techyuga guarantees that you’ll get the greatest, most efficient, and prompt service possible at a reasonable price. We also provide speedy repair services at your home in an emergency, and our onsite and offshore computer repair services set us apart from other service facilities in India. We are a top-notch service provider who provides support for personal computers as well as office computer systems. Call us today at +91 9088888835 or request a callback and get the best HP laptop keyboard replacement service at your doorstep.

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Buy HP Laptop Keyboard Anywhere In India

1200₹ 4000
Get free shipping with COD, All Over India.

FAQ On HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost In India

Can I buy the HP laptop keyboard online?

You absolutely can. At the Techyuga store, we sell OEM/Original laptop parts for all major laptop brands.

Will I get an original HP laptop keyboard from Techyuga?

At the Techyuga shop, we only sell genuine OEM laptop components that come with a full manufacturer warranty.

What is the warranty On the HP laptop keyboard?

The warranty time for laptop components varies by model. OEM/original HP laptop keyboards come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Get more information on warranties.

Is there a Cash on Delivery option?

Yes! Cash on delivery is also available, as well as alternative payment methods such as UPI, Net banking, and credit/debit card.

Does Tehcyuga Provides HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement at my location?

In most regions of India, Techyuga offers superior laptop repair and replacement services. Please contact us to see whether we offer services in your region.

What Is The HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost In India? Let’s Find Out
What Is The HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost In India? Let’s Find Out
1200 ₹ 4000 ₹
Techyuga Team

Techyuga Team

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