Install Wired Security Camera Systems in Kolkata

Install wired security camera in Kolkata, present day security has become a big issue in kolkata for everyone weather its a business or household we all need security. So the best way to be secure is installing security system around your premises. so today we will discuss about one of the security system that is wired security camera. So, lets know about how to install wired security camera systems in kolkata. And lets talk about security camera setup.

Install Wired Security Camera Systems in Kolkata

In this article we will discuss on how to install a wired security camera system in your home or office.

First we need to know about the components that we need for installing a wired security camera system.

So the components are –

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Drill
  • Black Tape or any electrical wire mending tape
  • A monitor, mouse & keyboard
  • The wired security camera system

These are the basic components that we will be needing for the security camera setup.


How to Install Wired Security Camera Systems

Now let us talk about the whole process of installing security camera system –

How Wired Camera Systems Are Set Up:

Before we get into the difficult part we need to understand how the things are connected and what goes through what.

Almost all the security camera setup consists of a set of cameras and a DVR box that serves as the user interface for managing the entire system, as well as storing all of the video footage that gets recorded.

Cameras connect directly to the DVR box, using ethernet cable for digital systems. It means that if you install a camera by your back patio and the DVR box is upstairs in your home or office, you’ll need to route the camera’s cable through your house office in order to connect it to the DVR box, which can get a bit difficult, depending on how your house or office is built that is how exactly you plan to route the cable.

Now, plug in the DVR box to a power outlet then connect an external monitor with the DVR box to manage the whole system see a live view of all the cameras, and review past recordings. Most systems will also come with a mouse, but a keyboard is also recommended.


Security Camera Setup

Step one:

Plan out where you want to mount the camera in your home or office, when it comes to planning a security camera setup you can not just put the cameras anywhere the camera positions has to be planned according to your ease of access and also for having the proper view of your desired installation location.

Step 2:

Prepare for the camera installation, mark the places on the wall or ceiling where you want to mount the cameras and also mark the places where the wires will go from cameras to the DVR.

Step 3:

Drill holes on the marked places set up the cameras before setting up the cameras layout the wires through the drilled holes.

Step 4:

Now run the cables to the DVR box for installing security system, secure the connections with black tape so the wires do not get unplugged accidentally.

Step 5:

Set up the user interface depending on what camera system you have, but the setup process is likely similar across the board. And you’re good to go, but taking some time to navigate through the settings to customize some things is recommended, like whether or not your cameras should record 24/7 or only during motion.

And you are good to go.


Install Wired Security Camera Systems in Kolkata by Techyuga

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Installing security system is the next big thing because day by day security issues are getting worse for that installing security system to your home or office is the best thing for keeping your office and home safe.


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