How To Install Remix OS On PC

Remix OS is a desktop-style operating system built around Google Android. It lets you run virtually any Android app or game, and it also provides a desktop, taskbar, and window manager that makes Google’s mobile operating system feel more like Windows and other desktop operating systems. In this guide, we will tell you how to install Remix OS on PC.

If you are someone who was looking forward to booting Remix OS 2.0 using your USB drive or someone who wanted to keep the OS and dual boot it, we have covered everything in this guide.

How To Install Remix OS 2.0 on USB Drive?


Torrent Downloading Client.

Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.

USB 3.0

BIOS Should have Legacy Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually)

8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format)

Windows PC.

Step 1: Download the version of Remix OS you want from the Jide website.

It is recommended to download Remix OS via Torrent Download. If you don’t have a torrent client on your PC, Download uTorrent HERE and Install it before downloading Remix OS.

Step 2: Format the USB Drive and Change the Format to FAT32.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Remix OS 2.0, format the USB Drive and change the format of the USB Drive to FAT32. This will make the USB empty and in the format which the Remix OS requires.

Step 3: Start the Remix OS USB Tool.

The Remix OS Torrent file which you’ve downloaded from the above link doesn’t just have the OS, but it also has a USB Tool. So this tool flashes the OS to the USB drive and makes the USB Bootloader.

After starting the tool, you will have to select the ISO file and the drive where you want to install the ISO File.

Step 4: Add the ISO File to the USB Tool & Select the USB Disk on which you will be Installing the Remix OS.

So the Remix OS USB tool has two fields, in one field you are supposed to add the path of the ISO File on your computer system & select the USB disk on which this tool will install the OS.

remix os installation

Step 5: Click OK and wait for the installer to do its thing.

Step 6: When it’s finished, reboot your PC and follow the procedure for booting from USB.

Depending on your BIOS, the Boot menu keys are different, so make a Google search “Laptop Brand Model Shortcut for Boot Menu” for the Key combinations to get into the Boot menu during the start.

Now Power on your computer system and press the key combinations to see the Boot menu and you will see a list of devices from which you can boot, You will have to select your USB Drive.

Select the USB Drive which has the “Remix OS 2.0 Installed in it”. Once done, it will boot up and you will see a blue screen showing two ways of using it i.e. Guest mode and Resident Mode. But in case you aren’t able to boot up and your existing Windows OS gets booted then you will have to change your BIOS Boot mode to Legacy and Follow the steps listed above again.

Mode of Installation for Remix OS:

Guest Mode: Guest mode is for the ones who are willing to test it and are not sure about using the OS again. It won’t store any of your tasks, data nor app installations. Once you reboot you will lose all the data.

Resident Mode: The Resident mode will format the USB which has the live CD on it, But it will save all the details and changes you make to the Remix OS. That’s the reason why it takes 5-15 minutes based on the “System Configuration” and once getting into the Resident mode you won’t have to install the Remix OS again and again!

That’s it. You are done.

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How to Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows


A Download Manager/Torrent Downloading Client

Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS Installation tool

UEFI Boot with Secure Boot OFF (for 64-bit) or Legacy BIOS (for 32-bit/64-bit)

Minimum 8GB space on Hard Disk

While the alpha version was designed to run from a USB flash drive, Remix OS for PC beta can be installed to your hard drive or SSD, allowing you to dual-boot Remix OS and Windows. That means every time you boot your computer, you’ll have the option to choose which operating system to run. And if you decide you don’t want to keep Remix OS loaded on your computer, it’s even easier to remove the operating system than it is to install it.

How to Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows

Step 1: Download the latest version of Remix OS for PC from the Jide website. There should be builds for computers with 32-bit and 64-bit chips. Choose the appropriate one for your PC.

Step 2: Unzip the file you just downloaded and you should have three files: a text file with instructions, an installer file, and an ISO file which is the disc image.

Step 3: Run the Remix OS Installation Tool.exe application and make sure the Type and Drive settings at the bottom are correct (you want “Hard Disk” for Type if you’re installing to built-in storage, and the drive letter should match the drive you’ve got Windows installed on).

remix OS installation

Step 4: Click the Browse button next to the box that says ISO File and selects the large disc image you just downloaded. It should be called something like Remix OS for PC_x86_64-B2016xxxxxx.iso.

Step 5: Click the button that says OK to start to Install Remix OS On PC.

installation of remix os

Wait a few minutes until the progress meter has finished and you see a message saying you can reboot the computer to finish the installation process.

Step 6: When you reboot, you should see a new boot option for Remix OS. Select that option using the arrow keys on your keyboard and hit enter.

dual boot remix os and windows

Step 7: This next step should take 15 – 30 minutes depending on your computer’s hardware. Remix OS is basically creating a new 8GB partition on your hard drive and installing the operating system in that space.

Step 8: When everything is finished, Remix OS will boot for the first time and you can start using this desktop-style, Android-based operating system.

Note: If you want to go back to Windows, Just hit the power icon from the app menu, choose reboot and when the boot menu shows up again, choose Windows instead of Remix OS.

How to Uninstall Remix OS

If Remix OS didn’t install properly or you just want to remove it for any reason, just run the installer again. It’ll notice that Remix OS is already installed on your PC and offer to uninstall it for you. The process takes just a few seconds. When it’s done, the installer will ask you to select the ISO you want to install, but if you close the app, you’re all set.

So, here is how to Install Remix OS On PC. I hope, you found this guide useful. If you face any issue while installing Remix OS or need any kind of technical support, You can get support from our technical experts within 24 hours by creating a support ticket.

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Final Verdict about Remix OS

First, you have to know about the remix OS what is Remix OS, its features, How to Install Android Remix OS on Windows Computer, etc. after that you can make decisions about it. Because it is not consistent with each user. Many consider that Remix OS turned out to be what Chrome OS always must have been. Remix OS shines brightest as a cell working system that may be utilized notably circumstances. So here you got the complete steps to install remix OS on USB or computers.

Search for most people to depend upon it a technique of quickly accessing data on others laptop or as well as right into a media center. The underside line is that Remix OS is positively simple but some will discover that it is not value placing in on a MacBook, Toshiba, Dell or one different laptop. Others had a beautiful experience, and Jide, the company behind this OS, promised larger and improved future variations so I’d not be shocked to see this OS gaining traction eventually.

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