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Amritsar is a city located in the northwestern state of India, Punjab. Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, established Amritsar in 1577 on land given to him by Akbar, the Mughal emperor. The city is also referred to historically as Ramdaspur and informally as Ambarsar.


The city serves as the administrative center for the Amritsar district. It is located in the Majha Region around 25 kilometers east of the Pakistani border and 455 km to the northwest of the national capital New Delhi. According to the 2011 census, Amritsar had 1,183,705 residents. It is considered the second-largest city in Punjab. 


Along with housing hundreds of thousands of Sikhs, Amritsar serves as the main place of worship for Sikhs who reside outside of India and internationally. The Harmandir Sahib, or Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, is one of the most revered and frequently visited gurudwaras in the Sikhism religion. The city is also well-known for its Amritsari cuisine. 


With about a hundred thousand daily visits to the city, it is a significant tourist destination. The city has been selected by the Indian government’s HRIDAY scheme as one of its heritage cities. The Harmandir Sahib, or Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, is one of the most revered and frequently visited gurudwaras in the Sikhism religion. 


Amritsar is a significant cultural, transportation, and commercial hub that is situated in Punjab’s Majha district. There are several businesses in the city, growing swiftly. The world is going digital in a speedy manner, and today technology has permeated our daily lives. We can all agree that effective technical support is crucial as our reliance on technology increases. 


Let me introduce Techyuga. Techyuga provides all types of Mobile phone repair services in Amritsar for every Mobile phone brand. Techyuga also provides repair services for Laptops, iPhones, MacBooks, Desktops, and more.

List Of Authorized Huawei Service Centers In Amritsar

Service Centers


Working Hours

H.S Enterprise

106-B, Sunrise Plaza, Upstairs Bakewell Bakery, Cooper Road, Amritsar, Punjab

11 A.M To 5 P.M

Shree Communications

Shop No: 5 Gs Bajwa Complex, Near Lal Rattan Cinema, Opp. Friend Bakery, Jalandhar - 144001

11 A.M To 5 P.M

Ds telecom

lawerence road extension, shop no-23, opp. ganpati tower, Amritsar

11 A.M To 6 P.M

Mahalaxmi Mobile Hub

Shop Number 862/1/85, Chowk Bijli, Opposite Rattan Stores, Pin Code: 143001, Hall Bazar, Amritsar

11 A.M To 6 P.M

Satguru Mobile Centre

Sunder Nagar, Kot Khalsa, Pin Code: 143001, Hall Bazar, Amritsar

11 A.M To 6 P.M

Resq Service Center

A C Service Plaza, 26, Purani Hansli, Near Chownk, Ram Talai, Amritsar 143001, Punjab - 143001

10 A.M To 5 P.M

Uppal telecom

 Near bansal sweets, Lawrence road, Lawrence Road, Amritsar

11 A.M To 6 P.M

Mobile House

Main Ajnala Road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001, Near Union Bank

10 A.M To 6 P.M

Daksh Mobile Repairs

Shop No. 40, Radha Krishan Market, Putligarh, Amritsar - 143002, Near Main Bazar

11 A.M To 5 P.M

Shiv Shanker Telecom

Near model Town Mandir, SHOP NO 49, MAIN STREET, Rani Ka Bagh, Amritsar

11 A.M To 6 P.M


The above Service center details are given after a lot of research by the Techyuga team. 

We will check and keep the list updated periodically. Please bookmark this page for checking it in future. 

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Get All Kinds Of Mobile Repair Service In Amritsar

We provide all kind of repairs for your Mobile Phones. Starting from screen or battery replacement to any chip level repairing. Here are some of our most popular Mobile repairs.

Mobile Screen Replacement In Amritsar

If your Mobile Phone screen is broken slightly or is fully shattered then it completely takes away all its glorious look and feel. Contact Techyuga for mobile screen replacement service.

Mobile Battery Replacement Amritsar

If your mobile battery is not providing battery backup as promised by the company, then it's time to replace your mobile battery. Contact Techyga for mobile battery replacement service.

Mobile Charging Port Replacement In Amritsar

If your mobile phone is not charging, then it might be an issue with its charging port. Contact Techyuga to get mobile charging port replacement service, anywhere in India.

Mobile Power Button Repair In Amritsar

The power button of the mobile phone is very delicate and its really irritating if it doesn't work when pressed. Contact Techyuga to get mobile phone power button repair service, anywhere in India.

Mobile Phone Volume Button Repair In Amritsar

The button of mobile phones is very delicate. Often the volume button of mobile phones gets damaged due to excessive use. Contact Techuga for mobile phone volume button repair service.

Mobile Speaker Replacement In Amritsar

Mobile Chip-level mobile repair is only a handful of people do in India. For Chip Level Repair it needs a dustproof room for specialized hardware. We have all the expertise needed for the best mobile chip-level repair.

Mobile Microphone Repair In Amritsar

Just like the earpiece problem, the microphone problem in a Mobile Phone is also a very difficult one to take in. Book your repair now to get quality mobile microphone repair service.

Mobile Camera Replacement In Amritsar

Having blurred images? Don't worry. Techyuga can help. Book Repair to get mobile phone camera replacement service at the most affordable cost.

Mobile Liquid Damage Repair In Amritsar

We will also repair the damage your Mobile Phone has gone through because of the liquid damage. We will do any repair job for any Mobile Phone model you book us for. Contact Techyuga to get mobile phone liquid damage repair.

Mobile Headphone Jack Repair In Amritsar

Most people these days face the issue of getting their earphones or headphone damaged and there is no real technique to repair it. It cant be done by any local mobile repair shop. Contact Techyuga to get mobile headphone jack repair service at the most affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check all the frequently asked questions below. In case you have any other questions, talk to us via Live chat, Call 9088888835 Or Book a repair job today.

Yes, we provide on-site repair service. Our engineers can visit your place and provide the Mobile phone repair service. Our on-site repair services cover basic mobile phone issues. For critical mobile repair, we will pick up your device at our workshop and deliver it back to you after the repair service.

You have to pay NOTHING. Our drop and pickup facility is absolutely Free. No Additional Cost. No Hidden Cost.

Absolutely YES. You can buy You can get Original/OEM mobile phone spare parts online all over India from Techyuga. You can also have a consultation with our Technicians before your purchase.

We suggest you take a backup. It is better to take a backup in many internal issues repair. But if you replace your outer parts including the screen, and battery then it does not require.

There is no additional charges charged for basic inspection for your device if you take the service from Techyuga. However, for only inspection , it will cost you around Rs. 250- Rs. 500 depending on your devices.

The repair duration varies on the mobile phone models and the related issues. At Techyuga, we first inspect the phone and then inform our customers about the time we need to fix it. 

We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts.

While there’s always someone who can fix your device for cheap, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair from the other guys often involves subpar replacement parts, further damaged devices, and more repairs needed in the long run.


At Techyuga, we believe in using top-quality parts and upholding the highest standards to ensure we get every repair right. Our repairs are trustworthy— we use professional-grade replacement parts, provide lifetime warranties, and are always there to help with any future issues.

Yes, we do provide a Warranty for every repair job, spare parts, and all our services. 

But the during of warranty varies for each service we offer. 

Warranty on Replacement parts is subject to a declaration of the manufacturer company providing warranty on the selected repair job. The given warranty can be void under certain terms and conditions.



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