Terms For Taking Home Support From Techyuga

  • We work really hard in order to provide prompt support to our customers. However, note that No estimated time can be promised in order to give you the inspection report of your device. As it depends on many different factors, such as time to do the inspection, your device in the repair queue & so on.
  • Sometimes it might take weeks, even months to repair a minor problem. Mostly due to the unavailability of parts. We have direct partnerships with all the big suppliers in Kolkata and the rest of India. Still, there are times & parts which may not be available from time to time. Be rest assured that, we always try to close a ticket ASAP. In case, our support team has informed you about the unavailability of a part or component, know that we are constantly trying to get it and repair your device ASAP.
  • Deliveries can be scheduled by the support team only. If your device is ready to deliver, be rest assured that we are trying to deliver it ASAP. Forcing us to deliver your device as per your convenience will not have any effect.
  • Deliveries cannot be postponed or rescheduled. Our support team will contact you before scheduling the delivery of your device. In case, you are not present or not taking the delivery of your device on the scheduled time we will not be able to deliver your device at your address anymore. In that case, you may visit our workshop and collect your device at any time.
  • Your device cannot be open at the time of delivery. Sometimes, customers insist us to open their device at the time of delivery. Please note that deliveries are handled by a different team, & they may/may not be capable of opening every device. Also for many technical reasons, we can not open your device at the time of delivery.  In case you want us to open your device & see what repair we have done on it, you can visit our workshop and we will be happy to do this for you.
  • In case, you insist our delivery member opens your device at the time of delivery and if he opens it, your repair warranty will be void right there and right then.
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