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Apple unveiled iOS 10, the next-generation operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, on June 13, 2016, releasing it to the public exactly three months later on September 13. At the introduction, Apple CEO Tim Cook described iOS 10 as the “biggest release ever” for iOS users, and the operating system includes major updates for a wide variety of apps, services, and features, including Messages, Siri, Photos, Maps, Apple Music, News, Apple Pay, Control Center, and more. Here are the expert iOS 10 tips and tricks for you

iOS 10 tips and tricks

1. Universal Clipboard


Universal clipboard


IOS 10 letting you copy and paste content across devices. Stop SMSing yourself that crucial bit of text or photo. It makes sense for content to live on multiple devices via the clipboard, and that’s what will happen with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. So this will certainly be on the top our iOS 10 tips and tricks.



2. QuickType understands context


Quick type


Apple’s QuickType keyboard now understands context. What that means is that, for example, if a friend asks where you are, the keyboard will realize that and suggest you send location data, which you’ll be able to do at the tap of a button.

Siri is basically becoming a part of your keyboard. In fact, the keyboard will learn new works as time goes on, so if you type anything it will realize not to change. It will also know when you might want to schedule something in your calendar. All in all, your keyboard is going to become a whole lot more helpful. QuickType proactively gives you information it thinks you’ll need, so you’ll no longer have to look for it yourself. Contacts and your location are just one tap away.


3. Access the camera by swiping left

Until now, to access the camera you’ve had to slide from the bottom corner up. Now you’ll be able to swipe from anywhere on the screen right to the left, which will automatically pull up the camera. It’s a much bigger gesture target. Apple understands how important quick access to the camera is — that’s why it included camera access from the lock screen in the first place. This update should make taking a snapshot that much easier. You won’t need precision to get to the camera app as soon as possible — simply take your phone out and swipe to it.


4.Split View In Safari


Split View in safari


When you are browsing a web page in Safari on the iPad you can now open up two pages next to each other. Press and hold on a link and then choose Open in Split view launching two web pages next to each other. You can use each page independently. It’s awesome for comparison shopping.


5. Quick Notification view 

When you pick up your iPhone, you can now see all your notifications without pushing a button. Raise to Wake is on by default, but you can turn it on in Settings -> Display& Brightness -> Raise to Wake if it isn’t already working. This allows you to quickly see your new notifications without pushing the home button or power button.


6. Find Your Parked Car


Parked car in iOS 10

With iOS 10 your iPhone knows when you get out of a car that has been driving and then marks the spot in Apple Maps. You’ll see a notification on your screen showing where your parked car is at.


7. Quick Checklists 

With iOS 10 there are new 3D Touch features or Notes. One of the best is the 3D Touch Quick Action that allows you to create a new checklist. Whether you use this to make a daily to-do list or use it to make a grocery list every few days — it’s an awesome addition. This is only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


8. Find Who Is Calling 

iOS 10 now lets Siri tell you who is calling you. You can set this up to happen all the time or simply to have it tell you when you are using headphones or connected to the Car. Go to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls – Choose when you want to hear a caller identification.


9. Control Third party apps

Now that Siri connects with third party apps you can use Siri to hire an Uber. You need to install the app, sign in and be completely set up. From there you can say Siri get me an Uber to a location, or get me home in an UberX. Siri will show you the time and other important details and then you can request it. You also need to go to Settings -> Siri -> App Support to turn this on.


10. Choose Travel Preferences


Apple Maps


You can tell Apple Maps your preferred method of travel in iOS 10. This is an awesome addition for anyone who walks or takes public transit instead of drives. Go to Settings -> Maps and then choose the option you use most.

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11. Read All Voicemails 

About 10 to 30 seconds after someone leaves you a voicemail in iOS 10 you’ll get a transcription of it in the Phone App. Go to check your voicemail like you normally would, but instead of pressing play, you can read the voicemail. This is in beta, so this isn’t 100% reliable, but it is good enough in many situations. You can rate voicemail transcriptions to improve the service.


12. Edit Live Photos


edit live photos in iOS 10


You can edit Live Photos in iOS 10. Now you can crop, edit and even add filters to Live Photos without losing the Live part of the photo. Take a Live Photo and tap on edit. That’s all there is to it. You can also turn off the Live part of the photo if you don’t like it.


13. Search Related Photos

Siri can look up photos for you using a variety of search options. This includes asking to see photos of a specific person, but also on a specific date or at a specific location. Hold the home button to access Siri and say, “Show me photos from Hawaii.”, or a similar command to make this work.


14. Search for Specific people In photos

The iOS 10 Photos app can now show you photos of people using Facial Recognition. In the Photos app you can to Albums -> People to see people that are identified and to identify more people. You can also ask Siri to show you photos of a specific person and she will show you all the photos of that individual.


15. Write Your Own


Handwritten notes in iOS10


You can send handwritten notes through Messages on iOS 10. These appear as a written message on the other user’s screen. You can choose from pre-written beautiful handwritten messages or you can scribble out your own with your finger. You can turn your phone sideways to landscape to see these options, or you can access it by tapping on the App Store icon in Messages.


16. Send Quick Reply 

Tap and hold on a message inside a conversation in iOS 10 and you will now see Tap back options. These quick reply options let you respond to a message like you would a Facebook status. You can heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, share which shows up on their screen next to the message.


17. Speak Messages

 Speak messages in iOS10


You can speak messages in iOS 10, similar to how you could in iOS 9. This isn’t dictation, but actually sending a short voice message inside Messages. Apple changed how this works in iOS 10. Go to Messages, open a message and then hold the microphone icon to start recording. You don’t need to hold it the whole time. When you are done you can tap on Stop and then you can tap the up arrow to send the message. Messages expire soon after you play them.


18. Read only Unseen Mails

At the bottom of the Mail app screen, tap on the circle with three lines in it. This lets you filter your Inbox. By default, this will show you only unread messages. You can also tap in the center to change the filter if you need to see Flagged or if you want to only see messaged that are to you, cc’d to you, with attachments or only from a VIP.


19. Use Gesture To Clear Notifications

When you are looking at notifications in iOS 10, 3D Touch the X in the upper right corner to clear all notifications in one go. This only works on the iPhone 6s or newer versions.


20. Send Photos Fast 

The new iOS 10 Messages app makes it super-fast to send photos in a conversation. Tap on the camera icon and you can now quickly take a photo with the front or rear cameras. Slide to the right to access recent photos. Slide to the left to go to your library or launch the full camera app.


21. Manage Your Smart Home 


Managing home from iOS 10


Gone are the days when you’ll have separate apps for each aspect of your smart home — now you’ll be able to control your entire smart home straight from the Home app. Smart light bulbs, locks, thermostats, and so on — all should show up in Home, as long as their HomeKit-enabled. The Home app is likely to play a bigger role in your life as time goes on and your home gets smarter, and its release makes sense if Apple wants to be competitive in the smart home business.


22. Better Apple Music


Apple Music 

When you open the Music app up now, you’ll be taken straight to the “library” tab, which shows what you’ve been listening to recently and what you might want to listen to at that moment. That should help you avoid having to dig through your music to find something to listen to, and if you’re halfway through an album that you want to finish, you’ll be able to get straight to it. Other changes include lyrics embedded into the app and larger fonts for easier viewability. It’s all about less time navigating inside and outside the app, and more time listening to songs.


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